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Find Results .. G.V. Raja Sports Award for best athlete of Kerala, Jimmy George Foundation Award for best sports person of STATE LEVEL ATHLETE. Results. -- Select years RECENT POSTS. ABOUT US. Kerala has its humble beginning in athletics in the start of the twentieth century. The members of the. *Meet Record State Aquatics · *AQUATICS NATIONAL QUALIFY STUDENTS LIST · *Aquatics Best District · *Aquatics Best School.

Trivandrum Guruvayur Intercity- very popular option for regular commuters working between cities. Trivandrum-Shornur Venad Intercity Express. Express trains are relatively faster, as they stop only at major stations and gets priority in event of crossing.

Passenger trains stops at all stations in a route and can be held-up in event of an express train crossing, thus takes longer time. However latter is good option, if one needs to align at small village or town stations, not catered by express trains. By road[ edit ] Roads remain the primary popular options. Almost each nook and corner of the state is well connected by road.

The NH 66 is one of most busiest as it connects almost all cities of Kerala on West coast, especially connecting three major metros- Kozhikode, Kochi and Trivandrum which runs on North-South Axis. The NH which connects Kochi to Coimbatore and further to Chennai and Bangalore is equally a very busy commercial route that connects on East-West axis and primary gateway route to Kerala.

However NH 66 cut the time at least by 1 hour for a travel between Kochi and Trivandrum as it uses the flat terrain of Alleppey coast on west. State Highways connect to almost all parts of Kerala and Kerala has the highest density of roads in the country, connecting literarily every single village or part of the state.

Most of the roads including NH are however bi-lane, so even narrow roads due to huge settlement on both sides of road and higher population density. Signages are common everywhere, written in both Malayalam and English and sometimes in Hindi also.

Roadside boards notifying the place name and speed are are well indicated in most of the highways. Cars[ edit ] Unless you seek adventure, its not advisable to drive a car. Narrow roads with bustling traffic with little driving discipline makes self drive not safe, especially those accustomed to western kind of driving. Most of Kerala highways are two-lane with no medians.


Though many are recently upgraded to better standards with proper signages and markings, its equally common to see roads without these. Street lighting in most of highways and roads are non-existent, which makes night drive dangerous for people not accustomed. Most of the bridges and few roads carry toll charges collected at manned toll plazas or checkpoints. Almost all the toll pass is valid for unlimited travel for a period of 24 hours, though a few bridges allow one time validity.

Car rental is not so popular among foreign visitors, particularly among westerners. Many car rental companies refuse to provide self-drive cars to Westerners. However chauffeured car rentals are available for visitors for daily or weekly or even monthly basis.

No security deposit is needed if the car is chauffeur-driven. There are multiple car rental companies as well as call taxi agencies, operating in most of the towns. Equally in major cities, drivers can rented on daily basis, if you have a car availed from friends. Most hotels with three stars or more provide private cars for their guests at rates slightly higher than elsewhere. Taxi[ edit ] Its pretty easy to travel across Kerala in tourist taxis. There is no meter system for any taxis in Kerala, while a few cab companies offers cabs with GPS facility.

Equally, there are no cab top signs in these vehicles however, according to state law all vehicles which are available for hire should have yellow number plates. Regular taxis are normally available at designated taxi stands located at places such as railway stations, the airport, boat jetties, major bus stations and in front of important hotels. There is no need to negotiate prices, as most of them follow fixed rates. Regular taxis have tariff cards displayed on the dashboard.

Call taxis have charges fixed by their respective companies although they are normally uniform. It is more common to see such cabs mainly in cities.

The standard tariffs are Rs for first 5 km, and Rs 11 per km thereafter. Most of them are GPS enabled and many are monitored through control facilities. Recently the state government introduced women-centric She-Taxis lady taxis in major cities like Kochi, Trivandrum, Kozhikode and aims to cover entire Kerala by mid of The cars are exclusively driven by women and are a comfortable option for lady travelers and families.

SheTaxis are GPS enabled modern fleet of vehicles that is constantly monitored from the control facility. This option is no available for single men and can be hailed only if there is at least one woman traveling. In other cities, lady taxis run by lady co-op societies like Kudumbashree are also getting popular though many are not GPS enabled. The hilly terrains demand 4 wheel drive vehicles as taxis. However normal taxis from other parts do operate to such areas, though in some difficult areas, a change of vehicle might be required.

One can find such trucker stands near the main junction of small towns in the region. The rates are usually higher and you might need to negotiate with the driver beforehand. Many cab companies also offer full or half day services. There is no share-taxi system as such in Kerala, even though car-pooling among employees of same company or locality are getting popular. However, it is not uncommon to see taxi operators operating on the shared basis if the original hirer gives consent for so.

