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Meet Ahmet north of the depot, he is the equipment shopkeeper: Talking to him, Following the map, starting from Thais' depot, you will find Eclesius ' home. Properties You see Eclesius. I'm looking for a new assistant!Err, what was it again that I wanted?Do come in! Mind the step of the magical door, though.I'm so. This quest is not available on PvP-enforced servers. Scatterbrained Sorcerer Newcomers in Tibia might also want to visit Eclesius, the scatterbrained sorcerer. if you are really up to meeting several challenges and dangers.

Keep in mind that he's confused and forgetful! Find Telas in Stonehome and ask him for a mission to trigger a questline, in which you will find out more about the mysterious golems that roam Yalahar.

Talk to Emperor Rehal in Beregar if you solved the quest "Justice for All" and ask him for a new mission to be sent on an expedition to find his lost son. Look out for suspicious pirate raids in Liberty Bay and maybe find an item you haven't seen before Find Grizzly Adams south of the river east of Port Hope and ask him to join his guild "Paw and Fur Elite" Find the dwarf Rapanaio in Kazordoon and try to find out if there's really something behind the strange stories he's telling you Talk to any city guide if you're still under Level 25 and have him or her send you on a quest called the "Pilgrimage of Ashes" to get all blessings for a reduced price!

Note that if you become higher than level 25 at any time during the quest except if you've already been at Eremoyou can't finish the quest anymore.

However, the guide will offer you to remove it from your questlog then. Talk to Lugri over level 50Daniel Steelsoul under level 60Ray Striker if you've finished the Shattered Island questboth Djinn leaders depending on which side you are about new hunting tasks. Marriage If you've already been "married" in Tibia, you might still remember how the marriage ceremony worked at Lynda in Thais.

The new marriage function builds on that basis, but has "real" consequences now, so think first and marry then You can choose among three possible places for your wedding: The church in Thais as beforea dwarven chapel in Kazordoon north of the temple and on the flower hill in Ab'Dendriel north-east of the town. Before you can marry, buy a wedding outfit at Norbert in Venore and a wedding ring, else the ceremony can't begin.

The ceremony should hopefully be rather easy to follow and there are several possibilities to finish it successfully. At the end of your wedding, both of you will receive engraved wedding rings with your names and date on them and have the right to travel to Meluna via Ferryman Kamil on Fibula on the same day of your wedding.

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A divorce can be carried out either at Lugri north of Thais or at Brewster in Port Hope and should hopefully also be easy to do. Please check especially for the following things: It should not be possible to get married without having handed over the required items It should not be possible to get married if you OR the other person are already married to someone It should, however, be possible to get married again after a divorce, no matter who divorced whom It's only possible to get married to someone who is online at the same time but not necessarily standing beside you It's possible to get divorced from someone who is NOT online and only the rings YOU carry are broken during the divorce Marrying someone of the same sex is possible, but you cannot marry yourself It's not possible for someone to marry you without your agreement no interruptions of newbie chars possible The whole ceremony should be visible to the audience in default channel The whole island of Meluna is PZ without regeneration.

You can stay for longer than a day after your wedding as long as you don't leave the island, but can't travel back once you've left it until you marry again Upon a divorce, both characters should lose the right to wear the wedding outfit If a married character is rooked, the marital status will remain I think that's about it! Usually we would not spoil them, but since both of them are rather large and require functional testing, we decided to let you try them out.

The Cooking Event takes place in a previous inaccessible place close to the fortress of the Marid.

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NPC Jean Pierre is a chef and will happily introduce you to the secrets of his recipes. Once you've done his questline for the first time and cooked all 10 meals, you can recreate each dish ONCE per year. The Lightbearer Event is a huge spectacle that requires many people on the server to actually work together over a longer time span. The basic idea is to keep 10 lights burning for 5 days by regularily using magical torches on them each two hours.

You can only use your torch once on each light basin. If only one light goes out, the event is lost and strong demonic creatures and annoying essences of darkness will enter Tibia for half a day. However, if you actually manage to keep the lights burning I know you have to work and study and all, but who knows, maybe you can do it!

Loose Ends Quest

If not, see it as practice for the real server Concerning new items: You should be able to obtain most of the new items during your tests. Those of you who have done the Explorer Society quests should be able to buy valuable crown backpacks as reward from either Angus or Mortimer. The black skull will have same effects as red one plus: Changes in protection zones system: There will be new protection zones in the cities mainly in banks, post offices and sometimes in shops.

Additionally a new "effect" icon will be added telling you when you wil be standing in protection zone.

