Meet me conference cisco call manager for dummies

meet me conference cisco call manager for dummies

Choose Cisco call manager service from the Service drop-down list. Select the Maximum MeetMe Conference Unicast parameter under the. This is a compilation of useful and clarifying notes that I've gathered related to Meet-Me conferencing. While it appears nice and simple to use and troubleshoot . The CUCM supports hardware and software conference bridges. tuned up to 64 ad hoc conference participants and meet-me conference participants . Each command is explained following the configuration example.

Enter a name for the conference bridge. The name must match the name of the conference media resource as configured at the Cisco IOS router. The name is case sensitive. Good naming conventions should be used to easily identify the component.

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CFB is an example of a hardware conference bridge in a router where the MAC address of is burned into the Gigabit Ethernet controller. Choose a device pool. Best practice is to configure a separate device pool dedicated to media resources. Choose the common device configuration to assign to the conference bridge. The common device configuration includes attributes such as MoH audio source.

Choose the appropriate location for this conference bridge to enforce call admission control CAC. The location specifies the total bandwidth that is available for calls to and from this location. Ensure this setting matches the security setting on the conference bridge; otherwise, the call will fail.

The Encrypted Conference Bridge setting supports the secure conference feature. Each command is explained following the configuration example. To enable DSP farm service, use the dspfarm command in global configuration mode. The DSP farm service is disabled by default.

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To enable DSP farm services for a particular voice network module, use the dsp services dspfarm command. To select the local interface that SCCP applications transcoding and conferencing use to register with CUCM, use the sccp local command in global configuration mode. To add a CUCM server to the list of available servers and set various parameters, including IP address or DNS name, port number, and version number, use the sccp ccm command in global configuration mode. To enable the SCCP protocol and its related applications transcoding and conferencinguse the sccp command in global configuration mode.

To enter DSP farm profile configuration mode and define a profile for DSP farm services, use the dspfarm profile command in global configuration mode. To specify call density and codec complexity based on a particular codec standard, use the codec command in DSP interface DSP farm configuration mode.

meet me conference cisco call manager for dummies

To specify the maximum number of sessions that are supported by the profile, use the maximum sessions command in DSP farm profile configuration mode. If you fail to use the no shutdown command, the DSP farm profile will display in the gateway but fail to operate.

To verify the Cisco IOS media resource configuration, use the show commands demonstrated in Example UP Profile Operation State: UP Number of Resource Configured: The following conferencing options should be considered when leveraging the conferencing features of CUCM: This parameter determines whether MoH plays to a conference when a conference participant places the conference on hold.

Valid values specify True the system does not play MoH to the conference when a conference participant presses the Hold button or False. The default is True.

This parameter determines how an ad hoc conference terminates. This is an important toll-fraud prevention setting, because inside facilitators can set up a conference call to expensive international numbers and then drop out of the call. Without the conference controller, international tariffs are billed back to the company in which the conference call was set up. Valid values are as follows: The conference remains active after the conference controller and all on-net parties hang up.

This default setting could result in potential toll fraud. Anyway, here they are - I hope that they help your understanding, or at the very least, encourage some additional study of this topic.

Meet-Me Conferencing Installation Checklist Configure the conference bridge s that will be used to facilitate the meet-me conferencing feature. This can be either software or hardware in type.

Note that the initiator must have access to these conference bridge resources by nature of the MRGL assigned to the initiator. This will be the number or range used by Meet-Me Conference initiators. Modify the Phone Template if needed so that the Meet-Me Conference button is available to only those that can initate the conference. If users will use the Join, ConfList, and RmLstC softkeys, modify either the Standard Feature or Standard User softkey template and assign the modified softkey template to the user device.

Starting and Joining a Meet-Me Conference Meet-me conferences require that a range of directory numbers be allocated for exclusive use of the conference.

When a meet-me conference is set up, the conference controller chooses a directory number and advertises it to members of the group.

The users call the directory number to join the conference. Anyone who calls the directory number while the conference is active joins the conference. This situation applies only when the maximum number of participants that is specified for that conference type is not exceeded and when sufficient streams are available on the conference device.

Cisco Callmanager Maximum Number Of Meetme Connections

When you press Meet-Me on the phone in order to initiate a meet-me conference, Cisco Unified Communications Manager considers you the conference controller. The conference controller provides the directory number for the conference to all attendees, who can then dial that directory number to join the conference. If other participants in a meet-me conference press Meet-Me and the same directory number for the conference bridge, the Cisco Unified Communications Manager ignores the signals. The conference bridge for a meet-me conference is allocated on the basis of the configured Media Resource Group List MRGL for the endpoint that initiates the conference.

meet me conference cisco call manager for dummies