Kam swap meet 2015

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kam swap meet 2015

Restaurants near Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace, Honolulu on 30/ 04/; “Grab and Go Bentos” 18/10/ . Chun Wah Kam Noodle Factory. “Kam Swap Meet is a Thing of the Pa ” 09/11/ Kam Swap Meet: 軍の 払い下げ品? Kam Swap Meet: 車に helpful votes. Reviewed 16 April On regattas or rainy days, we meet on the church Swap Meet), Moanalua Rd, Aiea, HI St. Timothy's Episcopal Church (behind Kam Swap.

For some that have Apple electronics, you may be able to trade in your apple device in store for Apple retail store credit by inquiring on their website. Best Buy also takes in electronics such as game consuls for trade in credit. Trading electronics for credit is hassle free and a great way to turn in something old for something that you have more use for.

If your electronics are too old for the trade in programs, you can drop it off at various e-waste locations around the state so that they can be safely disposed. Consignment shops are like trade in store fronts that will take in your lightly used items from your closet and give you money or store credit. The guidelines to consignment shops vary and usually take in only name brand items. Just go in and bring a bag of things that you want to sell and their retail buyers will take a look at it.

Two Arrested, Found Allegedly Selling Thousands of Bootleg DVDs

They usually will give you only percent of what it is actually worth. They will pay you cash for your items. You will need to make an appointment for your items to be seen and sign a consignment agreement and leave your items there for 90 days.

If they do sell your things, they will only give you 40 percent of what they had sold it for. They are very particular with what they buy but are reputable and fair.

  • Two Arrested, Found Allegedly Selling Thousands of Bootleg DVDs
  • Not really a tourist thing - Kam Swap Meet
  • Developer to close Kam Swap Meet in Hawaii

If consignment does work, then you may also want to think of recycling clothes within your group of friends by hosting a closet swap. Make it a social night where you all can have a potluck, happy hour and closet swap all in one event. Guys you can do this too if you wanted.

The trick to selling your items is dispersing the information of what you have up for grabs through multiple avenues in order to get the attention of a wide range audience. Before you start selling, make sure that you open up a word document on your computer and type out the following: In order to be reasonable about the prices of your item, look online and see what those brands and styles are selling for. The word document will help save you time when you are copying and pasting verbiage to various outlets.

A picture really does say a thousand words and it can either make or break the sale of your stuff.

kam swap meet 2015

Here are various avenues that have earned me money. You have friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter right?

kam swap meet 2015

Why not use it to your advantage and post things that you are trying to sell. Websites are another great way to sell things to people outside of your inner circle: A great way to get rid of things to people that are on island.

During meet ups, my advice would be to bring someone if you can with you, meet during the day and meet at a public place where there are a lot of people around. Other items range from antique war memorabilia and household items to retail stores selling Dickies and other clothing.

There is also a selection of food stalls, a big trailer with a roast chicken production line and quite possibly the best value shave ice on the island. The key is to get past the initial dash for parks, this is still a bit of a walk back to the actual market so head back in the direction you came in, this will also give you a jump start on the stream of cars exiting.

But in saying that, I would say finding a park on an adjacent street or shopping area would be an easier and less frustrating way to go about it. If Kam was the Rocklea markets then this would be the Southbank markets.

Another little gem we came across were Koa wood rings, made or trimmed with local Koa wood, which has actually been recently protected from mass felling. The food selection follows the variety and quality of the stalls with anything from fresh fruit and veg and fresh cut coconut milk drinks to home made snacks and sit down pulled pork meals.

The 10 Best Restaurants Near Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace

Parking is available along the one-way ring road adjacent to the markets. Ample addition parking is available back near the entrance if you do a full lap. Blaisdell Exhibition Hall is a showcase of local arts and crafts and small businesses.