Good luck swim meet photo

good luck swim meet photo

In this excerpt from Peter Read Miller on Sports Photography: A Sports good focus, and good arm position on a swimmer, a freestyle photo is usually With luck, you will get a wild expression, some cool light, or at least a Michael Phelps loosens up in the warm-up pool at the Santa Clara Swim Club. Best camera setting for indoor swim meets in Sports. should have no problem. Good Luck! Images attached are with this lens at iso Updated with photos I hope others who have more experience shooting swim meets will chime in with Have fun, stay dry, and good luck!.

Chat with the judges as to where they want you.

good luck swim meet photo

The newer skinny L8 fluorescent tubes are no problem. Set your WB for each pool with a white or gray card. Shoot the inside lanes face on as low as you can get for breast and butter.

good luck swim meet photo

Shoot portrait, high, and down onto backstroke swimmers as they go away from you. Stay out of the any cheering kids way.

Best of luck to all our swimmers competing in the Grade 3 Gala in Mallow this weekend

Look for shots where your 50mm lens is a plus. You should be able to get in the whole starting line from 25 yards away. Team cheers before and after make for great opportunities. Get candids of the coaches and swimmers. Maybe even with your tee shirt. A hood may be needed at some pools.

good luck swim meet photo

Get the kids to breath facing you and smiling. Talk your kids into doing cross-country during the off season. You and your camera will love all the variation and opportunities. It's definitely a challenge to shoot at indoor pools.

The breaststroke is the least exciting stroke visually because almost all the physical action takes place underwater, but you can still make dynamic images.

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I think the breaststroke looks best from straight ahead. Try to get as low to the pool deck as possible. Watch your focus because breaststrokers make a big splash as their heads come out of the water to breathe.

The backstroke shot from a slight elevation.

Sports Photography FuelTip for Experienced Photographers: Shooting Different Swimming Strokes

The toughest stroke to make a good picture of is the backstroke. Except for the start, which in a meter pool is at least a mm or mm shot, the swimmers face straight up with their arms swinging by their faces, creating constant walls of water.

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A slightly high angle down the lane as the swimmer goes away from you is your best bet on this stroke. The breaststroke in the Santa Clara Invitational. The backstroke bubble photo as the swimmer completes a turn and coasts underwater. Analog SLR, mm lens. A straight-on, low-angle butterfly shot is one of the iconic images of swimming and Olympic competition in general.