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meet hue downloads cnet

Powered by "Hue Sync" software on your PC or Mac, Hue Entertainment syncs your color-changing Philips Hue smart lights with whatever's on. I designed the Palettes for Philips Hue Lights app to be an easy to use, everyday light control app for Philips Hue lights. It features easy. That new car smell wore off, and now you're left wondering if the Hue is just a glorified light bulb. Sulk no more -- here are five ways to get more.

Philips Hue wants to light up your next Overwatch match 1: The software that makes it work has to read your screen in real time to provide near-instantaneous lighting changes on the fly, and as I watched multiple demos from Philips -- including an impromptu Overwatch match that was entirely live and unscripted -- I was struck by how little lag I noticed.

The developers did a terrific job, and it's near impossible not to be impressed when you see it for yourself. Now, after several months of mild anticipation, that Hue Sync software is finally available for the public to play around withso that's exactly what I've been doing.

Philips Hue smart lightbulbs glow any color

I still see tons of potential, but the more I test it out, the less I'm convinced that it's something I'm ready to incorporate into my own entertainment setup at home. Do the coordinated lighting changes here make the Darth Vader hallway scene from Rogue One better or worse?

The most visually striking example I put together was a clip of Darth Vader's violent stroll through the docking corridor at the end of Rogue One. Some loved what they saw out of about respondents, roughly 60 percent said that the lighting changes made the clip better, not worsebut the biggest complaint by far was that the lights were too distracting. Animated films with lots of rich, saturated colors like Disney's Moana are typically a pretty good fit for Hue Sync.

Another commenter called it " incredibly distracting " as far as films were concerned, but added that she might enjoy it while watching a live concert at home.

meet hue downloads cnet

I think that's where I fall, too. In a lot of cases, the rapid-fire lighting changes were more than I wanted, but it really depends on what content you're watching. To Philips' credit, you can cap the peak brightness of your lights, and you can also adjust the magnitude of the lighting changes between four different settings ranging from "Subtle" to "Intense. It doesn't recognize context At any rate, customization settings like those are a good start, but I never found one that felt like a good, one-size-fits-all solution.

The "Intense" setting produced some striking effects, but it was also much too busy during scenes where shifts in light seemed patently unnecessary. The "Subtle" setting was dramatically less distracting, but it also underwhelmed during the moments that called for color coordination. The mostly neutral tones of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade helped create a nice contrast to the occasional outbursts of color. In this clip, a sudden shift of the lights helped emphasize the rising stakes in the scene.

A mode that would automatically detect the appropriate level of intensity from scene to scene would be an interesting start, but for now, it really just depends on the overall color palette of whatever you're watching. Between the dusty desert vistas and the beige, brown tones of Indy's iconic outfit, the film has a fairly neutral palette that didn't give my lights much to work with. But that actually seemed to help Hue Entertainment pop during the occasional outbursts of color.

Five ways to train the Philips Hue to act automagically

Contrasts are a good thing, and Hue Sync software that's a little better at creating them by knowing when to hit the brakes and when to step on the gas would be a good step in the right direction. That's likely a very tall order for the Hue Sync development team -- but in the meantime, why not curate some specific, custom-tailored light shows to popular films, series and games in order to show Hue Sync at its best?

And hey, on that note It needs more partners Hue Entertainment would be so, so much better if it worked natively on the most popular streaming devices, no computer necessary.

meet hue downloads cnet

Most of us don't typically keep computers hooked up to our TVs -- instead, we watch our movies and shows using media-streaming devices, cable boxes or gaming consoles. As of now, Hue Sync won't work with any of them. If you haven't already, register for a Hue account.

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Otherwise, sign in with your existing account. Immediately, you'll be asked to grant the Hue remote access.

meet hue downloads cnet

When the process is complete, head back to the Hue app, and you're set. Now you can control your lights, even when you're miles away. You've also just unlocked a bunch of awesome features. To get started, head to ifttt. In other words, third-party developers could introduce new Hue features and apps that Philips won't. What's come of it has been pretty impressive. Take Hue Discofor example.

meet hue downloads cnet

The iOS app prompts the Hue bulbs to pulse in various colors and intervals based on you custom program, or in tune with music. In the Google Play store, Hue Pro touts itself as a better command center than Philips' Hue app, letting users create alarms and timers, and even including a widget for quick lighting control.