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At last the landscaping is almost complete at the front of the school between the new Sci-Tech Centre and the Main Building. The VET Horticulture students worked on the irrigation, planting and mulching of the area.

The bench seats were donated to the school by the City of Yarra A Singular Phenomenon Posted on 28 May When they are not studying, playing in a variety of school bands or learning tech skills for the school production, year 10s Reuben Cumming, Angus Ingram and Ben Booker are taking the professional art scene by storm. While the kids are working hard learning their lines and practicing their songs, the Drama department have been busily designing the sets and props for the show. Now we need to start construction.

We are looking for parents that can offer time o Our Victorious Debating Club! Posted on 28 May Every Wednesday the Debating Club meets to brainstorm, write and practice our upcoming debate question.

There have been some curly questions over the past four debates, including Should we stop celebrating Australia day? Should we ban photoshopping in magazines? The workshop allowed our students to build on the skills they have learnt at school and to apply them in the community. Feeling that the process should be documented, we enlisted the assistance of some young filmmakers Year 9s at the time. After initial documentation, two of these talented students took it upon Footscray City College Environmental Club Posted on 28 May Footscray City College Environmental Club The Footscray Environmental Club FEC has gained traction over the last few weeks with a large number of students joining the group — more than thirty people attended the last meeting.


The program immersed the students in the field of forensic science as they used blood typing and DNA analysis to place a suspect at a crime scene.

A synopsis of these proposals is as follows: We continue to strive for ways to make our presence in the sporting community larger and more robust.

This is my first report to you as the General Chair and as such I have a unique opportunity since we have two House of Delegates meetings this year to explain what I envision for our LSC and hopefully with your help we can get there together.

We have had our ups and downs so far but through it all we have all had in mind what is best for the athletes. We must all face the idea of change.

We must learn to embrace change and not fear it. Change is necessary and good for any organization thrive and must happen. I do not propose change for the sake of change but for growth. There are no bad ideas please bring them forward and we will make sure they get to the appropriate committees. This body and membership working together for the common good can do some very impressive things if we just get out of our own way and let it happen.

We are headed into our Short Course season kick-off and there is legislation before you regarding our championship meets developed through surveys of our membership, the input of athletes, coaches, and parents. I am asking for your trust that this process is a living process and we will continue to examine your feedback and make changes as needed.

We will keep you informed of things as they come on line and are always willing to listen to well-reasoned feedback made in a manner that is both constructive and civil. We cannot continue to be business as usual and expect to succeed on a national level. We have only a few chances to get things right and we cannot afford to continue squandering away opportunities. As General Chair and a Board member for the prior 4 years I have seen us attempt new things with our meet schedules only to see them ultimately fail and part of the problem is communication.

I promise you all that you will be informed and be able to supply feedback. I serve at the pleasure of the House of Delegates and more importantly as a representative and advocate for the athletes. Swimming as a whole, is growing by leaps and bounds around the world and I want our LSC to be at the forefront of that growth.

With this legislation I am directing our Finance Division to look at our dues increases that were voted in to make sure this is still needed. The last thing we want is to drive people away due to cost. It will take effect January 1, Officials at meets will be discussed and implemented by the Officials Chair and her committee. A change in Safe Sport regarding romantic relationships between adults during the swimming relationship has had some additional changes.

Safe Sport will be getting this out. USA Swimming will assist us with this by hosting a meeting, at their expense so members from the LSC can meet to work this out. This will allow us to host travel meets and deepen the level of competition by having teams from Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Lake Eerie, Indiana, and Wisconsin at meets with A level time standards and those meets still be successful.

I hope to have the opportunity work with each and every one of you in the future. I am always willing to talk about any item and will always make time for you or your ideas. Thank you for the trust you have given to me by electing me as the General Chair. I hope I can live up to your faith and trust. Office is currently vacant. The Finance Chair and the Treasurer are working with our current accountant to gain access to QuickBooks, the software used to maintain the financial records of the LSC.

Once we have access to the records we will develop monthly and year to date financial statements that can be presented to the Board. Additionally, we will review the existing reimbursement policies for National meets and make recommendations for changes as deemed appropriate. Certificates for these will be mailed to coaches along with the National Top certificates for presentation to the athletes.

All registration materials are posted on the registration page of the MS website. There are several changes. Consult your Deck Pass for current expiration dates.

Coaches who do not have a Lifeguarding certificate must schedule the STSC class with an instructor who will provide a link to the online course. Coaches with lifeguarding may log onto the Red Cross site www. There is now a fee for this online course.

Availability of hotels is a problem. Coming into the busy time of year. Jan and I spend the better part of October and November going over the redline to make sure we caught everything. Bylaws have to go to National for approval. The goal is to have the new documents completed by our January 1 deadline and posted to the web site. Regardless of the posting date, legislation that has passed at HOD and Convention are the rules we work by regardless of what is on the web site.

Vince recognized coaches Brad Brockway and Adam Cooper for coaching athletes to national level competitions. There were many new swimmers this year.

Glenview Titan Aquatic Club Celebrates Successful Winter Season

MS has formed a Disability Committee: AO training was held yesterday. Multi-Cultural Camp awarded to Wisconsin. Committee has several projects: Working on presentation for Convention to bid on Diversity Meet; planning a camp in West Michigan for April wants to bring in community swimmers and high performance swimmers; will ask 14 — 15 YO to teach community kids regarding water safety. Athletes are needed on the Diversity Committee. The committee is working on a Diversity Logo. Great event at Pleasant Prairie.

Almost athletes from 9 LSCs. Michigan had 14 athletes that participated.

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Video and photo coverage of the event is on YouTube at http: Encourage coaches and parents to show the video to their athletes who are inclined to events meters and up. It is an Olympic event and is a great experience. Brad Brockway has resigned from this committee. We will be electing 5 individuals today to fill vacancies on this Board. Information regarding a Zone Camp will be available at a future meeting. Working on time standards.

The following proposed changes to the MS Rules and Procedures which were previously submitted and reviewed at the August BoD Meeting were considered.

All required simple majority approval for passage. Note existing language to be deleted is struck through and new language is added in red and underlined: Prohibited Postings to the Website Vendor advertising or links to vendors shall be specifically prohibited unless the use of such vendor advertising or link is mandated approved by the Michigan Swimming, Inc Board of Directors.

This approval should be for special considerations only and the website should not be considered an advertising space for vendors or non vendors. Non vendor links to other than Michigan Swimming, Inc. Allowable advertising shall include help wanted or job search advertising by MS member clubs or MS member coaches name and contact information only.

Advertising of any other type or form or the promotion of events or functions not related to those sanctioned by Michigan Swimming, Inc. Proposed by John Loria. Motion by Motion to accept by D.