Meet and greet melissa etheridge come

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meet and greet melissa etheridge come

Seating in the FIRST TWO ROWS; Melissa's Window – Back Stage Tour with Melissa Etheridge; Attend Sound Check (please be prepared to arrive as early as . Get tickets to An Evening With Melissa Etheridge – Yes I Am 25th Anniver at The collection featured the massive hits, "I'm the Only One" and "Come to My. Meet & Greet Photos .. for social networking safety tips for parents and youth. © Melissa Etheridge. All rights reserved. Powered by Wonderful Union.

Is it a standing, crazy venue?

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A lot of considerations go into what the set list is. What's your routine before a show?

meet and greet melissa etheridge come

The whole day becomes routine because I get into a rhythm. After a show, we drive all night, and I get into the hotel. I do my thing that day until it's time to leave for sound check, and I do sound check, and then dinner, and then I get to do hair and makeup, and then I do meet-and-greet, and then I have 30 minutes before the show.

There are no surprises that way, and it always leaves me relaxed [going] into my show. What's the largest puzzle you've ever finished?

Melissa Etheridge to play Durham Fair

I did a 2,piece puzzle one year, one of those big, humongous ones. I had my whole table in my library [covered]. In the end, I was missing two pieces, and I just about screamed. That was the biggest.

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It was [a puzzle of] all the antique Coca-Cola things. How many succulents do you have in your garden? It's out of control. I started a few years ago with just a couple, and it's just grown. I start seeing things around my house.

Melissa Etheridge

I think, 'Oh, I can put a hole in the bottom of that, and I can plant a plant in it. Just need to stay awake for 2 more hours The response among her Australian fans was rapid-fire.

meet and greet melissa etheridge come

Hundreds of retweets, replies and shares with explanations of the rules, clarifications of AFL slang and terminology, pleas by fans to support their club. Arguably having no idea what she was agreeing to, she said yes.

An Evening With Melissa Etheridge – Yes I Am 25th Anniversary Tour - Clay Center

She was particularly excited to hear that women played AFL at an elite level. When Etheridge finally made it to Melbourne, a large group of local AFLW and VFLW champions and advocates, on-field and off-field, gathered pre-concert to meet the rockstar and talk to her about her new love.

Shelley and The Outer Sanctum left the pre-concert meeting to head across the pedestrian bridge with the Etheridge crew, who were flimsily disguised in baseball caps and sunglasses, to make the trek to the MCG.

meet and greet melissa etheridge come

Once inserted into the Cheersquad, she proceeded to cheer and yell, while Carlton and Collingwood put on some admittedly scrappy, but watchable football, accentuated by what was a typically rowdy Carlton versus Collingwood crowd.

Too soon we had to leave. It was a mutual appreciation society and one of the more empowering moments I can remember. Her voice is still a powerhouse of sultry rage, and her stage presence is undeniable.

meet and greet melissa etheridge come