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meet josefina date it was written

Josefina Meet Josefina, Josefina Learns a Lesson, Josefina's Surprise Published November 1st by Pleasant Co Pubns. More Details Original. Josefina Learns a Lesson The most recent cover of Josefina Learns a Lesson. Published Author Valerie Tripp Illustrator Jean-Paul Tibbles Susan McAliley (vignettes) , New Mexico Previous in Series Meet Josefina Next in Series Josefina's Surprise Josefina The Blind Date, the Cheapskate and the Primate . Results 1 - 20 of Meet Josefina American Girl Book Club ideas . Ultimate Guide to Creative Writing Resources for Students This historic rancho, now a living history museum, dates from the early and was an important paraje or.

Josefina has a hobby of collecting things that remind her of her mother to put in her memory box. She does not think of herself as very brave; she is scared of snakes, lightning, and guns to name some things.

meet josefina date it was written

She is very shy around people she does not know well, but very playful with her sisters and even attempts to keep peace between Francisca and Clara by interrupting their fights, usually by joking. Josefina is often full of good humor, and she likes to joke and tease. She greatly dislikes goats, especially Florecita. Like her father, she is quiet except when with family, but full of ideas.

Josefina, along with her sisters, love chocolate. Josefina is interested in foreigners and distant places, and begins to become well-acquainted with an American in Josefina Saves the Day. Starting from Happy Birthday, Josefina!

meet josefina date it was written

Josefina is always trying to see the positive side of things, and is very idealistic, as her sisters often point out. Being the youngest in the family, Josefina often wants to prove how competent she is.

Josefina Learns a Lesson

She is very careful of her approach with others, and tries to remember her manners. The church bell in the village starts clanging very fast, signaling an emergency.


Josefina is afraid of lightning, and freezes when they go outside. They make it to the garden, which is flooding, and pick everything they can before it washes away. Turning Blankets Into Sheep The next day is clear, though the ground is still wet.

meet josefina date it was written

The rancho's harvest is safe, but many crops in the village were lost. They did a good job saving the kitchen garden, but hundreds of the rancho's sheep were drowned trying to cross an arroyo to higher ground.

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Sheep are very important to the rancho for meat and wool for trading, and it is a terrible loss. Francisca is especially upset, and points out that Josefina cannot weave because she is too small. She raises their spirits and everyone is willing to try, even Francisca.

meet josefina date it was written

Teresita is Navajo, and learned to weave from her mother before she was captured as a little girl. She tells Josefina the story of how the Navajos learned to weave, and shows Josefina how the loom works. Josefina admires the beautiful pattern in the finished part of the blanket, especially the red yarn that makes the other colors look better.

meet josefina date it was written

She takes a turn, and though her work is slow and she has to start over many times, she does well and by the next lesson Teresita has set up a loom just for her. Josefina is proud to be able to help her family.

Rabbit Brush Josefina and her sisters go on an expedition to gather different plants that they will use to dye the wool for weaving.

Meet Josefina: An American Girl by Valerie Tripp

They have a successful morning and stop to eat at mid-day. Josefina, Clara, and Ana are in high spirits, but Francisca is grumpy. She does not like weaving nor the extra work they have to do.