Meet danny wilson soundtrack to guardians

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meet danny wilson soundtrack to guardians

We talk about his career, from his '80s band Danny Wilson (and their discover music and how he stays current, the time he avoided meeting one of his .. The Guardian, Le Monde diplomatique and A Public Space, and in. Danny Leigh The director was then 35, a wildly sought-after maker of music Many will loathe it – the premiere at the Venice film festival was met with . Wilson remembers conversations with Glazer in Scotland when the. Meet Danny Wilson Professional ratings Review scores Source Rating Artists The song "Mary's Prayer" is featured in the film There's Something About $,, 3 Guardians of the Galaxy Disney $,, 4 Maleficent.

How did Danny write songs?

Boy Meets Girl - Waiting for a Star to Fall

Were all the tracks co-written or did you provide the blueprints? I wrote all of the songs on that album and they were all written and mostly demoed prior to recording. How did you come to be signed to Virgin?

Were you fans of the label beforehand? We played a gig in a bar in Edinburgh and a music journalist called Bob Flynn was there. He wrote a review in NME that literally changed our lives.

meet danny wilson soundtrack to guardians

The review was so good and the band were so unknown that the record labels who had systematically rejected us only months before were calling Bob asking how they could get in touch with the band.

We had really served our time in the trenches live and in the studio so we were really ready for it when it came. We literally had the choice of every major label and almost signed to Warners. Yes, I wrote it in the squat in London quite a few years before it was released. The melody and a large chunk of the first verse lyric came to me instantly.

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Definitely not an obvious choice of special guests! They were signed to ECM. The Virgin connection came later through us. Howard Gray later of Apollo was producing the first half of our album at Puk.

Under the Skin: why did this chilling masterpiece take a decade? | Film | The Guardian

They had an incredible system in there and we liked to blast records on the big speakers at the start of the day and at the end of the night with some fine Elephant beers for refreshment.

We went to the gig, one of the greatest live shows I have ever seen, and accosted Lester afterwards. Billy and I are from the same home town, Dundee in Scotland, and I got to know him a little. We saw some amazing bands in their infancy back then. Billy was always so wonderful, charming and encouraging to me.

Virgin were great like that. The thing is, Under the Skin does invite you to ponder its creator. It concerns an alien in Glasgow, preying — obliquely but chillingly — on single men.

They co-operate because the alien is played by Scarlett Johanssonwho is still Johansson even in a mangy fur coat and wig. There is footage from cameras hidden in the van in which she tirelessly cruises; elsewhere, visions of her black, amniotic alien realm.

Many will loathe it — the premiere at the Venice film festival was met with boos. It will also blow minds, its punk experimentalism and raw sensuality making pretty much everything else seem hopelessly quaint.

Masterpiece is the word. Scarlett Johansson in Under the Skin. Interview phobia aside, Glazer is affable and open. He has the fractionally dazed air of a rescued castaway. It's like falling in love. You think, what do I love?

meet danny wilson soundtrack to guardians

The boos don't matter: Sexy Beast, with Ray Winstone playing a saveloy-tanned safecracker retired to the Costa Brava, was hailed as a surreal-ish modern classic. It was also booed at the Venice film festival. It was also a masterpiece. The world wondered what was next. Glazer liked this early script, with its rendering of Faber's carnivorous aliens.

meet danny wilson soundtrack to guardians

But I still wanted to make the book a film. The longest phase in the process saw endless versions of a story assembled and dismantled. Memories of normal life dimmed.


Three years in, one co-writer Milo Addica made way for another, Walter Campbell. Eventually, the script revolved around a pair of aliens masquerading as a Scottish farmer and his wife. Brad Pitt signed to play the husband.

There was still never a workable budget. Anyway, Glazer wasn't ready. I don't think I ever meant it.

Meet Danny Wilson

Wilson says he grew "convinced this just wasn't going to happen". Then came the Eureka moment. Work focused on the female character alone. Elaborate special effects sequences were tossed. Glazer obsessed over how the world might really look to new eyes. Finding the logic, the images. Why did it mean so much? Not entirely, but I do. I've had that about me since quite a young age I think. Where does he live in London? Married with three kids. And he grew up in — "A place called Hadley Wood.

Knocked around with mates on my street, messed about on the railways, in the woods. Motorbikes, skateboards, CB radio.

meet danny wilson soundtrack to guardians

Went to a Jewish school. I mean, I'm not fanatical. As a teenager, his circle included the comic actor Paul Kaye; the two ended up going to university in Nottingham together, Glazer studying theatre design.