Love everyone you meet theyre

Love Cares (Love Everyone: Life by Life) by John Burke - Eric Bryant

love everyone you meet theyre

There are people we encounter everyday, at work, in our neighborhoods, or even in our All around you people long for love and connection. To be able to love everybody, even people you've just met, you need to find something you like, admire or Yet, they are human beings, just like you. Some of. It seems completely reasonable that we can't really know love until we In virtually all these cases such individuals' upbringings were marked by So it's hard to find compelling evidence that would confirm the notion that the inner love of self.

Your worries, concerns, struggles, questions. John, the disciple of Jesus: This is real love—not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins. But if we love each other, God lives in us, and his love is brought to full expression in us.

Why do it that way? How can we do that?

love everyone you meet theyre

You start to realize that God created you, loves you, and has you right where you are for a reason. God cares, and He wants to show His care through you. It starts by simply getting to know the names of people. Write them down, and commit to pray for them. Just Begin Praying for people around you.

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What will that do? Well, it will reorient you to see what God sees—that people are longing for loving care and connection.

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After seeing crowds, feeling compassion, Jesus: Writing down names to pray for, reorients what you see throughout the day—reorients your busy day so that you can be interruptible by God.

No one but you can see the names. Start praying for them consistently. God will begin to show you how to love them with His love. If we all learn to care for our 20 people God has brought into our lives, thenlonely and struggling people would see how much they matter, are cared for, and loved—by God. Start praying for 1, then 2. As the list builds, take a different name each day to pray for that person—1 a day. Remember the woman abused by her father, isolated, dead inside? One of you showed her the love of God, she started coming to church, ends the email saying: I cannot believe the change.

It is like I was just released from a concentration camp and I suddenly have life. The contrast from feeling oppressed to suddenly having peace and joy, is impossible to describe.

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I finally got the message, and I am so grateful to be alive. Love Cares Love Everyone: The measure of self-assurance is how deeply and sincerely interested you are in others; the measure of insecurity is how much you try to impress them with you.

love everyone you meet theyre

The game we all usually play is: How smart can I make myself sound? You want the other person to feel good. Let them sound smart. How little can I say?

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The fewer words you speak, the more points you get. The only exception is asking questions when they pause. Eventually you need to say something. What should it be?

love everyone you meet theyre

For instance, is the person regaling you with the story of a nightmare vacation trip? If so, repeat back some of the money points of the story: You broke your leg, and you still made the flight. How do you keep your cilantro from bolting? Can I summarize what they said to their approval? People do need help. But nobody likes being told what to do.

The key here is that everyone wants to maintain autonomy. Instead, ask questions so that they solve the problem on their own. In healthy conversations, the listener makes eye contact 70 to 80 percent of the time according to researcher Michael Argyle.

We all know crossed arms is a bad sign. In fact, keeping an open body posture actually helps you remember what they say to you. Research from the University of Minnesota finds that gently touching a person on the elbow creates a momentary bond. For more on how to read body language like an expert, click here.

Mistaking the two is the source of a lot of bad conversations and strained relationships. To learn how to win every argument, click here. You need to be interested. The best way to do that is to play detective and be curious. How little can you say?