Please be aware, such sharing of taxi is Illegal as per the law and if caught, the driver, owner and all the passengers in the taxi at the time are liable to be punished by fines.

However, this is often unenforced and even if caught it usually gets overlooked as the passengers can claim each other as friends. Riding a motorbike and travelling across state you get the closer look and feel of God's own country with all the smells and sounds added. There are companies which organize packaged tours or tailor made tours for enthusiastic bikers and adventurous travellers for a safer motorbike experience of India with regular promotions mostly through online forums and Facebook.

Purchase of bikes among tourists are not popular, unless one plans to have an extended stay. There are several motorcycle clubs and rental agencies that provide motorbikes on rent even on monthly basis.

Off-recently bicycle rentals are gaining much popular in the state. Cycle safari tours in many cities are increasing to help tourists to get first hand experience. For local city explorations, cycles are a reasonable option, but be aware that there are very few if any reserved cycle paths available and you will need to negotiate unruly traffic.

By hitch hiking[ edit ] Unlike other states, hitchhiking is not a very popular option in Kerala, especially for foreign tourists. Since Kerala does not have any deserted long highway, being a continuous stretch of urban areas on sides of any highway, its perfectly possible to get any form of public transport or services like auto-rickshaws.

However, hitch-hiking is possible in hilly terrains and plantation areas where farm vehicles or bikes do stop and help travellers on road. By bus[ edit ] Bus transport is most popular transport to travel within Kerala and ideal for budget conscious travellers. All fares are determined by Transport Department and uniform across the state in accordance to nature of buses. Typically, there are 6 class of buses Ordinary ORDwhich is a basic, no-frills services with covering short and medium distance areas with stoppages at all legal stops in its authorised route.

The minimum fare is Rs 6 with 58 paise for every km Fast Passenger FPis better service covering large distances with limited stops, only at main villages or towns. The minimum fare is Rs 8 with 62 paise for every km.

The minimum fare is same as of FP, however it costs 65 paise for every km. Deluxe Express LFalso known as Super Express in some places, is a strictly point-to-point services, connecting major cities with technical stops only in major cities. This services uses larger air-suspension bus with comfortable cushion seats. The minimum fare is Rs 25 with 70 paise for every km AC Lowfloor Buses, operated by wholly owned subsidiary called as KURTC, this is a semi Urban-Highway connect service connecting small towns in a region to major cities.

The buses are normally Volvo Low floor buses air-conditioned. The minimum fare is Rs 40 with 1.

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SilverJet Fast, is a new pan Kerala service connecting Trivandrum in South to Kasargod in North as well as few major cities in central region to both the ends of the state. The air-bus are non air-conditioned, but offers push back fully reclinable seats, wifi facility, video screens and live monitoring. The buses has only very limited stops, limiting to one per district.

In addition, KSRTC operates air-conditioned premium buses known either as Garuda services, in a limited manner between major cities, as part of inter-state services. One representative from each recognized teacher s organizations. Where Inter School competitions in a particular discipline is being conducted in a school ground, the Headmaster of the respective school shall be the sub convenor as nominated by the organising Committee for the conduct of competitions in that particular discipline who shall be assisted by the Physical Education teacher of that school.

However, where district championships are conducted at one centre Games Festival the secretary of the Sub District Committee will be the Organising Secretary. The organising Committee shall draw the fixtures; fix the venue and date of competitions in various games, athletics and aquatics. The General Convener of the committee of the Sub District level competition shall send copies of the fixtures and other communications to all schools within the Sub District.

Organasing committee prepares an estimate of expenditure for the conduct of the Sub District level competition. It shall be obligatory for every school to participate in the Sub District level Competition once it had sent their entries and is included in the fixtures. If by any change the school team is not able to be present for competitions the sub convener shall informed accordingly under intimation of the Sub District Secretary one hour before the scheduled time of the competitions.

If a school team included in the fixtures absents from participation in the tournament as per fixtures without giving information before one hour of the scheduled time, the school shall be liable to pay a fine of Rs.

The Sub District committee shall nominate one selection committee to select the Sub District teams in each game. Each selection committee shall consist of three persons. As far as possible two members of the selection committee shall be physical education teachers of whom at least one have to be specialized in that particular discipline. The committee shall select the team by watching the performance of the players in the Sub 9 10 Volley Ball Basket Ball Kho-Kho Kabaddi Cricket Hand Ball Hockey Ball Badminton fives Best of three as per rules as per rules as per rules One inning 20 over as per rules 60 minutes Best of three Shuttle Badminton Best of 3 single, doubles and single Table Tennis Best of 3 Tennis Chess Judo Taekwondo Wrestling as per rules as per rules as per rules as per rules as per rules District championship or by conducting separate selection, as is required.

The following shall be the duration of competitions in the various Games: The General Convener Ex-officio, chairman 2. One Headmaster 0 11 4. Two Physical Education teachers Experts nominated by the chairman. If the teams of institutions of any of the members of this protest committee is directly involved in the protest, the convener may nominate another member in place. Match referee will provide a receipt of Rs. General convener shall be responsible to convene the protest committee as early as possible.

If the protest is rejected the protest fee shall be forfeited and remitted in the Bank along with the tournament fund. If the protest is upheld, the protest fee shall return to the party who submitted the protest. In Revenue District Competition, the first three winners in Individual event in Athletics and Aquatics meet and one relay team of the Sub District Competition will be eligible to participate.

In Games, one team from each Sub. District in each age group, will be eligible to participate and matches will be played on knock out basis. The Assistant Educational Officer and the Sub District Secretary shall be jointly responsible to select, prepare and to send the Sub District teams for participation in the Revenue.

The Deputy Director of Education will be the General Convener of the committee for the purpose of organising and conducting the district Competition.

Deputy Director of Education shall constitute an organising committee for the purpose which shall consist of Patrons - All M. One Headmaster nominated by DDE. Secretary, District Sports Council. One representative from each recognized teacher s organization.

All sub districts Secretaries 4. Education Teacher from over all champion in Athletics It shall be the responsibility of the committee to draw the fixtures for District competitions, fix the venue and the dates, and to nominate - conveners for various disciplines whenever the competitions are conducted at different centers.

If all the competitions are being held at one centre, the Secretary of the Rev. DSGA shall be the organising secretary. Organising Committee shall prepare the budget estimate for the expenses for conducting the tournament - It shall the responsibility for the General convener to arrange play fields, and to make technical arrangements. The Deputy Director of Education shall supervise the progress of the work from time to time The organising committee may constitute other Sub Committees like, Reception, publicity, Accommodation etc, wherever necessary.

The methods adopted for the formation of committee in the State Meets shall be followed. The Meet office shall function well in advance of the Meet at the venue of the championships, and the office shall be equipped with essential facilities to provide any information to the Managers of Team and to the Press. There shall be a selection committee at the Revenue District level to select the members of the district teams for the participation in the state championships.

It shall consist of following members: Three experts of the respective discipline Members 3 14 In individual track and field, and aquatics events only three players shall be selected for each event based on their performance in the Revenue District Championship.

However this selection will be subject to the minimum standard prescribed for participation in State Meet which will be intimated to the districts every year prior to the district Meets. In the case of wrestling only one participant is allowed from one weight category.

In Chess competitions the st and 2 nd places from each Sub District in each category can be participated in the Revenue District competitions. The competitions shall be conducted in two days. The st and 2 nd winners from each Revenue Districts are eligible to participate in the Zonal Games competitions. The st, 2nd and 3 rd place winners in Revenue District competitions are eligible to participate in the State Schools Aquatics Championship Protests: The District committee shall constitute a protest committee of five persons.

Chairman - Deputy Director of Education 2. Vice Chairman - DEO where competitions are to be held 3. Principal Principal nominated by regional deputy director of higher secondary education. Headmaster - Nominated by the Deputy director of Education 5.

Revenue DSGA Secretary If the team of institutions of any of the members of this protest committee is directly involved in the protest, the Chairman may nominate another member in that place. The Chairman shall be responsible to convene the protest committee as early as possible. If the protest is upheld, the protest fee shall be returned to the party who submitted the protest. For the smooth functioning of the RDSGA there will be an office under the control of the chairman in his premises.

The zonal competitions shall be held on a knock out basis. The Zonal competitions shall be held only for games and there will be no zonal competition for track and field,aquatics, Taekwondo, Judo and Wrestling. The Deputy Director of Education and the district Secretary shall be jointly responsible to select, prepare and to sent the district teams for the participation in the zonal Competition. The Deputy Director of Education of the Revenue District where competitions are to be held will be the General Convener of each zone for the purpose of organising and conducting the zonal championship.

The General Convener has to constitute an organising committee for the purpose, which shall consist of: Ground And Equipments 5. It shall the responsibility of the committee to nominate - conveners for various disciplines whenever the competitions are conducted at different centers.

If all the competitions are being held at one center as zonal games festival, the secretary of the respective Revenue district shall be the joint organizing secretary. The General convener has to arrange play fields, and to make technical arrangements. The Meet Office shall function well in advance of the meet at the venue of the championships, and the office shall be equipped essential facilities to provide any information to the Managers of team and to the press.

Protest A protest committee shall be formed and consist of the following members. District Educational Officer Headquarter 3. One expert from concerned game 5. The date and venue of the State meet will be decided by the Exe. Committee Kerala school Games Association. State school sports and games shall have three components - State school Athletics championship, State school Aquatics meet and State school games.


Arrangements for free lodging will be made from the previous day of the Meet. The deputy Director has received fund from each Higher Secondary Schools and distribute the provision for each Sub District equally. The provision of Revenue District shall keep in a separate account and the fund utilized for organising Revenue District Level meet.

The first three winners in all the approved individual items in the Revenue district meet will be eligible to participate in the state meet subject to their satisfying the minimum standard for participation in State meets which will be intimated to the Districts every year prior to the District meets. First Three winners in each Revenue District in each events are eligible to participate in the State Aquatics meet 5. State level Merit certificates will be awarded to the athletes only those who are qualifying the minimum standard intimated by the Sports Organiser prior to the Competition.

Alteration of any kind will not be allowed in the list once submitted. Each Deputy Director of Education will select and appoint two teachers one will be in charge of boys, one in charge of girls and his nominee not below the rank of DEO will be the General Manager of the contingent. As far as possible heads of schools may be in charge of the team from the district. The person selected should be those in whom, the Deputy Director of Education has full confidence.

The DDE will issue necessary instruction to the schools concerned to send the pupils to a convenient centre on a specified date. The teachers deputed for the purpose will receive them and escort them to the venue of the state meet. The escorting teachers will be held responsible for the safety and good conduct of the children entrusted to their cares. The escorting teachers should stay with their teams and should not leave the venue of the State meet till the meet is over.

The Deputy Director of Education or the General Manager may inform the General convener of the meet the anticipated time of their arrival and the mode of travel so that arrangements may be made to receive them at the Railway station or Bus station as the case may be.

Participants, on arrival should register their names at the Reception Office and get all directions from the officer-in-charge.

Ancy Sojan Won Junior Girls 100 Meter Gold Kerala State School Athletic Meet 2017

The Officials of the meet and the state team selectors will be selected by the Organiser for Sports in Schools. The District concerned will give suitable training in advance to the participants, for the March past to be held in the inaugural functions. Participation in the March past is compulsory to all and two flags, one for hoisting and one for March past to be handed over at the time of registration to the Officer-in-charge. Department can take disciplinary action against both of them.

The actual traveling expenses of the participating pupils and the escorting teachers Second class train fare or Bus fare and expenses for food during the journey will be met out of Games Fee fund of the School concerned. Participating districts should make their own arrangements for playing kit, uniform etc, 3. The first three winners in Zonal Level championship will participate in the State level championship.

In chess competition st three places from each zone can be participated in state chess championship. In the events of Wrestling, Judo and Taekwondo, the first place winner in revenue district may directly be participate in the State Championship.

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Organiser for Sports in schools 3. Sports organizer will be in charge of selecting the members of the state for participation to National School Meets. Under 4-category team selection will be conducted through an open selection. The participants have to produce birth certificate.

Open selection for any event will be conducted prior to Zonal Games or along Zonal Games. The candidates shall not to attend a lower age category in selection and attend a higher age category in competition.

Upper age groups are not eligible to participate in lower age group category. Date of Birth of participants is reckoned from st January for each age category. Details of Expenses a. Train fare Participants and officials 22 23 b. Miscellaneous, medicine, ground refreshment, Reg. But the selector should be specialized in any of the discipline. If necessary the service of experts from out side agency can also be used according to the decision of the Organiser for Sports 2.

Change or modification in the rates will be applicable according to the SGFI norms. Coaching camp allowance is normally allowed according to the rates of GV Raja Sports School diet charge.

Present rate is Rs. Venue of the camp will be decided by the Sports Organiser according to the convenience of training. In National participation, team managers must keep the first aid instruments and medicines in the Spots Kit. Inclusion of new events shall be considered only after satisfying the following norms. Concerned Association has to meet all the expenditure for organizing the event at State level and sending the teams to Nationals for a minimum period of three consecutive years.

Minimum Eight Districts has to be participated in the State level competitions. National Level achievements in the competition are being considered. If the newly included game does not have any achievements in the National Competition in three consecutive years; the event shall be excluded for representing National competition.

In all individual events there must be a minimum of three participants for conducting the competitions of the number of competitors is less than three that event will be conducted as selection trials. Minimum two selectors will present at the venue in a time during State School Team selection. If they cannot participate in the final selection trials, the request will be rejected.

State School Team will be finalized in the final selection conducted after the Zonal Tournament. If there is any inconvenience or any technical problem it can be rescheduled to a convenient date as decided by the Organiser for Sports in Schools.