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meet control online

Do MORE in your meetings with Click&Meet for conference call control. See who's Click&Meet – The online app turning conference calls into an experience . First you down load the Dive Meets meet control software onto your computer. On this page you will see we have two online audio visual training programs. Be sure to watch Meet Control in action at the Region 8, 9/10 Regionals hosted by LA USA-Gymnastics at the Alario Center New Orleans, LA. Watch Video.

meet control online

Looking to the future DiveMeets will continue to refine, improve and innovate. The DiveMeets system is unique. DiveMeets pre meet innovations are too many to list but here are a few: Generate an interactive online list of upcoming DiveMeets Allow divers to click on an upcoming meet and register for the meet online in real-time.

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Automatically check age eligibility in real-time Automatically check gender eligibility in real-time Automatically check dive sheets for rules compliance in real-time Automatically check the divers current membership status for organizations including United States Diving and AAU Diving in real-time Provide secure real-time online entry fee payment for meets with entry fees Filter to allow only eligible divers to enter meets that do not have entry fees example NCAA meets Instantly show the divers name and dive sheet online as soon as the diver enters a meet Accept electronic signatures for drug testing and registration forms for selected Meets When the DiveMeets online registration was unveiled in it was so revolutionary, we were told it would not work.

Most of the diving establishment at the time said people will never enter meets online. That is hard to believe today.

meet control online

Prior to DiveMeets, meets were run in so many ways it was impossible to know what to expect until you arrived at the pool. Everything from the check-in table process to adding the dive scores was a patch work of different procedures. There were some clubs with strong parent support groups who ran excellent meets.

There were also clubs who would literally pull parents out of the stands to run the score tables regardless of the parents knowledge of the sport, math abilities or attention span. Dive changes were often not checked for rules violations, age eligibility was not always checked. Even current memberships were not always verified.

Addition and DD calculations errors were common. Divers sometimes went home with wrong place awards. Divers sometimes advanced to higher level meets based on sheets with adding errors.

Conversely some divers stayed at home for meets they actually should have qualified for. It was not uncommon to see as many as 7 people working together at a score table passing sheets back and forth calculating scores every 30 seconds for events that may take hours to complete.

Of course mistakes were made. Prior to DiveMeets even meets using computers were capable of errors. Some of the early computer score calculations were done using a parents homemade excel sheet. Other meets used basic meet scoring software distributed on CD.

Some of these programs are only updated one time per year when a new CD was released.

In the meantime If an incorrect DD value was programed into the program the resulting scores would be wrong. If program permitted a diver to do a illegal dive the scores were wrong. If the program contained a code glitch the program would crash. These programs were also labor intensive. Dive sheets had to be manually transcribed from hand written dives sheets, this process could take many hours to complete and resulted in numerous dive sheet errors.

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Divers were sent home with hand written score sheets. Unless there was a scoreboard in use during the meet, it was difficult or impossible for the divers, coaches and spectators to know who was winning.

meet control online

When events did finish it was not uncommon for the results to be withheld for extended periods of time. What kind of a sport does not tell anyone who is wining until after the contest has concluded? DiveMeets decided to take on all of these issues.

Our software is downloaded from DiveMeets. After each meet our software is Uninstalled. If a upgrade is made in our software today, it will be included in a meet we run tomorrow.

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We update rules changes from diving organizations as soon as they are announced. Getting the rules right is our business. During events DiveMeets offers a complete leader board to be shown on a second Monitor. This monitor should be placed for divers and coaches to see during a competition. This gives you the option of viewing one segment after another all at one time or selecting individual segment to learn or review. If you need additional assistance please e-mail support meetcontrol.

meet control online

This page also contains Drivers for systems most often used with DiveMeets. The DiveMeets online training program start here. Image and audio instructions for the opening page of the 12 Step download and set up guide Step 2: Image and audio instructions for the DiveMeets.

Com"Main" page showing where to click first Step 3: Image and audio instructions to open software options Step 6: Image and audio instructions to open software Step 7: Image and audio instructions to select "Typical" installation Step 8: Image and audio instructions for the of desktop icons after installing DiveMeets Meet Control software. Image and audio instructions for the first screen in the DiveMeets Meet control program Step Image and audio review of first 9 Steps Step Image and audio instructions to lay out and use 1 Master computer and 2 Score Table computers Step Image and audio instructions to lay out and use 2 score table computers and no master computer Step How to download a meet ready to run into the DiveMeets Software: Clear Selection Button Use this button before you select events to run Segment 6: How To Re-size the software to fill your PC and 2nd monitor screen.

Pre-plan have a volunteer get judges names. First and last clearly written.

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Importance of getting the correct score for each judge by name. Using the judge name filter. Creating a judge panel Segment