Meet applejack mlp orange

meet applejack mlp orange

See more ideas about My little pony friendship, Applejack mlp and Rainbow dash . Uncle Orange Дядя Оранж My Little Pony, Orange, Deviantart, Mlp, Apples. The two orange ponies approached each other and Applejack held out her front right “Rainbow Dash, meet our new friend Naruto Uzumaki. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic focuses on six core characters, also identified as the . Applejack is an orange, blonde-haired earth pony based on the "G1" Her most prominent ability, "the Stare", causes any creature that meets her gaze.

Flim Flam Brothers voiced by Samuel Vincent and Scott McNeil — Flim and his mustachioed brother Flam are two traveling unicorn "salesponies" and con artists who use song and dance to enthrall ponies into buying their usually faulty wares. Larson said he "particularly enjoyed" writing for Flim and Flam, saying that "their energy and optimism infuses the actual writing".

Yearling a parody of J.

meet applejack mlp orange

Rowling [] is discovered to be Daring Do herself, who writes her books after her real adventures, such as her encounters with the Aztec mythology -inspired villain Ahuizotl voiced by Brian Drummond and criminal pony Dr. Caballeron voiced by Michael Dobson.

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GermainRarity's chief rival in a fashion competition, and quits after observing Suri's unscrupulous tactics for winning. Her name is a reference to fashion designer Coco Chanel ; it was later changed to "Miss Pommel" prior to the show's sixth season for "legal reasons". The Pillars have played roles of significant importance in Equestria's history and lore, both by themselves and through their united defending of the nation.

meet applejack mlp orange

The Pillars are depicted in the seventh-season finale "Shadow Play" and the accompanying Legends of Magic comic series. The Pillars are brought into the present era after the Mane Six release them from a millennial imprisonment in limbo alongside the Pony of Shadows, forming a tense alliance with them to defeat and ultimately rekindle the Pillars' friendship with the villain.

Starswirl the Bearded voiced by Christopher Britton is a unicorn leader of the Pillars of Old Equestria, historical figures in the series. Originally envisioned as an archetypal wizard character with a prominent beard, similar to Merlin. He mentored Equestria's co-founder Clover the Clever and served as Celestia and Luna's royal adviser.

Rockhoof voiced by Matt Cowlrick is a male earth pony whose clothing is inspired by Celtic culture and speaks in a Scottish Gaelic accent; his first in-show appearance in the season seven episode "Campfire Tales". When every guard abandoned their kind and fled in panic to escape an erupting volcano ; Rockhoof did not move.

Shovel artifact in hand, he stayed and fought to protect, lent his strength to make a barrage against the lava and pyroclastic flow. Fast and powerful, many lives were saved—thus Rockhoof succeeded in becoming the unwavering hero he is known for.

Mistmane voiced by Ellen-Ray Hennessy is a female unicorn pony whose clothing is inspired by Japanese culture. She makes her first physical appearance in My Little Pony: Legends of Magic Issue 3 and her first in-show appearance in the season seven episode "Campfire Tales". Mistmane was kind and generous as an angel: An ugly empress, overcome with jealousy, stole the lifeforce from the land in order to achieve eternal youthand allowed nature to perish. When Mistmane saw the pitiful decaying state of the land, she fought and defeated the empress—sacrificed her own youthful beauty to her flower artifact, as a pure act of kindness—and restored nature to its proper balance.

Flash Magnus voiced by Giles Panton is a male pegasus pony who wears Roman legionnaire -inspired armor; he makes his first appearance in My Little Pony: Legends of Magic Issue 4 and his first in-show appearance in the season seven episode "Campfire Tales".

Thanks to his fortuitous spirit, Magnus saved members of his platoon from a flock of gigantic and terrifying dragons. Faced with impossible odds, Magnus used both cunning tactics and his shield artifact as he flew through their intense fire and drove them into a trap— thundercloudsall by himself. After that, the dragons were not a threat anymore.

Thus the heroic centurion rescued his companions, and won respect from all. Legends of Magic Issue 5 and her first in-show appearance in the season seven episode "Daring Done?

Applejack's Orange Farm

Courageous and proud, Somnambula was the only one who dared encounter the sphinx, which kidnapped her prince. For his release, the sphinx gave her a riddle to solve: Fearing for her princes' life, Somnambula asked for another challenge: Mage Meadowbrook voiced by Mariee Devereux is a female earth pony who wears West African -inspired clothing. Even her handpicked dress in Suited For Success has a hat, although it isn't her normal one. Three of Applejack's acquisitions of her hats have been specified: In Hot Minute with ApplejackApplejack's hat is identified as one that she won bobbing for apples at the Ponyville Fair.

