Luxembourg international swimming meet

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luxembourg international swimming meet

We first met Luxembourg Swimming Federation President Marco Stacchiotti at the allowing youngsters to meet and swim together with world-class athletes. Welcome to the 20th edition of Luxembourg Euro Meet Join one of the best long course swimming events in the heart of Europe. Adam Peaty and James Guy are among the English swimmers who will kick off their English contingent heading to Euro Meet in Luxembourg and will help develop the arena skills to succeed on the international stage.

But for over swimmers from 26 nations who travelled to this elegant country in January, the Coque Swimming Pool in Luxembourg City was their very first stop. Indeed, for many members of the global swimming community, Luxembourg is known as the home of the Euro Meetwhich just celebrated its highly successful 18th year from the 29th st of January, A FINA-approved qualifying event for the Olympic Games, the three days of competition witnessed over 38 meet records smashed, a variety of national records broken, and several Olympic qualifying cuts achieved, in addition to numerous personal bests.

Dazzling performances came from a variety of nations. World champion Marco Koch of Germany blazed through the breaststroke in a speedy 2: Hungarian Olympic champion Laszlo Cseh proved his preparation for Rio was in full swing, winning his events with four record-setting times.

High point team awards were also presented, with the Spanish National Team taking first place, followed by Energy Standard and Hessischer Schwimmverband. Prime Minister Xavier Bettel was in attendance on Friday evening, cheering on swimmers and presenting medals, a clear indication of the respect that the country of Luxembourg has for its national swimming team and for the Euro Meet.

Szabolcs Fazakas, Hungarian representative at the European Court of Auditors, who makes a yearly appearance at the Euro Meet, returned once more during the finals session to lend his support to the swimmers.

Swimmers score one-two results in Luxembourg

And fans from near and far filled the stands to demonstrate their devotion to the swimmers. Whether they were there for the Luxembourg National Team members, the Hungarian participants or the numerous other countries in attendance, the supporters helped make the Euro Meet events even more exciting. One of the unique aspects of this competition lies in the fact that it is also open to talented youth and junior age group swimmers, a feature that was integrated into the event by founder Nory Kruchten.

Time standards ensure that these swimmers are at the top of their game, and their hard work is rewarded with the chance to share the pool deck with their elite counterparts.

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This is why we have kept the tradition of combining various levels of swimmers since the founding of the Euro Meet. The Euro Meet has always bent over backwards to accommodate those kids and we appreciate that. What do you like most about the event? What are some of the goals for the future? Every year we want to add to the richness and variety of the event — for instance last year we had a full camera team and live stream added to the competition in a very professional manner.

One day we hope to have a live television broadcast for the Euro Meet. What have been some of your biggest challenges at the Euro Meet? The biggest challenge is always to have the necessary budget ready to run the event. Challenge here means that we have to be as effective as possible with the limited resources we have — this is really our leitmotif. For years it was even a challenge to have enough volunteers.

The 18th Annual Euro Meet Luxembourg: A Record-Setting Event! - Swimspire

Today we have a core team, who work like professionals and an extended team to complete the setup. Being elected a LEN bureau member must have been a special moment. What were your thoughts on your selection?

luxembourg international swimming meet

Yes it was a very special moment. My first thought went to my FLNS team who supported me all the way. When I initially went up for the position, it was almost like wishful thinking. When it came time for the election I noted that our small country could really bring a lot to a big organization.

luxembourg international swimming meet

Eventually I was asked by the elected president to join the team. I have to say that I was very proud of my result in the poll as very few people knew me. What do you hope to achieve as a LEN member? One of my responsibilities will be to help organize the masters competitions together with the associated technical bureau on LEN.

luxembourg international swimming meet

We have a lot of work to do, as masters is becoming a really strong trend. I would compare it to the growing popularity of city marathons.

luxembourg international swimming meet

As I mentioned earlier, a contribution from a small country can bring a fresh new perspective to the table. I have the pleasure to be involved in all activities of the Luxembourg Swimming Federation so my opinion is coming right from the field.

For instance, FLNS is the only institution delivering different levels of lifesaving training. Now we have started working in LEN on exactly this topic.

luxembourg international swimming meet

This is completely different from swimming. I even have customers asking me if I have something to do with that Olympic swimmer Raphael Stacchiotti who has the same last name as I do … JG: