Meet karl pilkington part 2

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meet karl pilkington part 2

Some people think Karl Pilkington is a genius - others think he's an idiot. his friend Ricky Gervais, whose Extract 2: How Karl met his girlfriend. Karl Pilkington has started talking to himself. Karl Pilkington: Anyone who meets me is like, 'you're not an idiot' . Ricky Gervais announces two new London stand-up shows · Ricky Gervais announces six intimate London. Pilkington: 'Sometimes it all gets too much: two hours in a room with Ricky can seem a long time' (DAN BURN-FORTI). Ricky Gervais,

After saying "I could eat a knob at night" on the podcast in relation to I'm a Celebrity contestants eating a kangaroo penisGervais encouraged his listeners to sample the sound bite and mix it into dance music. The phrase spawned several dance music mixes, T-shirts, and other merchandise. Many of Pilkington's quotes have since gained publicity, particularly on the Internet. Reuterscommenting on this issue, described Pilkington as a "phenomenon" who had made " Internet history ".

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This led to a conversation where Pilkington, who claimed to have been interrupted while grouting his kitchen, said he had not yet been paid for his work on An Idiot Abroad and concluded the interview with an off-the-cuff link into the hourly news.

Merchant and Gervais have repeatedly denied claims that Pilkington's persona is their creation. In an on-air response to similar claims made by Chris Campling during a broadcast on XFM, Merchant stated that he would be "ashamed" if the radio show was scripted, and added that "I would not have squandered a character that good on this poxy radio station". An interviewer for The Daily Telegraph concluded that Pilkington's persona is genuine.

In SeptemberPilkington presented An Idiot Abroad, a light-hearted travel documentary series that aired on Sky1 and that was produced by Gervais and Stephen Merchant, in which he visits the New 7 Wonders of the World while being directed by Gervais and Merchant into various activities along the way.

The premise of the series involves Pilkington trying to experience "ultimate things to do before you die" except that the list of activities is not entirely of his choosing. He made his acting debut on 12 April in the Channel 4 comedy-drama Derekportraying caretaker and bus driver Dougie.

You sort of wonder, because I was sat outside a pub in Dorset having a drink and some kid walked past with his mam and dad and he looked like trouble. Shaved head and everything. And his parents were shouting at him all the time, calling him an idiot and I thought: It doesn't bother me though, and I'm the one who has got to worry about it. Maybe one day I'll just flip.

meet karl pilkington part 2

When I worked there, there were times he couldn't do it - when I had serious production work to do. I think Ricky thinks he is allowed more head-squeezing time now that I have left Xfm to do my own stuff. Needless to say, he didn't tell his parents they were going to be on. He is also doing more podcasts with Gervais and Merchant. I explain about Shylock and The Merchant of Venice.

meet karl pilkington part 2

He says to his mate: A pound of flesh, yeah? Well, the thing is, back then it was all manual labour so you couldn't take it from your arms or legs because you'd need them Are you just handing over a bag?

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You could take it from a pig and just limp a bit? Karl shakes his head. We live in easier times. You can get a loan now even if you don't have a job.

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I mean, there are only so many times you could do that, before you started wasting away because you had bits missing. It's a rubbish system. On the theme of 'knowledge', by the way, Pilkington has this to say: A lot of brainy people like Stephen Fry are quite depressive. When you are on a downer, you put the telly on to relax and you hear about the war and you understand what's going on and it gets you down even more and you say, 'I'm sick of this,' and you want to call it a day.

Whereas if you're not dragged down by all the world's problems you live longer. So not only were they new, but they were knocking around together That interested me because, in a way, that would happen. Like at school if two new kids join, they stick together, don't they? On the subject of an infinite universe, for example, he tells me: Just because it's come from a scientist everyone is like "Oh yeah, it must be.

But what if I told him there was one like it around the corner out of sight, how would he know whether this was true or not? Not the rest of the elephant?

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He likes coming here to Regent's Park, incidentally, because he enjoys 'seeing the tops of the giraffes for free'. We discuss the meaning of life. Where did Monday go? If you've only got three months left you should do rubbish stuff, then it will make it drag. They forced us to sit out here in the rain and we'll probably get flu.

They're messing up the cycle of nature because we'll go first. You can only live to be so old then you gotta let go. If you knew the day you were going to die, you could get all your paperwork done and have a big party. You could even get in your own coffin, ready. Cause that worries me.

You hear of them dragging you around naked and that at the morgue. You might have a couple of work-experience boys messing about at the end of their working day. Maybe everyone else does and you are just told the year. I don't know I'm going to die a week on Thursday but Suzanne does and she is sorting stuff out, telling me mam and dad.

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But surely she would give it away. She wouldn't be able to meet his eye when he came back to the flat. Then he'd guess, surely?

meet karl pilkington part 2

I mean, she should be doing that. Long and thoughtful pause. On the subject of evolutionary mutation, for example, he says: Cyclists wouldn't need the helmets and that. But they wouldn't let it happen, would they? If you were born with a big nail on your head, they'd get the clippers out. With animals and insects they let them get on with it.

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Those two new flies, they haven't gone: There are supposed to be more bald fellas about than there used to be, that's because we don't need hair as much. And supposedly nostrils are going to get bigger because the air is getting thinner, so there will be little changes like that, but they won't allow the big things to evolve, like three legs.

They'd cut one of them off. They won't just let someone have an extra one and invent a bike with three pedals. Three legs could help a lot of businesses: Do you think it is that round? I've got used to it now. The way it works, with this heart pumping away and that.

meet karl pilkington part 2

If I think about it I panic a bit. It's not plugged into anything. I think it's covered by skin for a reason. We shouldn't see what's going on in there I don't like going to the doctors because they can find things that might not be a problem and they start prodding and it gets worse. That's the one thing which I didn't want them to have. It bothers me because you don't know what will happen when you die. If I come back as a ghost I don't want to be a blind one - because you stay in the condition you died in, don't you.

That's why you have headless horsemen. So I don't want to be a blind ghost bumping into stuff. When we were buying a flat we looked at one near Haymarket and it was quite old and the fella showing us round said under his breath: