Koliko pustiti bebu da place to meet

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koliko pustiti bebu da place to meet

(Translator Profile - nikolajovanovic) Translation services in English to Serbian ( Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting and other fields.). nemam pojma, meni se desio samo 2 puta da je potpuno prespavao noc pa sam u preko interneta) pa da pokušam, samo nisam pristaša metode: pusti da plače. neće baš jesti, a bebe se ne smije pustiti da spavaju cijelu noć bez hrane (nikako . Nije mi tolika tlaka to buđenje koliko me bole leđa i kuk. Koliko lepega je za nas na tem svetu, če le imamo oči, da to opazimo in srce, da .. friends are like stars you don\'t see them,but you know they are there=) There is a place I wana be, is a place I can see, where I can see just you žene vole bebe. Enkrat v življenju ni druge možnosti kot se pustiti svojim občutkom.

The double studio 18m2 has one double bed and is located on the first floor. Two triple studios 20m2 are located on the first floor and have one double and single bed. The other two triple studios have a view of the yard, one double and single bed, and since they have a larger living area 25m2additional bed can be inserted if needed. The quadruple studio 22m2 is located on the first floor and has one standard size double bed and one narrower than the standard double bed.

Quadruple apartment 45m2 is duplex, has two bedrooms, but they're connected with a passage one to the other, so it's more suitable for the family. In the first bedroom there's one double beed, and in the other there are two single beds. In the living room there's a sofa, while the kitchen is in a separate room. This apartment is on the first floor, has a view of the yard and two terraces.

koliko pustiti bebu da place to meet

The five-bed apartment 50m2 has a bedroom with one double and single bed, while in the other room there's a kitchen, two single beds and a couch. It's located on the high ground floor, has a street view and it's suitable for the family. Two renovated six-bed duplex apartments 50m2 are located on the first floor and have two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Both bedrooms have one double and single bed, a bathroom, air conditioning, TV and exit to the terrace. The kitchen is in a separate room and is fully equipped.

Two non-renovated six-bed duplex apartments 50m2 are located on the first floor and have two bedrooms, two terraces and one bathroom. Both bedrooms have one double bed narrower than the standard and one single bed, as well as the exit to the terrace. The kitchen is in a separate room. All accommodation units are air-conditioned, have a TV, terraces, a bathroom and a kitchen. All except for two six-bed duplex apartments are renovated and have modern furniture.

All renovated studios and apartments have mosquito nets on the terrace doors. Wireless internet is available in all units, on the terraces, in the courtyard etc. Large Dam is embankment, which would be essential part of New Adriatic Bay. New Adriatic Bay would include coastal part of Croatia from Istria to the Pag, part of Slovenia and Bosnia, as well as the entire continental part of Croatia, and part of western Backa, and Srem all the way to Novi Sad.

koliko pustiti bebu da place to meet

All these parts would be flooded with water. This water would be used to cool seismic area, and flows into the tunnel below which is center of a core. Naturally building of New Adriatic Bay would leave to migration of population to neighboring republics. Climate could be changed at its sole discretion, and there would be paradise on Earth.

Continuous Accelerator operation would provide revolutionary breakthroughs in science and technology. Problem remained of designing a network that would connect the Earth into a single system, a system that would monitor the work of the accelerator, the bay and checking core activity.

The problem is in the manpower that could be able to maintain the system, especially one person that is eagerly expected, which would be the heart of the system. He is interested in different things. He is most impressed with household appliances. He likes the sound of vacuum cleaner, coffee grinder, blender everything that has a motor in it.

He is particularly interested in washing machines. In the kitchen of the house where he lives is a washing machine. The boy is in the kitchen with his father. Machine is turned on and working. It has green keyboard with four buttons, timer and two lights that are shining, one is orange and the other is red. He is looking at the colorful clothes that are washing and the foam that occurs when the drum is turning.

He loves washing machine. He can stand with his walker in front of it watching the entire cycle for hours. He like when washing machine spins. Then all the clothes is drawn into the drum, moving at incredible speed, and the whole machine starts to shake and emits high-pitched sound, that is similar to rocket launching or something similar. He loves vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaner is particularly interesting to him because it has shape of a cylinder and its color is blue. It has a plastic white rod and a long gray cord.

When the vacuum cleaner is turned on it vacuums dust and crumbs so strong that it lifts the carpet from the floor. He is four years old and everything is interesting to him. He is especially attached to his grandmother, who takes him everywhere. To whoever they go he has to see what type of washing machine they have.

He is impressed by the variety of the machines and their design. Now he knows the ubiquitous brands in Yugoslavia such as: Gorenje, Ei, Obod, Rade Koncar. He likes when he is at home appliances store. Than it can be up to his heart content to watch the washing machines, open their doors, press the buttons and admire different types of machines. He knows different types and brands of vacuum cleaners and their brands such as: Sloboda Cacak and their models: He is impressed with the vacuum cleaner that can vacuum water besides dust.

He is fascinated and also fearful of the opening through which lift passes, he calls it: He likes to ride in an Elevator.

koliko pustiti bebu da place to meet

He likes to walks with his grandmother through the city walking promenade. They usually stand at a street vendor to buy popcorns. The city is especially beautiful in the evening when people go out for a walk. Grandma usually stands in front of shop windows to see new models of dresses and clothes. Now they are in front of Varteks shop window. His favorite place to play is Great Park. Grandma usually takes him there; there are a lot of children there and a beautiful fountain, which leaves strong impression on him.

He is usually playing with a group of children at the monument of Ivo from Semberija, whom he calls Drajcilo. His father often takes his brother and him to a steak house. He usually orders six, and that is one serving of kebabs. With kebabs he usually orders Pepsi Cola. He likes to play pinball machines.

