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Resultado de imagen para gravity falls the society of the blind eye Each section was taken from the end of a dippers guide to the unexplainable. I. Blind. This subreddit is dedicated to the Disney XD cartoon Gravity Falls, created by Alex Hirsch. To hide a spoiler in a comment, format it like so: . (b) not going to react well to screwing around with his young relations' brains? So the theory I subscribe to is that "the Blind Eye only memory wipe those who are. Directed by Sunil Hall. With Kristen Schaal, Jason Ritter, Alex Hirsch, Jennifer Coolidge. Dipper and the gang discover a secret society that has been erasing the.

You weren't the author, but you worked with him. Do you remember who he was? McGucket It's beginning to come back, but I need more time. Wendy So Mabel, you still wanna erase those failed summer romances? Mabel You know, no one likes having bad memories, but maybe it's better to remember the bad things and learn from them than to go all denial crazy trying to forget.

Wendy That's some mature junk right there, Mabel. Hey, you wanna help me vandalize this picture of my jerky ex-crush? They all doodle on a picture of Gabe. Wendy They get into the car.

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Hey, you know what? Going on this big adventure actually made me get that stupid song out of my head. Wendy Credits McGucket sitting in the back of the car with Dipper.

Flipping through the journal. It's all so familiar. It's almost like I can remember Cut to Stan in his labworking on the universe portal Stan Pouring fuel All right, you're getting closer. Every day it's getting stronger. Thought to give back what belonged to him - I swear! If he can build a multi-tin aquatic robot, then I'm sure he can make his invention work again through some tinkering.

Seen him do that with a lot of things. He also thought perhaps Fiddleford would be willing to share what contained in the thing; if the data was still intact, but he doubts it.

He accidentally dropped Journal 3 on the ground while getting the broken portable computer, the journal landing on the page where it details about the Society of the Blind Eye, mostly of what Ford was able to detail from a distance. At the Gravity Falls Junkyard….

Dipper and Mabel, along with Isaac, Ty, Carrie, David, Wendy and Soos began looking for Fiddleford, calling out for his name as they pass by busted up cars, trash and other debris lying around the place. They move around the corner to find Fiddleford's makeshift metal hut, though Nate and Lee were graffitiing the pink words, "McSuckit" on the surface on it, finding it funny as the two teens laugh. Isaac was none too pleased to see the teens mess with his grandpa, letting out a low growling sound.

Moving aside his raccoon skin rug that acted like a door, Fiddleford comes outside to investigate the noise, carrying a long stick as he sees Nate and Lee having graffitied his home. The teens run off laughing as Fiddleford chases them a bit, waving his stick to express his discontent, "Get outta here, you salt lickin', hornswagglin! Fiddleford smiled and greeted, "Isaac! You're just in time for my hourly turf war with the hillbilly what lives in my mirror.

He planned to help his grandpa clean off the spray paint when he can get soap and water soon. The others try to get comfortable with what soft cushion they could find in the place.

It was much better than sitting on rusty metal. Fiddleford put on a grin and said, "I'll be right back, gotta go get the missus to introduce y'all to her! She has a daughter named Joy my Dad's age, from a previous relationship, a daughter-in-law name Zeal, and a granddaughter named Nicolette; who's around my age. I can say they're nicer and not as cranky as Grammy Nancy. About McGucket actually finding someone," Soos remarked. Ty nodded to agree with Soos, having thought the same thing at first.

Mabel beamed, "Oh really?! I'd like to meet the nice old lady. In his arms, Fiddleford brought out a old grumpy-looking, female raccoon named Nancy, but she was more than what she seemed. Fiddleford settled her down when she started to let out demanding chirps from being disturbed while sleeping, "This be my raccoon wife, Nancy! Nancy say howdy to our guests.

Fiddleford telling Nancy in a terse manner, "Nancy don't be rude! Though I am sorry for wakin' ya, honey. The only one not entirely put off by Nancy was Mabel, finding the raccoon more adorable, "She's precious with her grumpy face like those fancy cats!

Dipper then thought of showing the broken portable computer to Fiddleford, thinking perhaps it'll jog some of his memory of when he once worked with Ford and Adeline. The boy happily took out the broken device and presented it to Fiddleford, "Um, McGucket, got something with your literal name on it.

It once belonged to you. This scrapdoodle was mine? Well, I think I can shimsham this whatchadoodle back to functionin' capacity! I've never done nothin' worthwhile in my life.

