First powerlifting meet reddit

They gave me 20 minutes to power up at my first powerlifting meet. : dbz

first powerlifting meet reddit

Today, however, I'm posting here to share my own experience at the USAPL Gulf Breeze Open, which was my first ever powerlifting meet. Weekly (monthly? quarterly? annual?) Discussion topic: Your first powerlifting meet. This week's topic is about the biggest, scariest meet of. Competed in my first powerlifting meet on March, 25 , in the 60kg weight class (lbs). Weighed in at lbs after a super fun water cut!.

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Makes my knees feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Most high level lifters have a partner wrap their knees to ensure an extremely tight fit. Knee wraps help a significant amount, as noted by the difference between the all-time world record squats with wraps 1, pounds and without wraps pounds. Using knee wraps would violate the rule I outlined earlier.

For the squat, most lifters use either a flat-soled shoe like Converse Chuck Taylors or a heel-elevated Olympic lifting shoe. It depends on the technique they use.

first powerlifting meet reddit

To grossly oversimplify, wide-stance squatters tend to have more success with a flat sole, while medium- to narrow-stance squatters favor a heel-elevated shoe. I used to wear my Olympic shoes because the heel is so heavy, but now I wear New Balance baseball turfs because the sole is extra sticky. For the deadlift, flat soles are the way to go. Chuck Taylors are popular, as are wrestling shoes or even bare feet. Simply put, you need to be able to screw your feet into the ground and drive your heels into the floor.

While some lifters can deadlift with a slight heel lift, most people feel best with completely flat soles.

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See above Why I Use It: Adipowers because the elevated heel helps me reach depth with my lower back, hips and knees in a good position. New Balance turfs because I can really dig my toes into the floor when I bench. Why take away from an exercise simply because your grip gives out? I say strap up for assistance lifts so you can drive the competition lift further.

My First Powerlifting Meet !!!

Lets me train these lifts for higher reps than I could hold onto without the straps. This lets me strengthen my upper back, hamstrings and glutes with a lift that closely resembles the competition lift.

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I don't use anything. That is really offensive to somebody who is working their ass off to come compete in an event where everyone agrees to follow certain rules. So, no, it's not a perfect system. But I do believe that at the IPF level, they try. Some countries seem to take it more seriously than others They do not do out-of-competition testing on very many of their athletes.

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If you fail a test, you'll definitely be exposed to frequent OCTs. If you're an elite competitor, you'll receive a few.

Maybe one or two per year at most. Unfortunately, they only take a piss test. A piss test is worthless. If you're only concerned about drugs, and not about the actual legitimacy of the organization, of which the IPF has no equal, then you might consider the WDFPF.

first powerlifting meet reddit

The IPF makes competitors aware that they may be tested out of competition at any time and potentially for non-random reasons. The WDFPF actually imposes mandatory OTCs for all competitors who wish to participate in international competition must occur within weeks of the competition date. So, overall, they're a bit more strict.

I couldn't recommend the IPF more strongly, though.