Grandmother gives him and his brother money with whom they buy chips to play video games and pin ball machines. He is often upset because he loses in video games. His brother is quite adept at playing video games. Doctor Svetislav is satisfied how boy is growing up.

Doctor Svetislav is glad that he is happy inspiring everyone with his honesty and peculiarity. He is also aware that Jovan is a child born with a mission. Svetislav is a man who Is devotee of what he does. He is very successful doctor. He gave successful delivery for many of his patients. He is enthusiast in his profession.

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He is also great patriot. Genesis is a large scientific experiment, but he is confident in its correctness. Svetislav stands by his slogan: Should Yugoslavia manage to get this battle it would be with gold letters engraved in its history. Doctor Svetislav knows that his country too is a kind of experiment. SFRY is great experiment. Why am I stating this claim? How to explain that Yugoslavs criticize capitalism, and on weekends they go to buy jeans in Trieste.

Yugoslavia is well-planned project. Whether communist planning and capital of large companies, namely their products can go together. It turns out that they can. So Yugoslavia is experiment in vivo how consumer products and self-managing goes together.

Our advantage is that we as a country only take the best products from Western companies: Nike, Converse shoes, Levis and Lee Cooper jeans and enjoy the benefits of products and technologies of the capitalism that we are allegedly criticizing. In our SFRY we have modern music that is extremely westernized, although our organization is not like that.

But what is a point of this? This positive experience serves us to design a better future for ourselves. I am looking forward to it. Technology is the one that paves us way for the future. The boy is a part of that project. He is a child from the average Yugoslav family, family that is consumer of products doctor Svetislav mentioned.

He is first among equals, an important link in building a bright future for his country. Doctor Svetislav lived in a building near his grandmother. When they arrived he greeted them at the door.

He offered boy with a juice and his grandmother with a coffee. They talked about common themes such as price increases, the crisis in the country and other similar matters. Then on the door of the room came a little girl with black hair and pageboy haircut.

koliko pustiti bebu da place to meet

Doctor Svetislav told Maria to take Jovan to her room to play. Then they sat down on the bed. It was year when winter olimpics where held in Sarajevo. Marija took him to the bathroom where washing machine was. It had dark blue keyboard and a timer coloured like metal. Svetislav then told them that they can go out in the yard in front of the building to play, while he watched them from the terrace.

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Doctor Svetislav loved Jovan. Doctor Svetislav is on the other hand aware that his genius will sooner or later have to exhibit. Grandma has finished cleaning the dust and it was time for boy to go home. He complained because he had nice time playing with Marija. He and Marija were standing at the door while Jovan and his grandmother exited the building. They stood in front of the terrace and were hitting window with small stones, however there was no one at home.

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After that they stopped seeing Marija. He is going to kindergaten. He has very good teacher who takes care of him. He likes art activities the most — like every child he loves to draw. He is very happy and starts drawing immediately. Later his work was exhibited in the hall of JNA on the day of the Republic. He was proud of himself. Though he loved his kindergaten teacher he is very frail and often absent from kindergaten, but as soon as he gets well he goes back to his frends in the kindergaten.

Doctor Svetislav is monitoring his health. It is interesting that so far no one of the children covered by Genesis project shows more significant improvement in terms of intellignece. Doctor Svetislav begins to doubt in the success of the project.

Doctor Svetislav spoke with the school guidance counselor. He said her to pay special attention to Jovan, and than gave her special test, which was made by experts from project Genesis for checking his IQ. Alongside school guidance counselor at the school interview was and a psychologist from the Genesis project. Psychologist first asked him some questions to help him feel better and alleviate fear, if there ever was one.

After examining the test results were presented to doctors in Genesis project. Doctor Svetislav was pleased with test results.

The thing that was different about Jovan from other respodents included in testing was not his intelligence that was above IQ, but his stellar performance on the test of sincerity.

Idealan položaj djeteta u nosiljci

Psychologists said that of hundreds of respodents to the Genesis program only he exactly answered all the questions from the test. It proves the streinght of his character, and that his genetic potential has been expressed through his character. Doctor Svetislav was very encouraged by these results, and decided to continue to follow the patient with the team of experts that he formed. He failed to find the best way to adapt to the teaching. His grades were average, but he was especially bad in math.

Even though he had average grades, he still loved painting. In fourth grade he started very unusally to behave. He began to have fears. He always had the feeling that something bad would happen to his loved ones. He started having nightmares. He would often wake up in the middle of the night all sweaty and scared. The feeling of fear was so strong that he sometimes felt chills.

Fear began when he started reading book about reincarnation. He was constantly thinking how a human beign could possibly have past lives. As fears grew more frequently and were stronger, he began to misses school. He had another problem. He was afraid to look people in the eyes. Because of this behavior he was taken to psychologist. Doctor Svetislav was fully informed of what was going on, so he called a coleague, a clinical psychologist from his professional team to examine him.

The psychologist name is Nevena Janjic.

koliko pustiti bebu da place to meet

The boy without to much difficulty solved the task. In a state that could easily be described as psychotic, anxiety disorder, he solved very compicated task. She decided not to prescribe him any treatment, but to proceed with further testing. Doctor Svetislav ask ugrently a meeting in Belgrade. Main topic was the behavior of the respodent Jovan N.

It turns out that a drug given to pregnant women works. Experts from the Oasis project had problem how to create a network that would serve accelerator, also they had problems with deciphering some of the information that they received from the accelerator.

The psychologist then gave problematic formulas and data with symbols from the accelerator to a boy to decipher. He solved the formulas and decyripted data he received from the accelerator very quickly. It helped scientists to advance accelerator and to build a network.