Some being where he had Isaac and Ty involved causing trouble. And an article about Tate being too embarrassed of his father to give any comment. I can't remember what I used to be, but I must've been a big failure to end up like this.

Isaac telling Fiddleford to reassure him, "I… I don't think yer a big failure, Grandpappy. Not in my eyes. Carrie sighs, not having known Fiddleford for long, she does have words of her own reserved way to say, "For a senile old man, you're an expert on making junk work. Effectively, if I may add. Dipper then decided to show Fiddleford Journal 3 if he remembers anything, "Check out this journal and see if you remember anything.

Fiddleford squinted his eyes to look at each page Dipper shows him, "told you, I don't recall. Everything before is just a blur. Just a hazy…" The moment the page turned to detailing the Blind Eye, he shrieks and falling back in shock as he says in fright, "The Blind Eye! Robes, the men, my mind! Isaac rushing over to Fiddleford to help him up as did Nancy when she nudged him.

Dipper asking, "Who did? No wonder your mind's all. We've got to get to the bottom of this. What is the earliest thing you can remember? Dipper confirms what they plan on doing, "That's where we're going. I didn't feel like explainin' myself and my whole life's story today to the youngin's. I'm gonna nap, but not before stretchin' myself out. That dumb, cheery man woke me up while I was snoozin'. Nancy wore a leafy cloak that concealed her lavender shirt with long baggy brown pants, kept on thanks to a black belt.

Nancy was wearing weaved sandals she made herself. Nancy was a shifter that's able to change into a raccoon and human at will. Nancy only had a few wrinkles on her face, but still looking young enough to be mistaken being forty-something.

Her arms had markings similar to a raccoons in the form of rings. Nancy wasn't sure what made her decide to be with Fiddleford.

It was either she was done being alone after over twenty-years being single, or she genuinely loved Fiddleford for the more positively qualities about him once she got to know him. The accidental kiss was so sudden, yet felt right in the moment awhile back over fighting for a piece of meat. Nancy shifted back to being a raccoon again, curling up in her favorite pink blanket she was sleeping on earlier. In Soos' pickup truck…. David holding onto his sister to keep from sliding and jumping up in case of bumps in the road, knocking lightly on her left prosthetic metal leg out of boredom, concealed by her black jeans.

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Carrie not seeming to mind it. Isaac liked his shaggy dirty blond hair flowing in the breeze from the moving truck, keeping his red beanie down from the wind. Ty was holding tight in the back of the truck himself. Almost everyone was content, except for Wendy when she groans from listening to, "Straight Blanchin," on the music player Soos brought with him. Wendy decided to do something to make the music stop, "Ugh, Soos!

Soos looked at Wendy in disappointment, having liked the song. Wendy realized what she did and reassures Soos, "I'll buy you a new one. Ford, Adeline and Tate were having a late lunch when they saw Soos and the rest of the gang drive by the diner. The three adults noticed but thought nothing of it. Ford mumbles to himself as he drinks his coffee, "Wonder what all of them are up to….

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He said don't worry, the cards are in braille. Shifty was in the middle of playing Poker with three large mole-men at a square metal table. At the center of the table was a pile of gemstones, squirming worms and a ring with a black-gold band and a chunk of malachite setted on it. The four where in the room where the cryogenic pods once were, the mole-men having entered through a weakened part of the earthy wall. The three mole-men were of course blind, covered in gray-black fur with long sharp claws for digging, fangs protruding from their maws, and greatly squinted eyes.

Shifty was focused and sure to win the pile. Lazy Susan comes by with a full pitcher of fresh coffee as she asks, "Would you like a refill, Stanford? It prompted Adeline and Ford to act as they tell her, "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Lazy Susan steadied her hand that's holding the pitcher, apologizing for her absent moment, "Oh gosh, I'm so sorry! I've been feeling a tad more ditzy than usual. Thankfully no one got scalded by the hot coffee. Adeline gave her old friend a sympathetic expression, helping Susan out with cleaning up the mess, "We all have our days, Susan.

He could tell that Lazy Susan's mind had been wiped most recently and Soos having McGucket in his pickup truck could mean something. After over thirty-years, Ford and Adeline may possibly find the hideout of the Society of the Blind Eye and end their hold on the town. However, Soos and those with him could be in great danger. Ford looked to Adeline and whispered to her as he placed the money on the table to pay their check, "We need to leave and find Soos' truck.