In Made in ManehattanApplejack's hat becomes damaged from all of the work put into restoring the park. At the end of the episode, Rarity drops Applejack's damaged hat into a trash can and buys her a new hat from Manehattan.

Applejack is occasionally very stubborn and inflexible, causing her to be hostile toward others or incapable of seeing alternate solutions to a problem. In both of these situations, she eventually lets go of her pride and is the first to apologize.

meet applejack mlp orange

She is quick to argue with Rainbow Dash in Over a Barrelworsening the tension between the residents of Appleloosa and the buffalo. In Applebuck Seasonshe shows great resilience when being offered help, working herself past exhaustion in the midst of trying to harvest the entire apple orchard on her own. Her fatigue has shown through considerably by the time she finally accepts assistance from her friends. When her methods lead to Fluttershy becoming a bat herself, Applejack soon relents, giving a portion of the orchard to the bats.

She also demonstrates a difficulty of changing her habits and routines in Applejack's "Day" Off. Empathy and care Applejack is often shown to be one of the more empathetic members of the main cast, putting the needs and feelings of others before her own.

Applejack acting motherly to a tree in Over a Barrel. In The Ticket MasterApplejack states that her reason for wanting to attend the Grand Galloping Gala is so she can sell enough treats to buy a replacement hip for Granny Smith. In Dragonshydespite the other ponies' impatience with the exception of Pinkie Pie with Fluttershy, Applejack is willing to take the long way around the mountain with her in order to help her up. Applejack is also the first to notice Twilight Sparkle's glumness in A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1and she is the only one to apologize for not listening to her in A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2.

In Sleepless in Ponyville she is the only pony who notices that Scootaloo is abnormally nervous and jumpy. In Castle Sweet Castleshe is the one to suggest uprooting the Golden Oak Library 's roots and making a castle chandelier for Twilight.

In Brotherhooves SocialApplejack attempts to talk to Big McIntosh about what put him in a sour mood before being called away. In Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 1Applejack is the one to assure Twilight that they and their friends will always be connected through the Elements of Harmony.

She is also the first to take Twilight's safety into consideration for Equestria's sake in Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 2. On occasion, Applejack gets carried away with her empathy, especially with Apple Bloom. Her overprotective nature comes into play again in the episode Somepony to Watch Over Me. In Fame and Misfortuneshe takes care of random ponies who have decided to live on the farmstead wanting to be part of the Apple family, despite the work and stress it causes for the main members.

Applejack represents the element of honesty. Twilight Sparkle deduces this in Friendship is Magic, part 2explaining that Applejack demonstrated her honesty when they faced their challenges against Nightmare Moon. Applejack finds it difficult to go against her natural honesty in Party of One when she has to lie about why she cannot attend Gummy 's after-birthday party.

She sweats and grins nervously under Pinkie Pie 's scrutiny despite having the most credible excuse: Applejack hypnotized by Discord's spell. In The Return of Harmony Part 1Applejack is the first pony to be hypnotized and brainwashed by Discordcausing her and her hat to turn into a greyer shade.

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Applejack becomes a compulsive liar, throwing hurtful and sarcastic jabs at her friends. Initially, her lies are not particularly convincing or malicious, but they grow more ridiculous and harmful as the corruption intensifies. In one of her lies when, she tells Rarity that Twilight told her to split Tomand Rarity starts doing martial arts on her.

Twilight also bowls Applejack over when performing the memory spell right after Applejack asked, "Where you went when I was battlin' Discord? In The Last Roundupshe refuses to tell her friends why she abandoned Ponyville to work on a Dodge Junction cherry farm.

She avoids telling the truth throughout the episode until the end, at which point she explains that she did not win first place nor any prize money in the Equestria Rodeo, so she got a job at the farm to earn money for Ponyville.

The rainbow leading Applejack to tell the truth. The limits of Applejack's honesty are put to the test in Leap of Faith.

meet applejack mlp orange

When Flim and Flam sell their placebo potion to Granny SmithApplejack endorses the product, while knowing it is a fake, because it visibly makes Granny Smith feel happier. Once the placebo effect leads Granny Smith to attempt a dangerous dive, she turns honest about the product.

Her honesty rubs off on Silver Shill for the product, who comes to realize he had been helping to deceive other ponies.