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Relationship Timing in Astrology: First Meeting Chart

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As such, I drew up a chart for the first physical meeting, which was arranged. In this case, we are looking at an event that happened in the past, and that was not planned using any astrological tools. The purpose of this sample interpretation of a first meeting chart is to provide some insight into ways such a chart can be analyzed.

I believe that a relationship is imprinted with the energies of a first meeting chart. The first meeting chart is an enlightening tool for relationship analysis, and is particularly useful for understanding where a relationship might be headed.

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The chart of the first meeting is very significant. Unfortunately, not everyone remembers the exact time they first laid eyes on their partner and their partner returned the look. Sometimes even the exact date is uncertain. The relationship under study is, at this writing, ongoing. The chart of the first meeting is pictured at right.

First things first, I looked at the phase of the Moon. The couple met at the time of a New Moon, when the Moon was separating from the Sun with an orb of about 9 degrees. This is actually a good time to begin anything that you want to last, or to play out over time. The New Moon was in Pisceswhich is a warm water sign, conducive to emotional alliances, romance, and a spiritual sense of connection. The first applying aspect of the Moon is, in this case, a strengthening sextile to Mars, within 1 degree orb.

This symbolized the initial quick start the couple had immediate, powerful, and passionate feelings for each other, and they expressed these without reticence.

Both told each other how surprised they were with regards to their feelings for each other being immediate and powerful. This was a very favorable start. Although this may be overlooked, I find it extremely illuminating. A unique and strong friendship was hoped for, and this was certainly the case.

Both individuals involved were meeting with the hopes to find a friendship that was not a binding one not destined for marriage but one that would bring excitement to their lives. The Moon was also separating from a sextile to Saturn, and indeed the individuals were looking for a relationship that was enduring at the same time. Neither was interested in a completely casual fling.

Both hoped for a relationship that would last. I looked to the Ascendant. At 18 degrees of Libra 18it is neither too late nor too early in degree. The Ascendant is favorable to the desired outcome.

I looked to the Sun offer clues to the general nature of the new relationship.

• When Astrology meets Dating for finding Relationship Compatibility thru Zodiac Signs

The Sun forms a tight applying aspect conjunction to Uranus in the fifth house. This perfectly describes the relationship these individuals both hoped to begin, and did create. Because of their life circumstances, responsibilities to career and children and so forth, both individuals wanted a non-traditional friendship. They had no expectations of eventually living together or hooking up with their eye on marriage.

They expected to see each other occasionally, when their schedules permitted. If these were not the expectations, the Sun conjunct Uranus might be considered a difficult aspect, and might symbolize a relationship that was erratic or undependable. In this case, however, this planetary picture works well.

The Sun also forms an applying trine to Saturn, suggesting some seriousness and endurance to the relationship. Because the relationship started at the New Moon, combined with the Sun trine Saturn, helps to confirm that this relationship should be long-standing and significant.