The Society are behind this and our family and friends are going after them. The sun was beginning to set as Dipper and Mabel, along with the rest of the group sneak inside the museum through the window they opened.

Each one of them crawled inside as Soos calls out, "Hello? Dipper tells everyone as goes looking around, "All right, keep your eyes peeled for anything suspicious.

Wendy takes notice of Mabel's issue and asks her as the girl walked by without petting the stuffed cougar. You just walked by a cat without petting it. Even this poster of my most recent ex-crush. He hamboned them a message saying, "Found anything, y'all? Carrie simply responded with, "Maybe. David mocked his sister's stone-faced expression. Dipper inquired to Fiddleford, wanting to know if he's remembering anything, "So your last memory was here.

All of them gave chase for the person, running towards the person until they enter a room full of disembodied fake eyeballs. All of them were confused as to where the person went, seeing no way they could have escaped through. He vanish-ified," said Fiddleford.

gravity falls society of the blind eye ending relationship

Suddenly, they all hear a familiar voice coming from the outside of the room, "Hey, you all in there? Himself along with Adeline and Tate enter inside the room. Ford sighed in relief, "Glad to finally catch up to all of you. Fiddleford crossed his arms and turned away from Ford and Adeline, trying to pay no mind to them, yet he did smile to see his son, Tate.

We swear we're not planning on stealing anything," Ty said to them, fearing he and the others will be in serious trouble for intruding in the museum. Adeline assures him, "Oh no, Ty, that's not the case. We did try to follow the guy to this room, but they seemed to disappear as if they were some kind of ghost.

Dipper could see Tate, Ford and Adeline knew something they all didn't, prompting him to question, "Do you know about those Blind Eye people?

None of them were going to let anyone's mind be wiped, except for the Society members of course. Ford and Adeline can only hope that they can stop them.

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Adeline affirmed to her nephew, "Yes, and we plan to put a stop to them once we find where they are here. They're dangerous so we have to be really, really careful.

I suggest we find clues of sorts to trigger a hidden door; there's usually one. That would be the most reasonable explanation for the hooded person to disappear the way they did. Fiddleford was getting uncomfortable by the staring eyeballs, backing towards the wall where the eyes looking directly at, "I feel like all these eyeballs are a-watchin' me. McGucket moved out of the way, revealing a triangle-shaped tablet with an eye symbol on it. Dipper was the one to go up to the central eye, pressing it and everyone watching in anticipation and worry.

The button recedes as the nearby fireplace slides aside the secret passageway that leads further down. Just as Ford and Adeline thought there be. I'll hambone a message if there's trouble.

Dipper saying, not having understood it at all as well as the rest of the group, "I have no idea what that means.

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All the while, they all hear people chanting the latin words, "Annuit coeptis novus ordo seclorum," in unison coming from the other side of the curtains that the group take a peek through. What they find was a small group of red cloak people with the same crossed-out eye symbol on their hoods that Ford told them about. The Blind Eye members stopped chanting the moment they touched the small wooden chest in the center of the room on a pedestal, with a red cushion chair with straps to restrain the victim by their wrists in the armrests.

The leader of the cult, "Blind" Ivan Wexler, stood beside the chest in front of the chair to ask of his followers, "Who is the subject of our meeting?

The victim looked to be the same size as a teenager, wearing overalls, dark boots, and reddish cultists announcing the person when they removed the sack over his head, revealing to be Marcus Corduroy, "This boy! Ty, Isaac and Carrie visibly shocked themselves to see their friend having been captured. What did he see to warrant the capture, they all wondered. Wendy wanted to act to save her brother before something terrible were to happen, reaching for her ax to her side.

Blind Ivan asked the teenager, "What is it you have seen? I was passing by the park when I saw this large white wolf with red eyes as it took off into the woods with four others. I was like, "Whoa…. The members pulling down their hoods by the string to shield their eyes from was about to happen "You won't be like "Whoa," for much longer. Can you do that? That gun is capable of wiping any memory the user chooses.

I will-" David freed himself from Ford's grasp as he sneaks into the chamber. He made sure to stay close to the shadows to not be seen. David gets out a sheet of paper, crumpling it up into a ball, aiming to throw it at Blind Ivan's head. He was incredibly nervous and scared, but managed to throw the paper ball across the room, hitting Blind Ivan before he had the chance to wipe Marcus' memory of the white wolf.

