Meet me halfway kenny loggins hq gastropub

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meet me halfway kenny loggins hq gastropub

But to me and many of my generation Koussevitzky was a hero, - he is^ a 3 Vln-Cooper Vln-Agee WILL MEET Vla-Johansson SAT. P* 3 O rt H» o cr iTC r * 4 Ul H* o 5* fl> 1 a O 3 P* 00 CO ft • 3 a 1 o 3 1 ft P* P* 00 1 u H \v □ H Q 3* P* Artist Series Judy Collins & Kenny Loggins Shed, Twd SPECIAL. Me: I meet alot of people where do I know you from? Its like someone going to NASA headquarters and telling them how to build a . LOL, the mix of the two actually sounds half way decent, I did live joint just now I still think it's funny that people request Kenny G, it's like requesting good root canal!. 38 ACING THE SPOTLIGHT Ross McDonagh is delighted to meet an .. A friend of mine told me about this place called Becketts Kopf in . archbishops of Dublin, and the first Dublin Metropolitan Police HQ, more Archie Campbell Kids, I Love 'Em! Judson Mancebo Babies Love Queen Kenny Loggins.

My standard response to all these dumb requests is "Sorry I don't have it, but I'll bring it for you next week! Mac dj trends My favorite is after a couple "i dont have that's" they respond with "what do you have? We need to make t-shirts with some of these quotes. Wildest I ever had was a girl coming into the DJ booth and telling me she had enough room to kneel down under my console. The shirt will read "You have enough room to go down" arrow pointing southward! You got two sides of the family telling you different things.

Most ridiculous comment/request ever made to you while djing? |

My favorite wedding quote"Do you like this shit? Well nobody here likes this shit! A suggestion my friend Can you play something different? Ok, what do you want me to play? I don't know, just not this Bro, do you have the new track by "Insert local street rapper name" Me: No I don't think I have it. If I get the cd out of my car can you play it? Lastly, we have all heard this I don't care where you dj at Can you play song 8 from the Pussycat Doll CD?

Insert any track number and any artist on this one Me: I only have track 2 will that work? Unless it's too much work and she's that dumb then I just give up and go back to mixing.

Letters on it read Logan James Bus Station. The doors had fallen off their hinges, leaving the entrance agape. Maybe we cut through here, huh? They entered the Bus Station. The entire building was cluttered with wreckage as if a tornado had gone through it, with a great tree planted in the center undisturbed.

Through broken windows grew moss and vines that crept into the once-human domains. Neglected maps tacked to billboards. Posters advertising the burger joints in town. Through glass-less frames in the windows shone in sunlight.

The man looked around.

meet me halfway kenny loggins hq gastropub

Some more pills and powder that he turned into bombs. Next to a discarded suitcase was a note a man wrote to his wife in the early days. We didn't have a clue back then, the man remembered as he finished reading it. Above a poster advertising Zion National Park was a ledge. The man could see the small legs of a ladder peeking over. Well, we could use that ladder. The man propped his back against the wall and readied himself to push the girl up.

meet me halfway kenny loggins hq gastropub

It was a process they had done many times on this journey, and she responded quicker than a cat running to the dinner bowl each time he required her to help him.

But in this hour, things were different. She did not come to him to help him bring the ladder down. It had been bugging him since the moment they got to this city. This was definitely not the same girl that had fought with him through Pittsburgh or the girl who rode with him from his brother's dam to the university. The girl he knew never seemed so withdrawn or reluctant to joke around or have a chat. He called to her as he sighed. His voice echoed through the empty bus station.

She got off the empty bench where she had been sitting and strode past him without saying another word. Using all his strength, he pushed the girl up onto the ledge. The man watched the girl as she dragged the ladder towards him. But before she could lower it fully, the girl turned her head.

What the hell could it be? Was it the Fireflies? All thoughts of the ladder in her mind were abandoned. She dropped it and it crashed in front of the man. He asked as he picked up the ladder and climbed up. As he got up, she had only a few vague words for him. You gotta see this! And the man heard in her voice instantly not the cold girl he had just exchanged passing words with.

