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hebron amca meet

Antique Motorcycle Swap Meet and Show on Aug 2, in Hebron, CT(Hartford Vendors of antique parts are welcomed, but you must be an AMCA member. For Swap and Corral Vendor space infor- AMCA National Meet and Road Run Hebron, CT Contact: Will Paley, 12 Sharon Station Road, Sharon, CT / omarcafini.info AMCA National Meet and Road Run 3 - 5 Yankee Chapter, Hebron, CT Contact: Will Paley, 1 2 Sharon Station Road.

Preliminary results indicate satisfaction with the Judging Program. A long standing problem with the system is the Chapter sponsoring a National Meet never knows how many or what judges will show up on Saturday or Sunday to judge.

An effort will be made to ask potential judges to at least indicate in advance if they may be available to judge at a National Meet. To all members who have judged and continue to do so, thanks for your time. The Members appreciate your efforts. We are also considering recognizing all Members who judge at a particular meet in the magazine just like the owners and their bikes are recognized. We understand the sacrifice judges make to keep the system going and they deserve not only our thanks but our recognition as well.

If you know anyone in your Chapter who is interested in becoming a judge, please have them contact Carl or Don at the contact information in the magazine. I would appreciate if the newsletter editors would include this request in their Chapter Newsletters.

AMCA Vintage Meet

I assume all of you have received the Winter Issue of the magazine. In my opinion, this is one example of the commitment the publisher, DGB, has made of the past few years to improve the publication.

You may have noticed the magazine increased in size. This was due to the efforts of Advertising Director, Paul Holdsworth, who sold additional advertising which resulted in the additional pages at no cost to the Club. Because of printing efficiencies available to the Club, the revenue from the additional advertising paid all the production costs. Please download it and keep it for future reference and provide electronic copies to your members if requested.

If you have not received a copy or have a question, please call or e mail Bill. The Club's Old Iron Volunteer program has had limited success. There are two areas of immediate of concern. Although we have a temporary volunteer accountant to fill the position in the Internal Audit Committee, we still need a member accountant to volunteer for this position. The position involves committing twice a year to approximately three hours to review Club financial records.

The other position involves several volunteers who want to help with the Virtual Library. The Board has made a commitment to keep this project active even though it has languished the last few years. It is worthy benefit to the Membership. Because of the nature of the project, the Library is labor intensive.

We would like to keep the project run by club volunteers if possible. We need people with computer experience to set up a scanning program to copy and upload antique motorcycle literature for the Library.

hebron amca meet

Matt Olsen has agreed to be the point person on the Board for the project. Again I would appreciate if the newsletter editors would advertieg these two positions in their Chapter Newsletters. After an unfortunate delay, we were able to publish the Club financial statements. The statements for were last published in the Summer Issue of the magazine by then Treasurer Raymond Dhue.

The updated statements for most likely would have been published in the Summer Issue if Raymond had not passed away unexpectedly in January Current Treasurer Jim Graulty was able to review all financial records for and made the Financial Statements available to the Board in Davenport in September These statements were then published on the Club web site in early November and in the Winter Issue of the magazine.

Future Statements should be timely published. Thanks for your patience and thanks to Jim Graulty for his efforts.

hebron amca meet

If you or any of your members have any questions about the statements, please e mail Jim. The Club continues to add new Chapters. We welcome the Heritage Chapter located in central Arkansas. Just think of the new Road Run possibilities!

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  • Yankee Chapter 2017 National Meet - Hebron, CT.

Sam Gregory is the President. Events included a bike show with judging and a group ride. The weather was pleasant up until Saturday afternoon when storms threatened. I had a logistical problem attending this meet. I spotted the bike for sale at the Rhinebeck meet in June and made a down payment then.

My truck and trailer were off the road so I had to ride the bike home and Hebron was a good place to pick up the bike. I had to get there with my riding and camping gear and ride the bike home. It was summer and the weather was nice and the days long so this seemed like a reasonable plan.

