Lol draft pick swap meet

lol draft pick swap meet

but I've never been the fan that gets into 'meat & potato' details of how trades go or picks in draft, I'm a casual fan. My scout gave me this pitch on the top 3 players in the draft (which I'm 3 - 10 Protected, Lottery Protected, Swap Best, Swap Worst options available & also the combination F that trade lol. For League of Legends on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " What if ashe is free and you don't own her you could still swap). Jan 26, Flex is ranked, blind pick doesn't really let you get the role you want Currently, since EUNE has no draft pick, where am I supposed to learn a new ranked role? Some people care about flex tho, not me but I met a guy who was so .. lol no, in flex there are people who don't care about the game and will.

Are they simply not aware of how badly they've messed up their research and preparations? Winning recipes The more complex a game, the harder it is to balance it well. For various reasons, no: We also prefer it to be immediately understandable, which is tension in another direction and why watching Dota 2 pickbans put me to sleep—I'm not so nearly invested in their scene as to understand the nuances, so I lose interest quickly.

And I feel that if it is evident even to me, there's no excuses for coaches and teams to be dropping the ball. They have to at least know what they're likely going to run into—there aren't that many different strategies to memorize, early into the season! Gnarvan If you aren't ready to deal with Gnar and Jarvan, ban one or both—and, honestly, if you're that badly prepped, ban both immediately.

The "Gnarvan" combo is easy to understand: Jarvan creates a ring of walls around his target, and Gnar stuns anybody he slams into walls. The natural synergy, especially given that Gnar is blatantly overpowered at the moment with way too many free stats as Mega-Gnar, is usually enough to wreck any team they encounter.

The funny thing is, this wasn't supposed to be possible. Gnar was explicitly designed to be hard to control: Difficult, but not impossible—and he was designed prior to Riot re-coding wall-creating abilities to interact exactly like their permanent environmental counterparts, enabling current top laners to figure out absolutely sickening synergies with their junglers.

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You know a team's gone when the combo hits—you know it because Gnar's so aggressively overtuned that the wide and heavy hit melts even the tankiest health bars, tipping the balance in his team's favor. Though Jarvan has been an incredibly popular jungler, his individual contribution mainly counters no-dash champions like Xerath or Sivir, who needs Flash up to escape his attention.

Other popular picks are less vulnerable to him—but all are vulnerable to Gnar, whose conditionally long-range jumps can ruin the day for even the most mobile champions.

lol draft pick swap meet

Fights are slightly less effective without a summonable wall for him to interact with, but junglers like Lee Sin, Rek'Sai or Rengar still work just fine setting up for his rampage. Kassandra If teams are smart enough to ban out Jarvan and Gnar together, they haven't quite caught on that it isn't safe to relax yet. So why pick Sivir? Because Kassadin, Lissandra and LeBlanc are in the game, and good luck surviving encounters without a Spell Shield to negate a double AP assassins initiation!

Setting up the strategy core is also deceptively easy: This is the one composition that maybe gives the Gnarvan combo problems.

Due to the immediate blink abilities, Jarvan's Cataclysms are less reliable set-ups for Gnar's wall-slams, allowing a team to swiftly reposition and take advantage of their ability cooldowns to destroy the back line. But assassins are decidedly early and mid-game oriented strategies, and bypassing the threat wall imposed by Jarvan and Gnar is a very skill-intensive deed, turning considerably harder the later the game goes on and very hard if the Gnar player has above-caliber rage management.

Fast Cat Rengar, the Pridestalker If you don't need to worry about Gnar and Jarvan and are expecting your opponent to dip into their assassins pool, you're going to be running Sivir and Morgana. Possibly Sivir and Janna, if the threat is more from hard damage than crowd control abilities.

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Sivir and Morgana, in particular, are nearly impossible for the current crop of close-range assassins to sink their fangs into: But the threat isn't the bot lane pairing specifically, but what Sivir's presence enables.

Like with Jarvan's interaction with Gnar, her ultimate supercharges a jungler from decent status to unholy terror. Though the western scene's infamously had a hard time utilizing Rengar in competitive play, literally everybody else in the League of Legends scene has long since treated him as a high priority.

With Sivir, Janna or Orianna to help him close the distance on squishy targets—like other assassins—a Rengar-centric composition is like an anti-pick composition. His rooting crowd control and instantaneous burst out of stealth would normally be telegraphed by the Metal Gear Solid-esque exclamation marks over opponents' heads when he approaches, but the speed bursts provided by the rest of his team largely negates this deliberate weakness in his design.

It also really helps that On The Hunt goes both ways: Jungleand Fill. Despite the graphical depiction, the support is not strictly assigned a lane and the positions are not class-restricted - i. Autofill To speed up matchmaking, the match may assign a player to an unintended leftover role.

lol draft pick swap meet

If they play with this change, or have played as Supportthey receive Autofill Protection that guarantees their intended roles in their next queue. Champion Selection General In organized play where teams are familiar with each other, champions that someone on the other team play exceptionally well are normally banned to try to gain an advantage.


In solo queue, bans are normally reserved for champions that are widely considered to be overpowered and are likely to be picked. Failing to lock in a ban will result in the player automatically banning none. In matchmade games, opposing members will not have their summoner names displayed. Champion quotes will only play on a player's own picks and bans. They may cause audio clutter otherwise Current Draft Pick Intent [15s]: Players select their intended picks to show their team. All players simultaneously ban a champion from selection, however, opposing team's bans are not revealed.

Bans are revealed to all teams. It is possible for both teams to ban the same champion. Champion Selection [27s in 6 turns]: After the initial pick, teams alternate and pick two at a time until each player has selected.

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No champion can be selected more than once in a game. Once a player has selected a champion, they can select their ward skins. When all the members of a team have locked in, there is an opportunity to trade champions between teammates.