I am so honored to meet you

Dear Robin It was truly an honor to host you

i am so honored to meet you

We would say, 'it's an honour to meet you' if we are meeting An honor is a privilege so when somebody says "it's an honor" they mean that. One is the American spelling, while the other is British. Continue reading to find out if you should be using honour or honor in your writing, depending on for. It was such a honor to meet you and your beautiful daughter! Thank you for inspiring so many and your drive to help people! May God bless you today and.

Сьюзан, сядь. Она не обратила внимания на его просьбу.

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- Сядь. - На этот раз это прозвучало как приказ. Сьюзан осталась стоять.

i am so honored to meet you