Think this is funny?! Blind Ivan gets is answer when David gives away his position to taunt at them, "Hey, dummies! I'm a stupid kid that shouldn't be here! Wendy and the others took the chance to free Marcus from his restraints. Ford taking the memory gun and putting it in his coat. Marcus rubbed his wrists when he started to ask, "Who are those people? And what was that thing they were going to use on me? I'll get you to safety out of the museum. Then I have to save my brother from those guys," Carrie said, offering to guard Marcus for him to escape the place.

Wendy and the others nodded approvingly as they see Carrie and Marcus leave the chamber from where they came. However, Ty and Isaac wanted to help the two with that plan. Safety in numbers," said Isaac with a small grin.

Text any of us a message so we'll know you're safe," Tate said to Isaac and the teens in parental worry. Isaac smiled some with a nod. Carrie and Marcus agreed, silently accepting Ty and Isaac's help with an approving nod as the quartet make their way out of the secret passageway. All that needed to be done was to put an end of the Society of the Blind Eye, and get Fiddleford's memories back.

Ford turned to the others as he explains in a frank manner, "If we hadn't done something, Marcus could have lost his memories of what he'd seen. Adeline and myself have been investigating the cult for years, but we never could get the information out of even one of them.

gravity falls society of the blind eye ending relationship

I was close with getting something out of Bud Gleeful, but I realized Mabel's wellbeing is more important than learning those secrets. Bud made the big mistake of attempting to erase our family members memories when we confronted them about Gideon possessing Journal 2 at the time.

However, it surprised Dipper and Mabel that Bud Gleeful is a member of the cult. A secret society of evil mind erasers, and Bud Gleeful being one of them.

gravity falls society of the blind eye ending relationship

If we could find where your memories have been hidden," Dipper glanced over to Adeline and Ford, knowing that they used to be good friends with Fiddleford, "then maybe you can start gaining what remains of your old self again. Ford and Adeline were almost hopeful at the thought once Fiddleford regains himself, they could start mending the friendship they once had with him, but they don't expect it to happen; not when so many years have passed.

Ford suggests a course of action, "Mabel, Wendy and myself can stay here to make sure any of the members don't come back to ambush us. They all see the hat move inside the long tube, giving them an idea of where it may go off to. It did concern Dipper he sees David nowhere in sight, but they all kept moving until they hear the voice of a Blind Eye member. What do we do? Where do we go? Soon enough, the five find a empty pioneer diorama, putting on nearby outfits to disguise themselves as pioneers and stay perfectly still like mannequins.

Fiddleford only needing a pickaxe to pose. Dipper posing as a baby in Soos' arms, dressed as a woman. Tate having been dressed as the person riding the front of the wagon next to Adeline. Two of the Blind Eye appear, looking around the dimly lit museum for anyone that may be linger, as well as keeping an eye out for David and Marcus, but they lost track of them a little while ago.

They examine Fiddleford and the other four, seeing if there was anything off about them. The Hall of the Forgotten. Based on a newspaper clippingthe five of them head to Gravity Falls Museum of Historythe earliest thing McGucket can remember, for some answers. They uncover a secret entrance in the eye exhibit through a fireplace to the Blind Eye Society's hideaway. And arrive just in time to see Lazy Susan having her mind erased of her memories of the gnomes by the society.

The ray gun used for the process stores the removed memory in a glass tube which is then sent to "The Hall of the Forgotten" via a pneumatic tube.

Once the meeting adjourns, Dipper, Soos, and McGucket go in search of the memory cache in the Hall, while Wendy and Mabel stay to make sure the society members don't return. When Dipper's group finds it they realize that the society has been removing the whole town's memories every time something supernatural occurs. Back in the meeting hall, Mabel and Wendy discuss Mabel's romantic troubles.

Wendy tells her to put her worries out of her head and forget about guys which inspires Mabel to remove the memories using the ray gun so she won't feel sad anymore. McGucket finds his memory tube in a place of honor in the Hall, but when he removes it, an alarm is triggered. McGucket manages to hide from the society members who give chase, but the rest are caught. The members reveal their identities and the reason for their organization: Because of Gravity Falls' higher-than-normal supernatural occurrences, the populace was tormented by existential questions and disturbing possibilities.

The Society took it upon themselves to help the citizens forget the otherworldly phenomena using the memory-erasing device. Thus, the townspeople live in a state of blissful ignorance, albeit with some minor side effects