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les standiford meet you in hell

MEET YOU IN HELL. Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, and the Bitter Partnership that Transformed America. by Les Standiford. BUY NOW. Editorial Reviews. omarcafini.info Review. The relationship between industrialists Andrew Les Standiford tells the story of the two men in Meet You in Hell, a book that draws its title from Frick's angry rejoinder to Carnegie's late-in-life attempt at. MEET YOU IN HELL: Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, and the Bitter Partnership That Transformed America. By Les Standiford. Crown,

Carnegie and Frick, even though they ended as enemies, were also bound together in creating this money-minting industry, and were actually in close agreement until the Homestead steel strike ofwhich resulted in several deaths after Frick arranged to hire armed Pinkerton guards to break the strike at the huge mill.

It led to a standoff on the banks of the Monongahela River, where armed strikers pinned down the Pinkertons until they eventually surrendered.

les standiford meet you in hell

Frick abdicated responsibility by saying the standoff was in the hands of civil authorities, and Carnegie sat out the whole debacle in Scotland, publicly supporting Frick but also telling many that if he'd been there, the violence never would have occurred. A few days after the incident, anarchist Alexander Berkman traveled to Pittsburgh from New York and shot Frick in his office, almost killing him.

Frick had been harshly criticized after the strike, but Berkman's assassination attempt turned public opinion more in Frick's favor. It would take more than 40 years before the steel industry was unionized again.

les standiford meet you in hell

Frick was aware of Carnegie's two-faced pronouncements on the strike, and it created bad blood that only worsened over the years. Both men at different points tried to force the other out of the company on unfavorable terms, until eventually they made peace. The formation of U.

les standiford meet you in hell

Steel at the turn of the century made multibillionaires out of both men, in today's dollars, and set up their immense philanthropy, Carnegie in libraries, world peace activism, the establishment of what is now Carnegie Mellon University, and other ventures, Frick in art and education. Standiford does a good job of capturing this slice of the Gilded Age, the outsized personalities of these two titans, and the larger questions of what responsibilities the wealthiest have toward the workers who helped them create their fortunes.

Well, gee, I thought if such a good guy can also be one of the wealthiest people who ever graced God's green earth, then, well, perhaps I am just wrong to excoriate Capitalism as an economic system that favors ruthlessness over virtue.

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Inspeaking at the anniversary celebration of one of the libraries he had founded in western Pennsylvania, the white-bearded, slightly built benefactor, bearing an odd resemblance to Edmund Gwenn's Santa Claus in Miracle on 34th Street, said, "I'm willing to put this library and institution against any other form of benevolence. And all's well since it is growing better and when I go for a trial for the things done on earth, I think I'll get a verdict of 'not guilty' through my efforts to make the earth a little better than I found it.

A massive, nationwide strike to protest wages and working conditions in the steel industry loomed in lateand Homestead still stood as the symbol of labor's difficult struggle. By the time Bridge arrived at the Frick mansion, a modern-day palace that its owner had vowed would make Carnegie's place look like a hovel, Bridge would have been beside himself, not only wondering as to the contents of the message he carried, but fearing the response of the man to whom it was addressed.

les standiford meet you in hell

Though Frick, like Carnegie, stood at only five feet three inches at a time when the average man was five feet sevenand was white-bearded by now as well, he would never be mistaken for Santa Claus. Photographs of the era reveal his features as handsome, but Frick's countenance was intimidating, and that had been no hindrance in his dealings with business rivals and union organizers.

Thus, while Carnegie had gone to great pains to portray himself as a benevolent friend to his workers, he had delegated the job of holding the line on wages and other demands to Frick—a Patton to Carnegie's FDR, as it were.

Bridge knew Frick's legendary toughness well—this was one executive as willing to use his fists as his voice to deal with an enemy or a rival—and he could have been forgiven his apprehension as Frick tore open the envelope and scanned its contents. Frick glanced up at Bridge accusingly, as if the messenger knew full well what was in the letter.

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But a meeting was precisely what Carnegie had called for. In his careful script, Carnegie had reasoned that both he and Frick were growing old, and that past grievances were beneath their dignity. In truth, they were first among equals. Surely it was time to meet and patch up the wounds they had inflicted upon each other. Time to make amends and prepare to meet their Maker.

les standiford meet you in hell

The words might have touched a chord in almost any other man, but Henry Clay Frick, still the ranking board member of U. Steel, showed no sign of gratitude or relief. By this time Bridge might have been edging for the door. Frick's ire was, after all, legendary.

Meet You in Hell

He'd gone toe-to-toe with strikers, assassins, and even Carnegie himself, and had rarely met a grudge he could not hold. Excerpted by permission of Crown, a division of Random House, Inc. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.