Green hornet gas gun scene meet

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green hornet gas gun scene meet

For The Green Hornet television show of and , with Van and the show known for its BIFF! and KABOOM! fight scene cuts led to In front, the grille is noted for a gun barrel that emits non-lethal Green Hornet gas. The Green Hornet television series aired on the ABC US television network in the – Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story; Batman '66 Meets the Green Hornet . He also had a Hornet knockout gas gun. . The Green Hornet and the District Attorney work behind the scenes to aid the Commissioner to put a stop. Starring Seth Rogen as Britt Reid/the Green Hornet and Jay Chou as Kato/Kato. as Takumi in Initial D. The scene with Kato playing with a basketball also alludes to Jay's earlier movie, Kung Fu Dunk. And the This is basically Meet Jay Chou: The Movie. .. Britt shooting himself with the gas gun, actually in the face, too.

I Am Not Lefthanded: The Black Beauty has one final gimmick for slipping away from the cops - color changing.

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You corner the hornet, you get stung! What does that even mean?! I thought it would sound cool! I Just Shot Marvin in the Face: Chudnofsky kills one of his minions when he pounds his gun on a table for emphasis.

Britt shooting himself with the gas gun, actually in the face, too. I Just Want to Be Badass: Chudnofsky wanted to be feared. Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: Played straight and lampshaded by the main characters. Includes said main characters. Both Britt and Kato during their brawl in Britt's mansion. Britt swings around an office chair's five-point wheels in the final fight Kato nails Chudnofsky with both halves of a table leg.

green hornet gas gun scene meet

Invoked by Britt, thinking he's gotten it down after the first time. Kato's luck is just a little better. Britt has one when he finally pieces everything together in the Hibachi restaurant. This is lampshaded immediately afterward when he's told he had been sitting in his chair with the same dumb look on his face for the last 5 minutes.

Britt says quite a few lines that have homosexual tones all throughout the whole film, but he's very clearly unaware of what he's saying. Kato is, on the other hand. His father in the opening scene of the movie, he scolds his son for being sent home just because he was trying to protect someone at school then popping the head of the poor kid's action figure off.

Hell, even Kato admits that Reid Sr. Scanlon's confession to Britt. In a crowded restaurant, no less, but only because he expected him to either cave in or die soon.

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When he first accidentally shoots himself, he is in a coma for 11 days. Kato subsequently adjusts the gas mixture to 1 hour. Britt promptly tests it by shooting Kato. Lampshade Hanging "Aw man, now we're in a car chase. Waltz seems to be having quite a bit of fun playing Chudnofsky.

What do you want your autobiography to say, "Oil Changes and Cappuccinos"?

green hornet gas gun scene meet

I would read that, and I won't read shit! And when they make it into a movie I would watch the shit out of it! The Black Beauty's hood machine guns are fixed in place.

Subverted when Britt and Kato simply shoot them with the machine guns in the suicide doors, which can shoot to the side. Man Behind the Man: Lenore, a hilarious subversion as even she doesn't know that she's effectively masterminding Britt and Kato's activities.

Seth Rogen can probably play this role in his sleep. This is one of the driving tropes behind his decision to become a hero — because it's childishly awesome. Britt is a rare comedic example of this trope. Subverted; the car should be conspicuous, but turns out at the end to have camouflage technology that lets it hide from a police pursuit. Britt is essentially this type of hero for most of the film until the very end where he starts to gain some competence. The tone is rather lighthearted for most of the film, which makes the scene when it's revealed that after a hit is put out on the Green Hornet, seven innocent people were killed by mistake because they just happened to be wearing green at the time quite jarring to say the least.

The Black Beauty has guns everywhere. Hood, suicide doors, trunk The bad guys also bring a heavy machinegun when they attempt to destroy it later. Crystal Clear to Chudnofsky. He pays for it. Epic bottle-opening, courtesy of Kato! Kato is a Master Barista, engineering his own espresso machine, and having an artistic flair for pouring lattes. After the climactic battle Britt Reid's wound and Lenore Case's idea for getting Reid medical help without drawing suspicion is lifted from an homage to the TV series episode "Bad Bet on a Silent".

V show the district attorney was called Scanlon, although he worked with the Green Hornet. In the film, he's the bad guy. Jay Chou even replicates Bruce Lee's best known moves, like the one-inch punch and pushing side kick.

green hornet gas gun scene meet

The entire subplot of Kato being annoyed at being treated as Britt's sidekick is that basically before Bruce Lee had the role, Kato was literally just the Hornet's driver.

The original show theme and graphic play at the end of the film. The control panel on Kato's espresso machine resembles the one in Reid's garage in the TV series that controls access to the Black Beauty. Britt's unintended first costume, with a green bandana and brown trenchcoat, is the Hornet's original costume, and also the one in the Year One series.

Britt has a poster of The Lone Rangerwho in the original continuity was his great-uncle. Kato says he's from Shanghai to which Britt responds "I love Japan. Kato's original actor Bruce Lee being chinese, while playing a character who is of Japanese ethnicity. Chudnofsky kills a subordinate who tells him about the Green Hornet raiding one of his meth labs and says it's the Green Hornet's fault that the subordinate is dead.

No Kill Like Overkill: The Black Beauty can pretty much demolish several city blocks with its full loadout. How about destroying a traffic camera with a missile launcher?

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Hilariously, the car also has non-lethal bean bag ammo, but uses it all of once during the movie. Kato specifically mentions he will have no part of that side of super-heroics. In front, the grille is noted for a gun barrel that emits non-lethal Green Hornet gas. It's flanked by rocket launchers down below and, barely visible next to the launchers, there are retractable rams meant to hold the car upside down on the underside of the rotating floor in The Green Hornet's garage.

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Up above, the headlights rotate from a regular pair to a green pair, which provides Kato his night-time 'infra-green' vision. Kato would use a green plastic panel that flipped down from the sun visor in conjunction with the lights. The sides are the barren black lengths they appear to be, which only emphasizes the fact that the car is as long as a Tolstoy novel, a whisper under 19 feet in length.

It's also lowdown — the Imperial lords itself so close to the ground, the impression it gives is that if you replaced the fat sidewalls with some low profile rubber you'd have trouble getting over a speedbump.

And when you're a filthy rich badass in a black limo, that's probably the way it should be.

green hornet gas gun scene meet

The devices return in back: There's a homing and tracking scanner that emerges from the trunklid, another gun barrel in the rear valance that emits grease, smoke and oil, and rotating rear license plates flanked by more rocket launchers. To cover his tracks — literally — The Green Hornet has brooms that would descend behind the rear wheels Inside, the front of the cabin has the look of a regular '66 Imperial.

  • Meet The Green Hornet's original Black Beauty

Well, aside from the plaque in front of the passenger seat attesting to this being the Black Beauty that worked in every episode of the series. But open the glove compartment and a double-length panel opens up that hides the glove compartment on the right and The Green Hornet's phone on the left, in the center of the dash. Beneath that, in place of the gargantuan ashtray is a scanner for the tracking system in the trunk.

The sun visor hides the green visor for Kato's infra-green, and the steering wheel center cap clearly identifies the owner of the car. It is in back where props meet reality. There is barely any room in the back seat because a cabinet of switches and props juts out of the back of the front bench.

green hornet gas gun scene meet

For effects, there are two scanners contained in the cabinet The Green Hornet loved his green screens, apparentlythere are compartments in the C pillars that hide guns, and there are flaps astride the rear window that open so he could shoot at baddies behind. Lower the center armrest and you'll find one of the oddest superhero accoutrement in one of the oddest places: What really sponges up space is Mission Control: