German for pleased to meet you

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german for pleased to meet you

hello nice to meet you translation german, English - German dictionary, meaning, see also 'golden hello',hell',helo',hellhole', example of use, definition. These 10 German words/phrases are a must know for anyone learning “Nice to get to know you,” or “pleased to meet you”—this phrase is. I am sometimes surprised at how freely English people say (apparently genuinely ) "nice to meet you", even if they don't know if you are a nice person to meet or.

german for pleased to meet you

Просмотрев все еще раз, он отступил на шаг и нахмурился. - Какие-то проблемы?

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- спросил лейтенант. - Да, - сказал Беккер.

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german for pleased to meet you