La harbor city college swap meet

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la harbor city college swap meet

Visit Los Angeles Harbor College Swap Meet in Wilmington, California. Taking up a large portion of Long Beach City College's Veterans' Stadium, this flea market has few frills to distract from the heavy concentration. Orange County's Largest Indoor Swap meet with over stores with discounted prices everyday. Find unique items, enjoy live entertainment and more.

If you are thinking about starting out in the business, this is a great market to begin at. Miles of walking at this swap and shop. Sports Arena parking lot.

This is the largest market in the area. Lots of variety at this market, antiques to computers, new merchandise to Hummels. Crafts to rare books. Lots of new merchandise, Mexican imports and crafts, garage sale items, tools, housewares, toys.

Intersection of Highway South and North. Hours 7am to 3pm. Antiques, collectibles, crafts, lots of new and "in style" merchandise. New merchandise, antiques, collectibles, trendy decorator items, crafts.

Inside and outside space available. Antiques, crafts, collectibles, new merchandise, lot of sporting goods at this market. Good food, restrooms, lots of walking.

Capitol Drive In Theater. HighwayCapitol Expressway exit. Lots of local garage sale type sellers, 2nd hand merchandise, new merchandise. Auto and truck sale on the first Saturday of every month. Open dawn to dusk. Space available daily, weekly or monthly basis. Market also open major holidays. This is an all day event or more. A real outing in itself. A California Tradition since Sunset Drive In Theatre. Lots of new merchandise, gifts, imports. Antiques, collectibles, crafts, silver, coins, sports related merchandise, produce, a lot of auto supplies here.

Highway 17 and Bristol Street. Rancho Santiago College parking lot on Fairview Street. New merchandise, imports, gifts, used merchandise, tools, housewares, toys, sporting goods.

Large commercial market with good variety of new merchandise, overruns, closeouts, surplus. Great place for shopping for your personal and home needs. Crafts, art, collectibles, lots of used merchandise, tools, bicycle's, toys.

One of the area's better commercial markets. Decorator items, collectibles, antiques. Santa maria exit from Freeway.

Hours 6am to noon.

la harbor city college swap meet

Approx dealers, new and used merchandise, crafts, produce, lots of bric-a-brac. Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Building.

Maple Avenue, from Highway Across the street from the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Free adm and parking. Used merchandise, lots of garage sale items, produce, crafts, some new merchandise. Seasonal market open from May through September.

Los Angeles Harbor College Swap Meet

Outdoor market with approx 50 dealers. The San Fernando Valley's leading marketplace, excellent market for commercial vendors. Antiques, collectibles produce to lots of flea market items. Market is on the grounds of former movie star Hoot Gibson's ranch. Good food, fun shopping, interesting market with upbeat dealers. Outdoor market with some covered areas. This market is loaded with "stuff".

Antiques, great selection for collector's. New merchandise, imports, gifts. Snack bars, restrooms, ample parking. Come prepared for a lot of walking is you want to see this market. You will find this to be a very interesting and most pleasant market to shop. It is clean and well managed. Hours 8am to 5pm. Adm charge, free parking. Antiques, collectibles, new and used merchandise, vintage clothing, produce, tools, toys, standard flea market items.

Adm charge, Ample parking. Giant classic outdoor California market with never ending variety of dealers from the professional to the garage salers. There is a little bit of everything at this wide open market.

Near Knotts Berry Farm. Indoor market with approx 75 dealers. New and used merchandise, some collectibles, gifts, crafts and imports.

Open 7 days from 7 am to 4 pm. Admission 50 cents Tues. Average weekend attendance of 10, per day. One of California's oldest since and finest outdoor commercial markets. Market is a real trendsetter in vendors and facilities.

Very colorful and fun market. This market is one of my personal favorites. Highly promoted in metro Los Angeles area. No food or paraphernalia sales allowed. Adm charge 50 cents.

la harbor city college swap meet

New merchandise, secondhand items, produce, lots of new clothing, some antiques and collectibles. Spaces will be revoked if a seller picks up people outside the event trying to gain early admission, or reallocate tickets for others to gain entry.

  • The Anaheim Indoor Marketplace
  • Harbor College Swap Meet
  • Los Angeles Harbor College

The speed limit inside the event is 3 M. Pedestrians have the right of way. Leaving early is not permitted. Sellers are required to keep their booth area and the area directly in front of their booth clean. When leaving, your space MUST be clean and in the same condition as when you arrived or you may be banned from further events. Violators are subject to a cleanup charge.