There was a glimmer of the eager youth that he had known before the first days of spring came around. The hell is it? He asked her again as he followed her through the derelict hallways on the second floor of the bus station. She didn't answer him but she kept looking out the dirty windows as she passed them. Are you kidding me?

She said to herself. They had reached a room where the wall had been blown out. The man thought he saw something pass its head through the gap and his heart too skipped a beat. No way it couldn't be, not after all these years of neglect.

He had to be seein' things again, like the early days when he was still fighting his way through the grief both mentally and physically. The man took a left after the girl past a row of smashed vending machines, onto a covered bridge. She beckoned for him to quicken his pace and not wanting to disappoint his charge, the man obliged.

Ahead of them, there was a small door that led to another room with the wall missing. And as the man stepped his way into the room, he knew for sure that he wasn't seein' things. After all these years, the zoo animals were still alive.

And the man remembered. His daughter had a stuffed toy just like one of these back in her room. Even as she got to the age when children started to discard old playthings like that in favor of digital entertainment, the girl had kept it in her room. Branches crumpled as leaves fell stories to the ground below when the giraffe ate from them. The man and the girl slowly approached the beast. Shh, don't scare it. The giraffe turned its head, looking at them.

For a second, the girl worried that the man hadn't lived up to his promise, that the animal would bolt away. But it merely flicked its tail and turned its head back to the leaves, biting on them again. The man was reaching for the giraffe's long spectacled neck. What are you doing? It's all right, come here. He called for her. The man was patting the animal gently, brushing its fur. The giraffe lapped out its tongue and continued to eat, undisturbed by the more personal presence the man and girl were bringing to it.

And the girl touched the giraffe's head. She said to it. As it finally walked away, the girl turned to the man. Aw, she commented on its moving away. Where's it off to?

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Hurry up, c'mon, c'mon. Her voice echoed down the stairway as she scurried upwards. The man only smiled to himself as they sprinted upwards and onto the balcony. Oh man, the girl said as they saw the full herd in the distance. Wow, look at those things.

The giraffes were far from their native habitats in the ruins of this city, but they had found a home regardless. The man and girl stood on the balcony, their rapid journey grounded to a halt at last as they watched the giraffes. For a moment, none of it mattered. The losses that they had endured and the sins that they had committed, brushed to the side. The man and girl stood transfixed, just watching the herd fade away into the horizon.

It was a moment that should have lasted forever but the world as it was decreed that it be only a few sweet minutes. The two stood in awed silence, each caught up in silent contemplation and remembrance until the man finally talked to the girl. It was a repeat of words that had been previously uttered.

Is it everything you were hopin' for? It's got its ups and downs, but you can't deny the view though. The man walked away from the girl, who continued to watch the giraffes.

There was another set of stairs exiting the balcony, hidden behind another door. His hand grasped the handle, but he lingered and hesitated in pulling it open. He had already lost one daughter to this world. Who knew what sort of horrors waited for them in between here and the hospital?

He knew that if he lost another two wounds in his body that would never be stitched shut no matter how much antiseptic and bandage were applied. The girl was now standing in front of him, noticing his discomfort. We don't have to do you this. You know that, right? What's the other option? She asked him bewildered. Go back to Tommy's. Be done with this whole damn thing. She shook her head. After all we've been through, after everything I've done, it can't be for nothing.

It hurt the girl to say this to the man. She knew that he had only her best interests in mind, that he wanted to prevent what had happened to his daughter from happening to her. But she had to do this. For both herself and the friends whom both of them had lost along the way. Her guilt that they had lived while the others had not would not let her rest even behind the safe walls of the man's brother's sanctuary until something was done to quench it.

This was the only thing she could think of and it would be shame to turn back now after making it through the frozen hell. There was no halfway mark for her. Besides, she was certain that it would be just a few quick shots and x-rays and the Fireflies would be happily handing her back to the man's custody afterwards. The two of them would most certainly have the time to go anywhere after that. She walked past the man, pushing the door open and headed into the dark mouth of the stairway.

The man turned his head and looked back at the herd. The last giraffe was walking away into the wild growth. With it, the last grace that they had felt in the moment vanished. Just another empty lot reclaimed by nature as the ruins of the old world surrounded it.