Garp meet dragon

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garp meet dragon

Different ways the crew could have meet different people in Luffy's life. First chapter No one but Dragon and Garp knew about Luffy heritage. i am currently re reading the enies lobby arc and when garp tells luffy that his dad is dragon he says something intersting,(this is from the viz. Despite Garp telling his crew about his relationship with Luffy and Dragon, most Marines . Garp left Luffy in Dadan's care as a child, which is how he met Ace.

Ace kicked Luffy's leg under the table when Garp had left, but the rubberboy didn't even really notice and didn't halter from his story.

In the kitchen Garp peeked out the door barely and poked his head back in, "No, Buddha, nothing yet. No, Dragon can't quit asking Luffy stupid questions about his pirate adventures. Not a thing about where his revolts heading.

No, Ace caught on to that a long time ago.

garp meet dragon

I'll keep trying, but don't expect anything! Dragon and Luffy completely ignored Ace's grumbling and he stopped as soon as Garp came back with food. Luffy jumped out of his seat, "Can I help? Holding the dish out of all his family's grasps, he put spoonfuls on each member's plate.

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Luffy getting the point, quickly sat down an engulfed his food. Ace though, wasn't eating at all like he usually would. He instead just sat there prodding his food to one side of his plate and then the other, "Where's your appetite boy? What kind of food does your cook make?

He usually makes fruit things for Nami and Robin, but gives the rest of us the scraps…sometimes he'll give us leftovers.

garp meet dragon

He makes great dinners though, but I always get smacked when I try to get 27ths…. It's almost as if no one cared about his life anyway. Not that he wasn't use to that, when your life's a crime it isn't really a surprise.

He was starting to feel bad, why was Ace so upset? Dragon was all smiles though, he was eating with his son for the first time as a family, "Ah, I love this; we should eat together more often! Ace just went back to staring angrily at his plate. Luffy glanced at him only getting a glare back. Dragon looked between the boys, "So, um. Dragon nudged Luffy's shoulder, "So, did I have another child somewhere along the way?

Dragon didn't bother to know the details anyway, not his son, not really his concern. In the restroom Ace just sat crossed legged on the closed toilet seat. This was a disaster. Why was Luffy always the center of attention? Well, he guessed, because Luffy wasn't a crime at birth and was cuter then himself.

He was always the brat, whereas Luffy was a follower who would do anything to be your friend.

garp meet dragon

How would he get their attention at least? The discussion went on fairly smoothly while Ace was in the restroom. In fact Dragon had forgotten he had left, and Garp just didn't bother. Luffy got caught up in his stories that his dad kept asking about.

garp meet dragon

After awhile Luffy looked around, "Hey, where did Ace go? He's not still in the bathroom is he? With a sigh Luffy got up and headed to the restroom. After knocking didn't work he decided that whether indecent or not, his brother needed help. So, he rammed the door open with his shoulder, covering his eyes.

Ace, who had fallen asleep peacefully, woke up with a yelp as wooden splinters almost sliced up his face. Good thing he was made of fire, he thought just rubbing his cheek.

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Looking at the intruder, a lost Luffy waving his arm ahead of him, Ace sighed. When they got back, Dragon had pushed aside his half eaten plate and started on dessert. Garp had already finished his waiting for the boys to return. Luffy jumped at the chance to finish off his dad's food, and soon after Ace's who just pushed the plate towards him. Dragon put a hand up, "Now, Luffy was in the middle of his story about Thriller Bark, do you mind?

Dragon laughed, "Did you forget where you were? You were talking about the crazy zombie lady who threw plates.

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Ace shrugged, staring off irritably. After Luffy finished as best he could, Ace interjected, "I had a similar story except in mine, there were flesh eating zombies…and the place I was at smelt like pizza!

Garp ignored them all, not getting the info he was looking for. Ace was now very angry, slamming his fists on the counter he shout out the only thing he thought would get their attention, "Guess what! Dragon was not a marine but he was working for the World Government with an unknown Alias because Dragon was investigating the World Government.

Dragon got a high rank, within the Government he learned about their plans, everything they knew, but he dissapeared.

garp meet dragon

Dragon was involved in the Edd War. This was the reason why Garp wanted to investigate the whereabouts of Dragon rather than what happened between Roger and Shiki. Ace Roger made Garp promise to protect Ace. He hid Ace from his superiors not Sengoku, they seem to have a brotherly bond but Sengoku eventually revealed it to the world after his capture.

Garp wanted Ace to become a great marine because he believed in Ace to be safe where he was but Ace left. Sengoku was more worried about Garp than Whitebeard because Garp could have broken Ace out easy. Garp knew about the Revolutionaries because the last time Dragon and Garp was speculated to be at the same place was Lougue Town 22 years ago. Luffy Luffy was born 3 years after the start of the Revolutionaries speculation. But when they revealed it, Luffy had a lot of powerful allies and was strong enough to defend himself and everyone who heard it went to shock.

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Dragon would have had more than k just an estemate soldiers by now. Dragon could also have powerful unknown allies.