Trash, boxes, or other debris may not be left on the grounds. All dealings conducted by booth personnel must be performed so as not to infringe upon the rights of other sellers or offend visitors to the event.

Should the seller desire to pass out printed material, or other articles, this must take place only from within the assigned space, subject to PRIOR management approval. No manner of attracting attention in a noisy or an undignified manner will be permitted. The producer retains the rights to restrict, exclude, or evict sellers or exhibits, which, because of their method of operation, noise, or other features, become objectionable or which, in the opinion of the producer, may detract from the general character of the event as a whole.

This includes persons, things, printed matter, or anything else the producer judges to be objectionable. If the above-mentioned action becomes necessary, the producer may retain the rent paid as liquidated damages for breach of the agreement.

la harbor city college swap meet

The seller is advised that the producer assumes no responsibility whatsoever to insure the safety or protect in any way, the property of the seller from fire, theft, malicious mischief, accident, or other cause. The seller is charged with the responsibility of protecting his own property at all times during the event. Information must be presented to the manager of the event or appropriate enforcement authorities.

Due to the family atmosphere of the event, the management reserves the right to reasonably restrict the sale of printed material, photographs, books, and magazines in order to maintain a proper moral and wholesome environment. Excessive noises such as stereos, radios, televisions, shouting, amplified voices will not be allowed if such noises disturb other sellers or shoppers.

All sellers setting up a canopy in a space must have it properly anchored and constructed. Each seller shall hold the management harmless from and indemnify the management against any injury that may occur in a sellers space due to the use of a canopy. If a seller erects a canopy, the management reserves the right to require the seller to take it down at anytime due to windy conditions; however, the management will not be liable for this decision.

The management will not give refunds if it requires the removal of canopies. Electricity is very limited, with no guarantee. A seller who does not occupy an electrical space may not run a cord to these spaces without prior approval from the management.

Sellers may not have electrical cords in the aisles. The management shall not be responsible for any damage or injury that may occur as a result of electrical cords or wiring. This ticket remains the property of R. I pray that our country can unite and create peace and trust in all of the communities that create the fabric of America. Now is the time, more than ever, to show our collective appreciation for the police officers that put their lives on the line everyday to ensure we live in a safe city.

Swap Meet en el Este de Los Angeles, California

The delegation paved the way to create a business exchange environment and a path for investment predictability, mechanisms for processes, investment attractions as well as leverage the expansion of the Panama Canal. The delegation also met with Annalisa Bisson and Christina Pace of Confindustria, the lead organization representing the manufacturing, construction, energy, transportation, ITC, tourism and services industries in Italy.

Phoenix Park ‘n Swap | Premier Swap Meet with a fun Family Atmosphere!

While in Ischia, the delegation celebrated the ten year anniversary of the sister city agreement with the City of Los Angeles and renewed its commitment toward a partnership that includes municipal, business, professional, educational, and cultural exchange.

In Palermo, the Ports of Palermo and Los Angeles signed a Memorandum of Understanding MOU which builds on the history and culture between the two port cities and will work to enrich relationships in trade, culture and tourism. The MOU has already begun to identify business partnerships that will increase market access for both ports. Without prompting, people began posing with the wings and shared the photos on social media.

The angel wings have since taken flight around the world. Miller has painted them in Los Angeles, across the country, and internationally in France, Mexico, Kenya and Australia. Italy has always had a great relationship with the East Coast of the United States. This delegation worked not only to strengthen the relationships with Italy, but to enlarge and expand Italian presence on the American West Coast.

No taxpayer funding was used by any delegation member to fund this mission.

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These residents would often return in the late afternoon to get in line for a bed, which was not guaranteed. With the expanded hours, using a crisis housing center can remain there 90 consecutive days, in some cases longer. These sites are open throughout the day for clients to work with case managers in determining needed services.

The festival also offers a variety of culinary delights from vendors and food trucks, with seafood, sausages, barbecue, tacos, rice bowls, and vegetarian options. A wide range of beverages and desserts are not to be missed. Also, temperatures in Southern California are typically lower in July vs.

la harbor city college swap meet

Septemberso a cooler, more comfortable setting is anticipated. Fleet Week on Labor Day weekend.