It was really great to meet you

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it was really great to meet you

I would go with the first version. Why? For two reasons. First, it's simpler, and in language as in engineering, simplicity wins. There is no reason to use a perfect. "It was nice to meet you yesterday" is correct, not "it was nice to meeting you yesterday." However, although This is a nice thing to say to someone you've just met. TextRanch is amazingly responsive and really cares about the client. It's the. Hurray! You've met another Japanese-speaking person. Time to introduce yourself. But how do you say "It's really nice to meet you" in.

Ах ты, мерзавка!

it was really great to meet you

- крикнул он, скорчившись от боли. Сьюзан бросилась к двери, моля Бога, чтобы Стратмор в этот миг включил резервное энергоснабжение и дверь открылась.

it was really great to meet you

Увы, ее руки уперлись в холодное стекло. Хейл с перепачканным кровью лицом быстро приближался.

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Его руки снова обхватили ее - одна сдавила левую грудь, другая - талию - и оторвали от двери.