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The interesting change is that defender person who has been attacked by other player can run to protection zone even after fighting back!. It's nicely decorated with plums and pumpkin. Sadly I have eat it before making a screen shot ;]. For the interested ones Dwarven armor since update will give physical resistance as well: Thanks Wefaz for showing me this item. After finishing the quest you will be able to make such dish once per year.

Each of them has diffrent effect - sadly I dont know exactly what each of it does. Thanks Valentia for showing me this items. Creatures During Royal rescue quest you will have to fight with 2 new kinds of trols: Troll legionaire looks like a frost troll, he spams ivisibility quest, the fruious troll can summon mechanical fighter looks like deathslicers.

Both of this creatures are annoying and as Dens from CIPs team stated they are not meant to be regullary hunted. Water elementals Since this update water elementals we drops "loot". To get it you will need a fishing rod. After killing a "we" you will have to use fishing rod on its body in order to get loot.

Looting the water elementals You allways get one item from the body, it might be junk like worn leather boots or fishbones but it might be as well some rusty items, potions, gems and who knows what else. Medusa Random picture from medusa cave Medusas are quite strong. They can heal, use strong paralyze they turn you into stone statue - of course its only sprite and their wave attacks are deadly.

If you stay diagonal to them then you will get avarage dmg per round. Each medusa gives around experience, and have a lot of hp.

Additional information is that medusa runs at low hp, which migh be dangerous since then you are easy target for its wave. Medusa runs at low hp Creatures from Lightbearer event This creatures are very strong, they can do mele hits for dmg, we have manage to kill them only because GMs was doing "wild growth" job: The run at low hp and in overall are nasty. Essence of Darkness Harbinger of Darkness - close to death Harbinger of Darkness - death Gloombringer of Darkness and his minnions Gloombringer of Darkness and his minnions 2 Gloombringer of Darkness - close to death Gloombringer of Darkness - death I have decided to sacrifice myself for your entertainment - here you can see this beasts hits Just after entering the teleport There are dozens of them!

Fast end of my trip Another attempt, I have lost more than half of my mana in one turn And 2nd turn was my end CIP's has trigered the event so it was "finished", so here is another part of the report! When I have heard that CIPs trigered the quest - making it "finished" - I rushed to see what is the reward Since I didnt deserve the reward I have decided to kill some of this creatures First I wanted to be close to other players - blockers But after seeing that this beasts has been really weekened I have decided to walk alone In overal this creatures are much weaker, even player with 1k hp could easily block of them.

In the same time their loot and experience is great. The offten drops "midnight shards" which can be changed for experience or gold gp each. At the moment you hav to get satisfied with this quest descriptions from www. Furthermore, if they found the sacred places, they usually did not have enough money that the blessers require for their service. So many of them roamed the dangerous lands of Tibia unblessed.

To help them, the city guides of all cities have organised a special blessing round trip tour for all characters that are under level They will now not only inform young travellers about the where's and what's of blessings, but also, players that follow their tour will receive a discount prize and can get blessings for mere 1, gold pieces each! If you have successfully completed the tour and return to the city guide with all blessings still being intact, you will be rewarded once more for your efforts.

If you should not be able to return from this trip unharmed and have lost one of the blessings already, you will still receive a small reward from the city guide, so that your death was not in vain. We hope that many young travellers will participate in this guided tour and will visit our blessers Edala, Eremo, Humphrey, Norf and Pydar. This quest is not available on PvP-enforced servers. Scatterbrained Sorcerer Newcomers in Tibia might also want to visit Eclesius, the scatterbrained sorcerer.

Since he has a hard time keeping his head together, he is constantly looking for assistants who would be willing to help him and who will not be offended if he cannot remember their names. Being a suspicious and sensitive sorcerer, he will not hire adventurers over level 20, since he fears to be made fun of or to even be backstabbed by them. However, all eager young assistants may help him with his very important tasks on a daily basis, such as polishing his crystal ball, mixing special fish flakes that are supposed to teach his goldfish how to speak, or keeping the bat plague in his attic under control.

The most daring assistants may even play an important role in preventing the apocalypse - regularly. He pays well, and you also get experience by helping him. If you have proven yourself to be worthy, he might also send you on a couple of bigger one-time missions.

Discover an anti-smelly-feet-hex to get rid of the strange stench which seems to have its source in Eclesius' sandals or assist him in becoming a god by creating his very own Tibian race - well, so far the theory. If he really starts to trust you, he might even confide in you and ask you for help to remember some of his old memories.