I arrived by bus in Willamantic around 6pm Friday afternoon but walking with all my gear was difficult and then painful. After 3 hours and six miles and sore arms and total darkness a cell phone call to Darryl, the seller, at the meet got me a quick ride the rest of the way and so after a long day I finally set up camp at the Hebron meet.

It had a few quirks as expected for a bike not ridden any distance for 20 years but even a small rain storm midway did not lessen the fun of that first ride. Before I left on Saturday I was able to take photos of most of the motorcycles at the meet.

They have been doing this since In this was August 15th to 17th. More information about VRRA can be found at www. The Mosport track is located several miles outside of town with lots of space for racers and vistors.

There are restrooms and a food stand for basic needs. Both RV and tent camping were very popular. Besides almost contious racing events to watch there was a Concours d' Elegance bike judging that had a nice variety of vintage bikes. I hit several bands of rain but the temperature was pleasant and I arrived 7pm Friday evening.

Saturday was a very busy day of photgraphing. I headed for home around 6pm Saturday evening stopping at a motel along the way. Back in Cornish at 2pm on Sunday covering a little over miles round trip.

I was able to take photographs. There is a good mixture of vintage race bikes and vintage street bikes. For many of the motorcycles I was able to do a full 16 view set. Mark's brother crafts the unique pewter trophies and medals for which the event is named. It is very low key with an emphasis on having fun and enjoying these old and even ancient motorcycles.

A scenic course is laid out for a fun ride and a cookout at the end for the riders I left early in the morning from Cornish NH for the 35 mile ride to Hillsborough Center NH. It was a nice sunny day and riders kept arriving all morning.

There was plenty of time to enjoy the bikes before they headed off on their ride around noon. I was able to take photos before I headed home. I believe every bike in the event was photographed with 16 views and most of the visitor bikes as well. This meet has quickly become a major meet for Japanese motorcycles in the New England area.

There was a judged competition of vintage and custom bikes. The bikes were arranged indoors although the weather was not a problem. There were enough vendors on the grounds outdoors selling bikes and parts to require a fair amount of time to properly inspect.

hebron amca meet

It is nice to see a meet hit the spot like this one does. More details and the schedule for next year is at www. I left early in the morning to get to the Rice-O-Rama Meet at a reasonable hour.

I rode my Honda CBF. I took back roads going down so had a very nice ride. I headed for home early enough in the afternoon so it was still light when I got home. I stopped by the St Gaudens National Historic Site near my house and took a photograph in the setting sun.

MURDERCYCLES: AMCA Vintage Meet, Hebron, CT

While at the meet I took over photos. As usual it was held over a 3 day period Sep Most participants arrive Friday afternoon and things start early Saturday morning with a midpoint for lunch and then an afternoon ride back to Mt Snow. Then Sunday things wind down after the morning ride and the award ceremony. It was about 40F at my place but I passed a lot of frosty low spots on my journey and was feeling the chill by the time I arrived at Mt Snow. After photographing the bikes as they headed out for their morning run I rode on over to the Mt Equinox Skyline Drive entrance where everyone was meeting for lunch.

This was about 35 miles by the most direct route but I went a more round about way got lost. After a wait at the bottom for everyone to arrive we all rode up the scenic drive to the summit where the riders took a lunch break. Then back down and to the bottom and another timed course in the Mt Equinox parking lot and then back to Mt Snow on the afternoon route. I was able to take about photographs. In addition to a wonderful race track full of AHRMA vintage road races there was a world class museum of motorcycles plus a huge swap meet.

For lovers of vintage motorcycles this is 3 days of pure enjoyment.

Yankee Chapter AMCA Hebron National Meet

I brought along my camping gear and camera in a backpack and a folding bicycle. I have a British friend who often brings his folding bike when he travels to the states. That gave me the idea to give it a try. The gear was heavy on the little bicycle but it worked quite well and having the bicycle to get around the grounds was nice. I arrived Thursday afternoon in nice weather. Friday was a little rainy so I spent lots time in the beautiful museum.

The weather was nice from then on. I took over photos while I was there.