Girl meet world meets truth

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girl meet world meets truth

Girl Meets the Truth is the fifth episode in season 1 of Girl Meets World. Lucas and Riley are acting in the JQAMS' production of Romeo & Juliet. After class, when Riley asks Maya where she got the locket, Maya claims her father sent it to her, but Riley doesn't believe her. Girl Meets Truth. WeirdGirlAnya. Me and Maya were sat in the seats that's were placed in front of the stage watching Riley and Lucas play as. Girl Meets World is an American comedy television series created by Michael Jacobs and April On the subway, they meet a handsome boy named Lucas Friar, whom Riley immediately develops a crush on. In history class 5, 5, "Girl Meets the Truth", Joel Zwick, Matthew Nelson, August 1, (), ,

That night, Cory shows Topanga a picture cook book with numerous chicken recipes.

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Topanga gives Cory a chance to stop, but he continues, picking up Auggie's book of dinosaurs, opening up to a page about pterodactyls. When Cory points to one of them calling it Topanga's chicken, she finally snaps and locks Cory out of the apartment. Cory comes back in through Riley's Bay Window; Riley remarks about how the universe seems to be upside down, what with having lied to Farkle to make him happy, but telling the truth to Maya only to have her get mad.

Maya comes in moments later, and Cory compliments her on the locket, but then remarks to both of them that an interesting thing about lockets is that it's what's on the inside that matters most to people. After Cory climbs back out the window, Maya opens up the locket revealing a picture of a married couple and their young daughter.

girl meet world meets truth

Though she has no idea who they are, Maya likes how the three of them are together in the picture, and she still intends to keep the locket.

Cory again climbs back in through the Bay Window, and Riley begins to think that she may have been wrong in protecting Farkle's feelings and also begins to think that maybe Maya should keep the locket; she begins to wonder if maybe it's her, not the universe, that's upside down. Cory tells them that the universe is a very confusing place, but if they listen carefully, they'll find out that the universe is paying attention and that it cares about their actions.

girl meet world meets truth

Auggie comes into Riley's bedroom with a plate of spaghetti for Cory; Though the food is cold, Cory thanks Auggie for the gesture, and Auggie remarks on how Cory said it so nicely, then asks him why he wasn't nicer to Topanga. It's then that Cory, Riley and Maya all begin to realize that what's truly important is how you treat people.

Farkle remarks that Riley filled him with confidence, making him feel as though he could attain a goal which turned out to be unrealistic; Riley is about to apologize, but Farkle thanks her instead and plants a big kiss on her jaw before walking away. Maya then remarks that Riley's first kiss was with Farkle, and that it still counts even though he missed her lips.

Lucas, who saw the whole thing, approaches saying he can't believe that Farkle once again stole his moment, but Lucas knows that his moment is still yet to come, causing Riley to giggle in anticipation.

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Later, and with Riley's prompting, Maya is on her way to return the locket to the subway station lost-and-found; she remarks that perhaps the universe is too busy to notice that she's doing the right thing when Riley notices a family standing nearby waiting for a train-- the same family in the picture inside the locket.

Maya goes up to them and returns the locket to the girl by putting it around her neck and telling her not to lose it. Despite Maya and Topanga's efforts to cheer Riley up with stories of cute animals, she stays in her depressed funk. When Topanga doesn't think there could be anyone more ridiculous than Riley, Farkle shows up in his "Donnie Barnes" persona.

girl meet world meets truth

Frustrated, Maya and Topanga leave Morotia and Donnie in their darkness. At Topanga's, Maya asks her mother to help her to become Riley; Maya recognizes they need somebody who fixes things, like Riley used to. Katy warns Maya that by getting inside Riley's head, she might learn something about Riley that even she doesn't know. With Riley and Topanga in the bakery, Katy shows off her acting skills by impersonating Riley.

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Lucas turns up for class hoping Farkle is back to normal, only to be disappointed, and things are about to get worse. After Lucas meets "Morotia" for the first time, Maya shows up dressed and talking like Riley.

Cory arrives likewise hoping that everyone is back to normal, and shrieks when he sees Maya now acting like Riley. Lucas realizes it's time for him to talk to his friends, telling them they were already the best people they can be.

girl meet world meets truth

As Lucas tries to dissuade Maya from acting like Riley, he inadvertently mentions her troubled home life. After Farkle agrees that they should just be the best people they can be, Maya feels that Riley is the best person for her to be.

Back at Topanga's, the two moms swap stories about how they went through quirky phases when they were the kids' age; they both agree that finding your identity at that age can be difficult.

girl meet world meets truth

After Katy says she went through it and Cory and Topanga probably did too, Topanga admits she was weird and Cory was "celery" at that age. Back at school, Cory continues his lesson, telling them not to listen to everyone else, just the people who actually care about them. Lucas is still not okay with his friends acting different because of what their classmates say about them.

As Maya, still acting like Riley, thanks Lucas for his nice speech, she gets inside Riley's head and figures out why she likes Lucas so much.

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Maya says Lucas and Riley are like two rays of sunshine from the same sunshine family, and he's like a brother to Riley. After learning something that Riley herself doesn't even know, Maya goes back to acting like herself, assuring Riley that nothing happened.

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Riley is still in darkness when Maya stops by. Maya rips down Riley's curtains to make her see there's a lot of light in the world, something that Riley taught Maya. Maya says they need Riley back and, if she wants to listen to people, she should listen to the right people like her. When Riley asks Maya if she found out a secret about her that she should tell her, Maya says she didn't.