How to meet an amish family

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how to meet an amish family

From tranquil Amish farms and the clip-clop of horse-drawn buggies to busy The home of an Amish family averages seven children, and almost 25% have ten . Meet an Amish family at our newest Amish Lodging: Paradise Amish Guest Home Guests who stay in this simple (non-farm) lodging are offered a rare. Learn about the Amish way of life and leave the driving to us. This guided tour of the beautiful countryside is scenic, entertaining and packed with answers to.

how to meet an amish family

Granted, a sizable Amish minority profits enormously some quilters earn six-figure incomesbut the souvenir shops and exhibits bring thousands to gape at a community that doesn't want to be a zoo attraction. The advertising is somewhat misleading. Yet Lancaster County is full of the more liberal Mennonites and Brethren; they're often the ones offering the Amish-style dinners and the buggy rides.

Many visitors aren't aware that they're seeing what some locals refer to as "Amish lite. Don't stalk the Amish. On a Saturday afternoon, cruise into the middle of nowhere—the townships of Bird-In-Hand, Gordonville, New Holland, Smoketown, or Intercourse—turn down a side road, and ditch your car and camera. Hike over the hills and through the cornfields. Moo back at the cows, wave to children passing on non-motorized scooters, and feast on plums, peaches, and watermelons from a roadside stand.

Walking, after all, is an Amish courting ritual.

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But if our friends find us, they'll yell and tease and whoop and make us really red in the face. As you pass windmills, horse-drawn plows, and clotheslines draped with bright laundry, you'll feel an inkling of the serenity that guides these people. If walking seems a bit slow, you can test out another Amish teen favorite: There's no destination; that's up to the winds. Six of us hovered several hundred feet above the farmland, skimmed over treetops, and landed in a mushy cornfield.

how to meet an amish family

Four wide-eyed children wandered out, muddy and barefoot. Then three more, along with their mother carrying a baby, two daughters clutching her dress, and the family German shepherd. We chatted about what it's like to fly as the pilot and his associate scrambled to pull the balloon off their crop.

Most are shy but polite. If you offer a hello, it will be returned; ask a question and tell them about yourself, and you may strike up a conversation, especially if no one else is watching. Many Amish are curious about you, too. On my third visit to the area, I met John, who invited me to his family's house for an enormous supper of roast chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

After prayers, we talked about everything from the Phillies to the Empire State Building to their table-making business.

The owners of many local bed-and-breakfasts, such as Jim Kent and Stuart and Hermine Smith, who run the Churchtown Inn, near Narvon, have decades-long friendships with Amish families and can set up informal dinners for their guests. Early birds will find that a Lancaster dawn is beautiful—and it offers a chance to meet people working in the fields or in their shops while most tourists are still asleep.

One morning I ran into Abner, a bookbinder of about 70, who said he'd tell me about the Amish "only if you'll share by telling me about your Jewish heritage. On Saturday around 8 p. With their Iroc-Z's parked next to buggies, they loiter in front of the store, smoking Camels, combing their hair, snapping gum, drinking Pepsi and even beer. Some wear jeans and Reeboks; others are traditionally attired.

how to meet an amish family

On Sunday, not surprisingly, all the Amish shops are closed; that makes it a good day to explore secular Lancaster County. Women dress in more sombre colours with plainer bonnets over their uncut hair, and the men wear hats with shadier brims than members of other Amish sects.

This meant I had to work and I realised there was so much more out there for me. Living in a family of 14 children, Emma Gingerich left was brought up without electricity, running water or an indoor toilet.

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Supplied Men from the Swartzentruber Amish above in Pennsylvania wear broader brimmed hats than more liberal sects. AP An Amish buggy makes its way through the cornfields carrying a more liberal sect member that permit the orange triangle signs.

Supplied She began cleaning local non-Amish houses, began learning English, befriended a couple and began planning her escape. Inwhen she was 18, and with only one of her siblings knowing what she was doing, Ms Gingerich fled with only the clothes she was wearing and a telephone number. As she explains in her book, The Runaway Amish Girl: I am sorry to do this to you but I need to try a different life.

She walked 6km to another village, and called the number of a woman, an ex-Amish, she had never met.

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The woman picked up Ms Gingerich and took her to a house an hour away, over the border and out of Missouri. She began wearing bright clothes, makeup, driving a car, eating takeaway and dating men.

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It was not all plain sailing. Supplied She now wears bright colours and drives a car. Supplied Amish women and children at an Ohio school after hate crime convictions for hair- and beard-cutting attacks against fellow Amish.