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hurst guitar swap meet

Amigo International Guitar Show. You may bring all the musical instruments. If you're in the North Texas area, stop by the Hurst Guitar Swap Meet on Saturday , Sept 1. The address is Trailwood Drive, Hurst, TX Hurst Guitar Swap Meet, Hurst, Texas. 74 likes · 4 talking about this. Buy/Sell/ Trade your guitars, amps, and pedals with other guitar enthusiasts.

Good strings are only part of the equation, the rest of it is all in the sauce It's such a tiny tube that packs a powerful punch, a must have for any guitar tech! Have yet to find another product like it! My brother is a logger up there. I'm able to obtain the highest quality of maple for my own custom builds and am now beginning to supply other luthiers with prime cuts. I have an industrial guitar shop just north of Nashville.

The list of clients who I have built, rebuilt, customized, or restored guitars for is so huge that it blows my mind that I can have so many people's guitars flow across my benches. Big Bends nut sauce keeps 'em good and slippery! Tom Weber After all the years that I've worked on guitars, either on the road, or in the shop, I've come to know that the smallest details can cause the biggest problems sometimes.

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After all, when it comes down to it a guitar that won't stay in tune is a useless instrument. It doesn't matter if the neck is cracked, or the strings bind at the nut. If it doesn't stay in tune, it's not worth picking up. That's the way an artist looks at it. We have all tried every trick that has come down the pipe to make guitars stay in tune better, but so far Big Bends seems to be the best answer yet. I just finished a tour with The Cult, and I have to say that keeping Billy Duffy's guitars in tune is a real challenge.

He has a style of playing that will pull a guitar out of tune in a second if it's not prepared properly. It seems that I'm stretching strings forever to maintain proper tune, but it's worth it! Billy plays several Les Pauls, which are all incredible sounding guitars, an two Gretsch Billy Duffy Signature models that are truly amazing instruments!

Once World War I ended, car manufacturers fiercely competed with each other to lure new customers by creating cars with sleek lines and stylish features. But there was something missing. That is, until when the fine folks at Oldsmobile put an innovative and powerful new engine; America's first high-compression overhead valve V8.

It was a cubic inch powerhouse that was placed the Rocket 88 and it delivered an impressive horse power. The only car in the world that came close to it at that time was the Hudson Hornet. Steve Dulcich, writing in Popular Hot Rodding, also cites Oldsmobile, concurrently with Cadillac, as having "launched the modern era of the high-performance V-8 with the introduction of the "Rocket 88" overhead-valve V-8 in Times were a changin and the public had an interest in more speed and more power and that's just what Oldsmobile had delivered.

Historians and opinions differ but many believe that this car was the first of the new species. It was a new breed of high performance cars. The dam had been broken and the flood was soon to follow. High performance cars have always been special machines. And nothing short of legendary results took place when the Wizards of the automotive industry combined large engines and light weight bodies; these two ingredients created MAGIC!

hurst guitar swap meet

Grass grows at a faster pace than the improvement of performance the cars did over the next decade. Six years later a new king of performance was crowned with the classic Chrysler C This was a large car but it had more than doubled the horsepower of the Rocket 88 with a heart pounding horse power Hemi engine.

September - Hurst Guitar Swap Meet

It was the most powerful American car manufactured at that time. The Hemi engine could propel this luxury car from zero to sixty in 9. This was HUGE performance for its day, but couldn't hold a candle to what was coming in the next decade.

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The 's is the decade considered to be the golden age of the muscle car. Drag racers had some toys to play with at the start of the decade. A compact Dodge Dart was fitted with a ci Max Wedge engine and it promptly started dominating everything on the strip. Ford created the Thunderbolt from a stripped down Ford Fairlane. This car had fiberglass body boards and lack threw out almost all of the comfort features. It was a scorcher.

It ran the Quarter Mile in less than twelve seconds. Ford made units of a stripped down version of the Galaxies with a cubic inch engine. This was the same engine powering the Thunderbolt.

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These were very limited production models and only a few were sold. The only "muscle car" offered to the masses during the early part of the decade was the Impala Super Sport with a ci engine.

The birth of an era! The flood gates open! This is the car that is considered by most historians to be the first factory produced Muscle Car. This was the first classic muscle car.

It was an intermediate sized car and it came with a ci engine. Performance was very acceptable with time of 7. It was a triple threat. Yes it had acceptable performance but it also had Style; it looked great and another important factor was that the price was right! Performance, Style and Price would be the three big factors that would shape the legendary cars that came next from this era.

The GTO spawned what was to become a new fever; it created a new frenzy The true definition of a muscle car is a little fuzzy but it basically comes down to BIG engines stuffed lightweight auto bodies with higher performance rear ends, transmissions and suspensions.

hurst guitar swap meet

Automotive trends in the early-mid s had all the U. Chrysler's A-body Plymouth Valiant was chosen for the company's effort in this direction and on April 1, the Barracuda was introduced, making it the first pony car produced but its reign was short lived. Just two weeks later another legend was to come along. This car was introduced to the public on April 17, and with it, Ford hit the ball out of the ball park.

The Mustang was born. The car was available in a coup and a convertible. By June ofFord released a super fast version of the Mustang with a cu in V8 with a four barrel carburetor and a solid lift cam which pushed the power up to HP.