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meet life car insurance

MetLife offers excellent auto insurance coverage and reasonable pricing, but customers have been less than impressed with the service they've received. Protect yourself and your family with quality car insurance from MetLife Auto & Home. Whether you're an individual or part of an organization that receives group . As a global provider with over 90 million customers, MetLife knows a thing or two about protecting you and your vehicle.

Protection against identity theft: MetLife is one of few auto insurers to offer optional identity theft protection coverage. This pays for lost wages, legal fees, and other expenses associated with restoring a stolen identity. Insurance premiums are personalized for you, taking factors like your age, driving record, vehicle and address into account. While all insurers look at the same information, every company weighs it slightly differently, which is why you end up with such variance in quote prices.

meet life car insurance

Alternatives All states require their drivers to carry auto insurance, though the exact minimums vary. Insurers look at your credit reports in order to assess your responsibility. A higher score suggests you are more responsible and therefore less of a risk to insurers.

Let your insurer know about life changes.

meet life car insurance

Tell your insurance company when you get married or graduate college, as both of these things can help save you money on your insurance. Purchase a safe vehicle. Limit your time on the road. Less time driving means a lower chance of getting into an accident. Take a defensive driving course. Most insurers, including MetLife, give discounts to drivers who have taken an approved defensive driving course within the last three years.

Choose a high deductible. Like MetLife, Progressive offers gap coverage, which is a nice option to have if you still have a lease or loan on your vehicle.

meet life car insurance

It has the most extensive list of discounts of any company on this list, but despite that, Allstate was my most expensive quote. This is one of the best insurance providers in the industry in terms of customer satisfaction.

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It also has a ton of vehicle and driver discounts, which could help you save even more. It partnered with Lyft to provide its drivers with comprehensive protection while they are working for the ridesharing service.

Lyft released a statement announcing this partnership: MetLife was also required to refund an undisclosed amount of money to its customers.

meet life car insurance

If we can prevent just one teen death, it will be well worth the effort. If you're sued, we'll cover your legal fees. Your vehicle's lease or loan will be paid off if your vehicle is a total loss due to an accident, even if the amount exceeds the value of your vehicle. If I have a group policy, what happens if I retire, go on leave or change companies? Your policy and coverage will continue without interruption, subject to policy terms and conditions.

You'd be able to pay your insurance premiums through our EFT payment plan, by credit or debit card, through bills received by mail, or, in some cases, by pension deduction.

meet life car insurance

If your premium is currently deducted from your paycheck and you go on short-term disability, like parental leave, your coverage stays in effect throughout your leave subject to policy terms. If you were on payroll deduction and you're not receiving a regular paycheck from your employer, you'll receive a bill directly by mail.

If you need to file a claim against another driver, you'll need to contact that person's insurance company or agent and give the other company your insurance information.

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If you purchased collision coverage, you won't have to wait for the other driver to pay for damages: If your repair shop finds additional damage that wasn't included in the original estimate, your repair shop will advise the appraiser, who will then write up a supplemental estimate that includes the additional damage.

A second check is issued for the additional damage. What should I do? If you've paid off your auto loan but your lienholder is showing up on the claim reported, contact your primary claim adjuster right away.

You will be asked to mail or fax a copy of your vehicle's title with the stamp indicating that the lien was discharged. The claim adjuster will forward the copy of the title to our service center, which will update your policy automatically.

If you lease your vehicle or if you are still making loan payments, the leasing company or lienholder must be listed on the claim check. To cash the check, simply contact your lienholder's or leasing company's customer service department to find out how it will arrange to endorse the check.