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Marluxia, the Graceful Assassin, is the eleventh member of the original Organization XIII and the main antagonist of Sora's Here you will meet people you have known in the past, and you will meet people you miss. Marluxia's second form. Sora and True Marluxia meet, but the chamber they meet in looks different form dying - Location: After defeating True Marluxia's second form. Shortly before being sent away, Marluxia tells Roxas that had they met Supekutā) in both his second Grim Reaper form and his third Angel of Death form .

Sora destroys Marluxia, but finds that the real Marluxia had been hiding in a back room and that his opponent had only been a clone. Sora defeats him again in the storyline's final battle, with Marluxia trying to reach Sora, but then fading in a flurry of flower petals, making him the fourth Organization member to fall.

The manga version of these battles differs from the version of the Chain of Memories games. In it, Marluxia does not use alternate forms and is easily killed by Sora in the first battle. He is also surrounded by flowers or flower petals a good deal of the time, sometimes even seen holding a rose.

Sora also receives his journal data after accessing Ansem's computer. Appearance A tall, elegant Nobody with feminine features, Marluxia wears the basic Organization uniform of a black cloak, black boots, and black gloves. His hair is shoulder-length and rose pink with ruffles, though in the Game Boy Advance version of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories this color was more muted, appearing closer to light brown.

Marluxia's eyes are blue and his lips are pale pink. Marluxia is usually surrounded by cherry blossom petals, which symbolize the transient nature of life and death in Japanese culture. Marluxia drops these petals whenever hit during battle, and fades in a flurry of petals when he is destroyed.

Personality Marluxia is quite deceptive in nature. He makes an attempt to rebel against the Organization by using Sora as a puppet to accomplish his goals. Personality wise, he is often portrayed as very arrogant and vain. For example, when Axel confronted Marluxia regarding his betrayal to the Organization, he only taunts Axel and leaves Sora to fight the latter.


Like Xemnas, Marluxia has a habit of being overly dramatic and giving long speeches. He takes great pride in his appearance. He also flourishes his weapon after striking with it, occasionally leaving himself open, fitting his title in the Organization. During battle, he uses unique tactics like a death counter to represent his devious personality.

However, he does smirk and laugh at some points.

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Most importantly though, Marluxia seems to have an obsession with his superiority over the other Organization members. As the lord of Castle Oblivion, Marluxia has the ability to keep many members of the Organization under his own judgment.

He even manipulates Vexen into fighting Sora by using Vexen's fear of Xemnas against him. Even though most of Marluxia's personality traits are negative, he does have a few positive aspects. Some of these include his devotion and persistence to succeed in his goals, continuing his plans to overthrow the Organization even after Axel's betrayal and the death of Larxene.

Marluxia believes that he deserves more respect than he's given. All in all, Marluxia is a very egotistical, manipulative member of the Organization, who would stop at nothing to overthrow the Organization and become superior.

Abilities Marluxia fights using the attribute of Flower and wields a large, rose pink and dark green scythe. The petals he commands have the appearance of cherry blossoms in the Game Boy Advance release of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories but have been changed to resemble rose petals in his console game appearances.

Marluxia's petals are seen clearly when he samples Sora's memories Marluxia has two forms in the original Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and three in the Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories remake.

While in basic Nobody form, he can attack with his scythe normally, or use it to slash at an enemy from across a distance using energy waves. Despite his arrogant nature, Marluxia has proven to be quite powerful.

With his command of flowers, Marluxia can create a clone made of petals, send a flurry of blossoms at his opponent, and in Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories, Marluxia uses a sleight in which he creates a powerful shockwave by hitting the ground with his scythe.

Like most Organization members from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Marluxia moves by levitating. In the remake, he can also teleport freely. This is also the only form in which he is constrained to the use of an actual deck. In his first final form, Marluxia makes use of his mechsuit-like Nobody to slash at Sora with its scythe arms, or charge him and cause massive damage upon impact.

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He can also summon three petals to fire pink rays and fire blasts of energy from the bottom of the contraption. In the remake, the Nobody is also capable of harnessing darkness with which it can shroud the whole field. Marluxia's additional final form in the PlayStation 2 remake brings Marluxia and Sora into combat upon a larger version of Marluxia's phantom mech floating in a starry-night environment surrounded by circulating rings.

