Lfx miata swap meet

Mazda MX-5 with a LFX V6 – Part 1 – Engine Swap Depot

lfx miata swap meet

About this time the LFX kit was announced - I let my dad know about it, install the engine, get it running by the v8roadsters meet at the Mitty. The LFX is a DOHC 60 degree V6 rated at hp and lbs-ft and. Part of the trip was working towards meeting California ARB standards. We've made a lot. Part 1 - In I bought a Miata about miles from my home Air Force base in Clovis NM. A friend and I drove to get the car from.

And when I get there, no one knows anything. It was, indeed, a 1.

lfx miata swap meet

I spent more time on the phone - my script with the yards usually goes like this. I saw you have in stock on car-part.

DJWade's (Hopefully) California Legal LFXocet Swap Build

Is it still available? I've noticed it tends to update twice a week. Can I get all the accessories with it as well? Some times they're still in the car on the yard, waiting for a buyer to pull whatever part is needed. The "Good" yards I've called at this point will usually have a salesman take my information and go inspect the engine himself, giving me a call back an hour or two later.

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This is usually the heartbreaker moment - when they discover that the impact has cracked the oil pan, or there was an engine bay fire, or the intake manifold is cracked and there's water in the cylinder yes, all these things I've actually heard.

If it's still in the car, though, they'll need a day or two to have the engine pulled and palleted. The LFX design makes this a little bit worse.

lfx miata swap meet

One of the engine mounts is integrated into the oil pan, so a hard shunt will crack the pan. This might not be the end of your hunt yet - if you're buying a shortened oilpan from v8roadsters, they modify new pans from GM.

That said - I found an engine, of all places. They had one for a racecar project that they decided they wouldn't be able to get to this year.

Mazda MX-5 with a LFX V6 – Part 1

Manual Transmission vs Automatic - the engines are the same. The wiring harnesses are not. I've hopefully modified the automatic wiring harness to operate as a manual harness fairly simply.

lfx miata swap meet

I'll be covering this once I get to the wiring. The LFX uses a dual mass flywheel.

lfx miata swap meet

I'm not a fan. Standard practice in California is to smog stock, then just swap things in, and return to stock every 2 years. I did some digging and some pricing of different options, and decided to take a road much less traveled: My likely illogical thought process was that over the course of the swap, I would be solving all of the above issues.

The swap uses either a Ford 8.

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Finally, with the benefit of the modern feature-set of the LFX engine and the integrated exhaust manifold, it should be much easier than with other engines to get the engine swap california legal, as it only takes some modification of the downpipe with the integrated catalytic converters to keep all the emission equipment on the engine.

Now before anyone says anything about it: For the other group of you who are yelling at the screen saying if I'm going to swap an engine, I might as well go with a V8: The LFX package should be far easier to get smogged with an engine swap other than a crate e-rod, but that would cost nearly as much as I'm spending on this entire build for just the engine and transmission.

Trying to adapt the Catalytic converters is already hard enough that I don't even want to think about having to do so with the addition of a stock exhaust manifold that isn't integrated. There's also fewer chassis modifications required and v8 Roadsters has already proven to be an invaluable resource as I've begun wading into this project.