Masters swim meet palm springs 2016

Palm Springs Short Course Yards Meet (2/3/)

masters swim meet palm springs 2016

SPMS honored Mike Freshley with the Male Swimmer of the Year for ment, and promotion of Masters swimming at the club, local and national level. . Facility: Palm Springs Swim Center S. Pavilion Way Palm. Masters+Swimming · SoCal+ The Palm Springs Pool is closing right after our meet this weekend in order to be re-plastered and fix a big leak as well as other repairs. Oct 24, - Monday Nov 28 PS pool is closed all groups Indio 6pm . I started swimming in April last year with US Masters, with my kids' team The other big thing I'm doing to push myself out of my comfort zone is I signed up for my first swim meet. Palm Springs Pool on New Year's Eve.

She continued to swim year-round for Desert Aquatics through high school, where she was an All-American and State Champion team member.

masters swim meet palm springs 2016

It was during high school that Alex began coaching the 8 and under group for her club team and really found coaching and helping others personally rewarding. After high school graduation, Alex moved to Los Angeles in search of a milder climate, attending Loyola Marymount University.

masters swim meet palm springs 2016

During college, she worked for a novice swim lesson program, Aqua Pro Aquatics, run by her coaches Bonnie and Clay. After graduating with a degree in English, she stayed in Los Angeles and began coaching for Team Santa Monica in in addition to running the Aqua Pro program. As Head Age Group Coach for Team Santa Monica fromAlex coached numerous nationally ranked 12 and under swimmers including a number one ranking.

Coach Alex was recently at Westside Aquatics as well as for Palisades Highand as ofshe is very excited to be coaching for Alpha Aquatics' El Segundo location. In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking and playing with her Labradoodles. They enrolled he and his sister in water baby classes at the young age of 6 mos. Scott showed proficiency as he grew and by age 8 had ascended as high as possible through the swim lessons program. It was suggested to his parents they look into competitive swimming.

masters swim meet palm springs 2016

Scott immediately took to the sport and experienced success early. As a 16 year old Scott broke the Junior National record in the M free with a time of 1: A year later he broke another Junior National record in the M free with a time of 3: Scott then moved to California Capital for his final year of high school and trained under coach Mike Hasting where he was 2nd at winter nationals in free and eventually accepted a scholarship to UCLA.

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Scott elected to retire from swimming rather than transfer with one year left. Scott came back to the sport in his late 20s and began to swim again as his principle exercise. Thanks in advance for your support. I want to know what you want in your Masters Swimming program! I look forward to seeing you at the pool this coming Wednesday! Over 50 Wahoo competed Take a look at the results and all the great swims by your teammates! Meet results can also be found on the app for your phone, Meet Mobile.

2018 Palm Springs Short Course Yards Meet

The file will be updated soon with the long course season results! You know I want to WIN that!!! All in all, everyone had a so much fun swimming and getting to know their teammates better. It was a great weekend! Thanks to all of you who participated in the meet We couldn't have done it without everyone!

A special thanks to the following for their contributions to the success of the meet. These folks below made it look easy! Meet Directors Ed Webb: HyTech equipment Kristin Volz: Equipment setup Snag Holmes: If swimming in our meet got you excited about swimming in meets More info to come! SO proud of everyone! But did you know just how good it is for you and how easy it is to get involved in a U. Masters Swimming program in the paradise we call home?

Swimming … uses all muscle groups and is easier on joints than impact sports. Your body is cooler and more comfortable training in the water than on land. Reduces your risk for heart disease and diabetes. So, the social benefits of a Masters swimming program are at least equally compelling: All different levels of ability can exercise in the same pool at the same time.

masters swim meet palm springs 2016

There are toys such as kickboards, pull buoys, fins, and snorkels to make the workouts different and fun. Workouts and swim meets have an inclusive camaraderie feel and club socials have a common interest that brings everyone together. Our North County Masters of Jupiter NCMJ program offers all of the physical and social benefits already mentioned and a schedule that is hard to not work for just about anyone.

masters swim meet palm springs 2016