How to meet a deadline examples

how to meet a deadline examples

See sample answers to this question. Did you engage your co-workers in a process of meeting the deadline? Did you work at home to meet the deadline?. Deadline Interview Question Number 1: Tell Me How You Work Under the This sample answer doesn't really say much, and while it is XYZ, we often had to work triple time to meet some of the strict deadlines in the field. Why are deadlines difficult to meet, especially in the workplace? Here are seven ways to set realistic deadlines and meet them. . Here's an example.

You should speak about a situation that has already happened. On the other hand, you can speak about meeting any deadline, in any field of business, or life—the questions is not limited to your network engineering experience.

Describe a situation when you had to meet a tight deadline - FA Interview

Attitude matters the most Speaking honestly, you can talk about anything in your interview—a real situation, a fictive one, a semi-fictive one—interviewers will hardly tell the difference. What matters for them is the way you approached the situation, your attitude to it. You should try to present yourself as someone who can work under pressure, who does their very best to complete the work as fast as possible.

When studying at the college, I had just 24 hours to prepare a presentation from a difficult network security subject.

Tough Interview Question - Give me an example of a time when you failed to meet a deadline

I created a plan of work and calculated that to study the topic, prepare the first version, make corrections, prepare the presentation and practice it, I would need 18 hours. It was close to impossible to do it in time… However, I engaged my schoolmate in the research part, so we worked on it together and instead of 10 hours, it took us only six hours.

This helped me and finally I was able to deliver a high quality presentation on a next day. I managed the situation well. Once I had to distantly troubleshoot a network in a banking institution.

how to meet a deadline examples

It was during the working hours and the security modules were not working as they were supposed to work. There was a problem with both firewalls at the same time.

Describe a time when you had to meet a tight deadline - Network Engineer

This acronym stands for these key elements: Situation Action Result First, start with the situation you were in. For this question, that would be whatever project you were working on that you missed the deadline for.

how to meet a deadline examples

Be as specific as you can in laying out what you were facing. Next, the task is whatever the goal is you were striving for. Action refers to the actions you took during this process. Describe why the deadline was missed. The result portion of the STAR method for this question will be you discussing how you were reprimanded and what you learned. If you learned a skill that you successfully implemented at a later date, that would be a great thing to bring up. If you missed a deadline that resulted in a company losing a million dollars, that would not be the best thing to bring up during this question.

The interviewer wants to see how well you handle failure and that you can learn from it, but if you admit to making a gigantic mistake, that may make the employer uneasy. Pick something with lower stakes. You can even talk about a time you missed a deadline on a school assignment or another example from your personal life.

how to meet a deadline examples

Do Not Blame Others. There are a number of reasons why a deadline might have been missed, but you certainly do not want to pass the blame onto others.

how to meet a deadline examples

Employers want people who can own up to their mistakes and grow as an employee. Blaming others will make you look petty, and the interviewer will assume that if hired, you would blame everyone else in the event a mistake got made. It can be tempting to avoid the question entirely and say that you have always submitted assignments on time.

Describe a situation when you had to meet a tight deadline. How did you ensure you’d meet it?

This is not what interviewers want to hear. Avoiding the question will just make it seem like you are hiding something. The thing you want to focus on in your response is what you learned from this moment. Growth is a highly valuable trait in an employee, and it is something you want to exhibit.

how to meet a deadline examples

I mentally switched the due dates for them in my head, so while I submitted one early, the other one was submitted a day late.