How did robert duvall meet luciana pedraza photos

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how did robert duvall meet luciana pedraza photos

Robert Duvall Wife [PHOTOS] Meet Actor Robert Duvall's 41 Years Luciana Pedraza-Duvall is actually an Argentine actress who has done. Find the perfect robert duvall and luciana pedraza stock photo. Mr. Duvall and Ms. Pedraza stopped by NAS Sigonella to meet with Sailors and family. Luciana Pedraza is an Argentine actress and director. She is married to American fellow actor Robert Duvall, and is the granddaughter of Argentine aviation.

Yes, seven years ago tomorrow, I think.

how did robert duvall meet luciana pedraza photos

Seven years ago today. How did you meet? I didn't want to, but my friends said, "Go invite him to our party.

how did robert duvall meet luciana pedraza photos

He loves the tango. Duvall, here's my card. If you wanna come to this party, my friends would love to have you," with no expectations. Were you a fan of his?

how did robert duvall meet luciana pedraza photos

I didn't know who he was. He thinks I'm lying, but I swear to god. But I think it worked better, because I got to meet him, instead of the movie star. And still, to me, he is just Bobby. And then I saw him working on The Apostle, and saw some of his other films, and I was able to admire his work. You've called Buenos Aires your second home. Oh yeah, it's my favorite city.

What do you love about it?

'I can dance a pretty good tango' - Telegraph

I think for Bobby it's a place where he feels at home, a place where he feels he has a family. He can go to coffee shops where there's always people -- RD: Three in the morning, hundreds of people.

Not like the United States, more like Spain. They know my movies, so I'm accepted there. They're a little bit arrogant, like the French. But they're also warm. I like the music, the tango. You've been interested in the tango for some time. It's a hobby I've had for several years. It's always good to have a hobby. It's not like riding a jumping horse, where you can break your neck. You might stub your toe, but it's not as dangerous. How were you first introduced to the tango?

They said, "Come on, I'll show you some stuff. She'd been dancing for 45 years, but for a while she was living alone, working as a cleaning woman.

how did robert duvall meet luciana pedraza photos

Now she's in a musical comedy, getting rave reviews. God bless her, I love her. And she's only I've known her since she was a kid, and I used to dance with her when she was young, and if I didn't dance good, she'd walk away. Maybe only one time did she kind of smile and enjoy it. But now I don't ask her. She's got a little bit of a big head. Luciana, how long have you been dancing tango?

If she wanted to, she could dance professionally. She's very elegant when she dances, which is a word that's used in Argentina a lot. We don't use it so much in this country.

But it's attached to the tango -- even if you're a scoundrel, you can be elegant. Fino, one of the greatest dancers I ever saw -- Fino meaning fine, that was his nickname because he danced so fine -- he'd call tango "sweetness.

So do you have any plans for Austin? Any two-stepping at the Broken Spoke?

Life, Death, and Dance

The tango is a very expressive dance, and is great for an actor. You get into it the same way you get into a really good part. He walks with a kind of swagger typical of military men and is wearing a pair of cowboy boots made from the skins of wild pigs. But just as you begin to suspect that he will abruptly launch into an impassioned tribute to napalm, he starts discussing instead the short fiction of Chekhov and Borges.

He is, in fact, a man of so many interests that his curiosity seems boundless.

how did robert duvall meet luciana pedraza photos

Mention some obscure fact in his presence, and he will leap on it - quizzing you until he's discovered whether he wants to know more. Even now, at 72, he has a boyish charm, and it isn't difficult to see why his age doesn't matter to Luciana. Slender and energetic, he certainly looks much younger than his years. His skin is attractively freckled, his smile is infectious and his blue eyes are alert and bright. Speaking in rapid bursts, he fixes you with those penetrating eyes and leans forward, punctuating his comments with a finger -stabbing the air.

He is intense, but not intimidating. People staying awake at odd hours, discussing their lives. That's one of the things that I like about Buenos Aires. You can leave the tango clubs and find a crowd at 3am, drinking coffee and staying up until dawn. It's as though the whole city became for him a kind of fountain of youth, reinvigorating a career that was already spectacularly successful. But I'm fine now. And I loved making that movie because I think Westerns are great.

It's our national art form. He and Luciana have a house in the foothills of the Andes, but prefer to stay in hotels in the city when they go back to Argentina. He wonders out loud whether it's time they went to the altar. She has never been married, but he has had three wives and endured three difficult divorces. So why tie the knot again at 72?

His eyebrow shoots up, and he scratches his jaw, thoughtfully. I've been thinking about it. It's not about money. He has made enough of it to support any number of wives and ex-wives. And he has no children to worry about.

Robert Duvall Luciana Pedraza Stock Photos & Robert Duvall Luciana Pedraza Stock Images - Alamy

In any event, he seems genuinely confused by the subject, as does Luciana's family. They have warmed to him, but when he met her father - who is Duvall's junior by many years - the man looked at him and said: The son of an American admiral, he was on the move constantly as a young man. His father's career took the family to various ports, and young Duvall grew up rootless. His life was heading nowhere in particular when his parents talked him into giving the theatre a try.

At the little college he attended in Illinois, he had shown some talent for acting, but wasn't ready to make a career of it until his parents gave him a push. The next thing he knew, he was in New York, struggling to win bit parts in small productions.

Among his friends were two other actors who, like him, were enormously talented but lacked the conventional looks to get the lead in a Broadway play. We all got together from time to time and had a lot of laughs. We all started as character actors, and I still like to think that's what I am.