How to meet u2

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how to meet u2

May 17, I know U2 — the phenomenon that transcends the sum of its mortal and I love each other back, where we fill each other up until we can meet. I am so thankful U2 doesn't do this. I think my feelings toward them would change if they commercialized and profited off fans' desires to meet. May 23, An unidentified man at U2's Phoenix show on Friday night was called up on How R Kelly 'hung out at high schools to meet girls and admitted.

Then we were able to establish where to go to wait in case the miracle of the band actually stopping to say hello was going to happen. But still we persisted because a. Colin and I had packed water and snacks and it was really fun trading stories with other huge fans about previous shows and such.

Somewhere around 3 p. Then right around 5 p. A pair of huge black Escalades pulled up, doors were opened and out popped Edge and Bono.

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As you can only imagine, I am beside myself at this point. Bono arrives to say hello to fans in Boston on 6. I was pretty much smack dab in the middle. Everything was happening pretty quickly at this point and yet time also stood still. I looked to my left and saw Edge approaching and I looked to the right and Bono was getting closer.

While the Edge passed and afterwards when Bono came. Talked about how they're going to find me on the floor and kick my ass. How they'd beat me up now but don't feel like going to jail, etc.

Such an unpleasant experience. Good for you that you took that spot. Free space is free space.

You know that you didn't push anyone. It sounds like you just got a run in with wacko's or autograph hunters who are aggresive AF If it makes you feel any betterI can tell you the first time I tried to catch a glimpse of the band in Brussels duringit was the same.

how to meet u2

The people where rowdy and screamy too. Even when U2 members already came walking towards us they just wouldn't shut up. Edge was making a straight beeline for us Then people around me started freaking out.

He was to the left of me and he screamed like a madman. I never had the chance to bond with Adam Clayton, but I'm sure he's a star as well. What is going to top this?! Nothing that out of the ordinary. But, over the 18 years since that tour, I have created a wonderful life with so many beautiful memories. I know Bono would agree with me that appreciating the everyday mystery and magic of life, connecting with loved ones and learning through discovery is better than any celebrity encounter, although I do cherish all of mine.

how to meet u2

I got to know my now husband - an Irishman who I had met at my sister's wedding and dismissed as "not my type. We are now married 12 years.

If things had been going well on tour I never would have taken a break to stay longer in Ireland and I would not have the wonderful life that I have here and family that I could not imagine living without. Bono was at a table with his wife, the Edge and a few others.

Ten Lessons I Learned Going on Tour with U2

He clearly didn't remember me. He meets so many hundreds of thousands of people on tour, it's perfectly understandable.

But, he was so kind when I went up to talk to him and told him how much his kindness meant to me all those years before. He gave me a hug and I let him go back to his group. I was planning to dedicate my life to saving the world. But after seeing some people ignore Bono's social justice talk at the big stadium concerts, I thought, "If Bono isn't getting through to these people, there's no way that I will!

What it meant was that I could live my life for myself. Eventually, I learned what Bono clearly understands. It is not about one person, it is about everyone. Everyone has to do their part. As he walks on stage he very deliberately applauds the audience.

It felt like more than just, "Thank you for coming and for being our fans. In that last conversation on the jet Bono said, "We inspire the fans and the fans inspire us. It goes back and forth. As he walked off I had a strong feeling that it was a call to duty for the rest of us.