Happy to meet you quotes

Sweetheart, I'm so happy to have you in my life. You are very special to me. | PureLoveQuotes

happy to meet you quotes

I'm so Glad I Met You Quotes | met you for a reason. I'm glad I met you, I hope you know that. Discover ideas about Meeting You Quotes Happy With My Life, Live Life Happy, My Life Quotes, Words Quotes. "“It's nice to meet you." Kylie plastered a warm expression on her face. But she worried he could tell it was a sham. "The pleasure is all mine," he said. Kylie just .

I am crazy in love with you. But you came, and now I love staying at home listening to the pouring rain, while I am lying beside you, and my head on top of your chest. To be honest, I never believed in love until you came and changed everything in my life. I do not like changes, but I love you.

happy to meet you quotes

Everything comes easy when I am around you. Is that magic or what? Love, it is probably love. We were just children when I first saw you, I did not know that, at that time, I met my soul mate. I am always thankful that you fell in love with me, and that you did not let me go.

Every day with you is like a day spent in heaven. You are like a genie, granting all my wishes.

happy to meet you quotes

I love you not only because of that, I love you for who you are, the whole package. Every time your name pops up on my phone, it makes me feel excited and giggle like a child.

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You always bring out the child in me. I guess, I have not stop loving you and I never will. Wishes and Sayings Every time I look into your eyes, I feel butterflies in my stomach. No one has ever looked at me the way you do.

Just your smile makes me feel so loved, and your hugs makes me feel safe. I am thankful that somewhere in this life, the universe allowed us to cross paths. We do believe that the universe is a bitch but this time, she cuts us some slack. You are like a love factory, you just keep giving kindness and happiness to everybody.

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You are like the perfect boyfriend everyone is dreaming of and I am so glad that you chose me. Lately, I realized that my heart is always happy since I met you. It makes me happy thinking of our future together: It makes me happy just imagining our future wedding, With you waiting at the altar, And me walking through the isle. I have been hurt and betrayed so many times before, my trust has been broken into a million pieces and so is my heart. I really never thought that someone that broken can still be fixed.

You came and you were like my miracle. You brought me back to life, and the broken pieces back together.

happy to meet you quotes

You were the first guy I fell in love with, and hopefully my last. If I am entitled to only one wish, I would wish for us to be together for a lifetime. Our first kiss, first hug, first night together are the memories I will never forget.

Every passing day, you make me realize that this is true love we have. I am so blessed to have met you and fell in love with you. The following is a compilation of quotes to use when meeting anyone new.

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It was so nice to meet you. It was a real pleasure to meet you. They say silence is a way to make people feel they did something wrong. Nice to meet you. They say life is better when you laugh often. Thank you for making me laugh. It was really great to meet you. They say everyone has lost something, loved someone, and is afraid of something.

Is there anything I can help with? You are a lovely person, because you met me with a smile. Nice to have met you.

happy to meet you quotes

Hi, nice to meet you. You should know I take relationships very seriously… uh… did you say your name? Give it some time. Congrats on being better than me.

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It was an absolute pleasure! Our interaction was quite boring actually. Dear new friend, please let me know if you had a nice time meeting me. They say whatever you give comes back around: I never understood why people think its nice to meet someone before they really know that person. I guess you have to have trustworthy friends.

By the way, never ever trust my friends. Hey, nice to meet you. So a few things you should know about me: Hey there, so nice to meet you. Oh, I uh, nice to see you again? Ok ok, just freaking calm down! I was only saying hello.

So nice to meet you… uh… sorry, what was your name again? Hi… nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too- now go away. It was awesome, dude! Then after our first kiss I was scared to fall in love with you. Hey there, nice to meet you. Oh by the way, I plan on flirting with you from here on out.

happy to meet you quotes