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With the Gear Fit 2, Samsung tries again at workout wristbands

fit 2 meet

Samsung's Gear Fit2 marries a fitness tracker with the capabilities of a smartwatch. At Fit 2 You Mobile Personal Training, we bring fitness to you anywhere, any assessments every weeks to ensure that your sessions are meeting your. ADAM: Qualifications: Bachelor of Exercise Science National Academy of Sports Medicine.

View photos The Fit2's curved screen allows it to sit comfortably on your wrist. View photos The Fit2 can measure how many stairs your climb. More You can drill further into each of these items by tapping on them to get a more in-depth look at your activity.

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The Fit2 can also receive notifications including texts, missed calls, and updates from third-party apps like Facebook, Slack and Twitter that you can then open on your phone. You can also reply to texts using canned responses or emojis. Story continues Onboard apps A button on the right side of the Fit2 let you move back a step in a given menu. The hour log is particularly helpful, as it allows you to view your recent exercises as well as how hard your heart was pumping during your workout and how long you sweat for.

View photos The Fit2 has several onboard apps. More Unfortunately, the sheer volume of information provided by the secondary apps menu and the various on-screen tracking features feels overwhelming and makes navigating the Fit2 a bit confusing.

Up Your Training with the Software Update for Gear Fit2 Pro and Gear Fit2 – Samsung Global Newsroom

To manage the Fit2, Samsung requires that you download a separate Gear Manager companion app to your smartphone. You can also get a more holistic look at your fitness level via the Samsung S Health smartphone app, which pulls in information from the Fit2.

It certainly makes viewing items such as your steps, sleep activity and heart rate easier. View photos The Gear Fit2 can store music for listening without your smartphone. Throw in a dual-core 1GHz Exynos chipset, MB of RAM and a mAh battery rated for three or four days of mixed use and you have got the foundation for potentially great device.

fit 2 meet

Meanwhile, the addition of GPS and the ability to automatically recognize and track certain exercises help the Tizen-powered wristband go toe to toe with rivals like the Fitbit Blaze. For those who need some tunes to get them through runs, there's 4GB of storage inside the band, allowing you to stream saved music to your Bluetooth headphones. Curiously, Samsung inked a deal with Spotify to provide playlists and music curated by athletes because And if you're the sort who brags, you can easily share tracked runs to Facebook.

fit 2 meet

Sharing, as it turns out, is a big part of the new Gear Fit experience. Friends and phones contacts who use Samsung's S Health platform can issue challenges to each other and keep tabs on their progress. Then there are the plain usability updates. If you ever used the original Gear Fit, you'll surely remember that sometimes information was displayed vertically on your wrist, and sometimes horizontally.

No more of that: The UI is strictly vertical this time around, and while that doesn't sound like a huge change, it goes a long way in making the Gear Fit 2 feel more refined.

Indeed, refinement is the overarching theme here. Samsung had high hopes for the original Gear Fit but didn't or couldn't build a device that adequately ticked off all the boxes they laid out.