A large angelic Nobody stands behind him wielding a gigantic version of Marluxia's Graceful Dahlia. Marluxia is held immobile during this fight by Nobody thorns and is, therefore, unable to dodge most attacks. From his stationary position, Marluxia fights mainly by commanding the Nobody, who can create shockwaves, shoot a sweeping laser, blow gusts of wind that prevent Sora from moving forward, and create a whirlwind that scatters all of Sora's cards, including his reload bar.

Sora must then pick up the cards in order to reclaim them, including the reload bar. Marluxia's most notable sleight, however, is that in which he shoots Nobody thorns that triggers a countdown timer similar to the recurring Final Fantasy spell "Doom", in which, if the counter reaches zero, the fight is instantly lost. He can also trigger the one rotating ring around the battlefield, causing it to fire lasers from all directions in addition to reusing the ray-shooting rose petals.

He begins the battle by whispering in Sora's ear, which causes a countdown timer to appear above Sora's head based on his current level, similar to the hit point condition of the Titan Cup, and then spends most of the battle attacking Sora relentlessly with his scythe, with each hit depleting the timer by one, though causing no additional damage. If the timer reaches zero, Sora loses the battle, but the timer can be increased by using the Reaction Command "Restore Count", in which Sora grabs Marluxia's scythe, knocks him into the air, and hurls the scythe at him, adding thirteen points to the counter.

Marluxia also can conjure black circles which cover most of the floor and deal damage to Sora's HP, but leave the death timer unaffected. She also gives you the sign that Axel is a good guy by saying he betrayed them. She tells Larxene that she won't let her hurt Sora, and Larxene responds by pushing her aside. Larxene is about to attack Sora when Goofy runs to Sora's side and knocks her over, and Donald proceeds to heal Sora.

You now have the Donald Card and Goofy Card back. It's now time to fight Larxene for the second time, except this time, the battle will finish her off for good. She has three health bars, a new move, and overall puts up a tougher fight than her last. She won't be as hard as that fight with Riku you just had, however, so as long as you defeated Riku, you should be able to defeat her. Fight the new Heartless and the old, including the toughest of the bunch, the Defenders.

Strike the door and synthesize using a card with a value of 1 or higher. In Room 2, do the same: In Room 3, once again, do the same: The scene then switches back to Sora, Donald, and Goofy. Clear Room 4 of the Heartless and strike the door. Synthesize using a card with a value of 2 or higher.

In Room 5, once again: In Room 6, Room 7, Room 8, Room 9, Room 10, and Room 11, do the exact same thing as you did in Room 5 by continuing the repetition of killing Heartless, striking doors, and synthesizing using cards with values of 1 or higher.

In between Room 9 and Room 10, a cutscene will show Marluxia confronting Axel. Axel then readies an attack on Marluxia, and the scene switches, once again, back to Sora, Donald, and Goofy. When you reach Room 12, use a Moment's Reprieve Card for the next room. Strike the door in the next room and synthesize using one Magic Card, three Attack Cards, the Key of Beginnings, and enough cards to make up a total value of What follows will be a cutscene.

Sora begins the attack on Axel, who calls him a puppet. Sora responds by saying that he's no puppet - he'll kill both Axel and Marluxia if he has to. The fight then begins. This can be an easy boss battle, depending on how you look at it. If you're a fan of Fire cards, this may be a tough battle for you. Attacking him with Fire and also attacking him while he's facing you will only serve to heal him.

Go behind him and attack with Blizzard cards. These damage his health a lot.

After the battle, Axel tells Sora that he isn't bad and saving him was worth it. Sora is confused as to what this means, but Axel disappears before Sora can get an explanation out of him. You'll end up in Room 11 after the battle. Go back to the room which you used Moment's Reprieve for and strike the door, using a card with a value of 1 or more for synthesis. For Room 13, 14, and 15, either clear the rooms of Heartless or move on and continue to the next boss battle. You should be at the appropriate level for the coming battle by now, so battling more Heartless isn't really necessary.

The next cutscene will have Sora meet Marluxia. She says she doesn't care what Marluxia does to her.