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Meet Me in St. Louis () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. “Our exhibitors are eager to meet with the press and update them on what's winner Margaret O'Brien ('Tootie' Smith - “Meet Me in St. Louis”), actor, Sorvino and renowned actor Paul Sorvino served the 'Hollywood Star'. Duke won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress (Musical or Comedy) for the role. Duke as Patty Lane . , Meet Me in St. Louis, 'Tootie' Smith, TV film.

But Margaret burst into tears and he just kept the cameras rolling. From the moment Van Johnson first put them up to it in the corridor of Ralph Blane's apartment building, they were never really a "team" at all. Martin wrote songs on his own and Blane wrote songs on his own and ne'er the twain did meet.

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In that case, it worked mainly to Lennon's benefit, since McCartney's were the higher earning songs notably "Yesterday". Ralph Blane is more or less responsible for the team's first hit, "Buckle Down, Winsocki", and that's it. Thereafter, on their successes, it was Hugh Martin doing the heavy lifting. Here we are as in olden days Happy golden days of yore Faithful friends who are dear to us Gather near to us once more - and then back to piano only.

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Ah, right, I thought. That must be something to do with the bust-up with Blane. Hugh wrote the tune and the middle bit of the lyric and Ralph wrote the rest of the words.

In the years after Blane's death, Martin told folks that he was basically responsible for the whole song. Meet Me In St Louis was a blockbuster, MGM's biggest hit since Gone With The Wind, and Judy Garland's performance of the song was very popular - and, if only because of the canine bereavement and snowman demolition, unusually dramatic for a seasonal warble.

The film's set in but the audience it's addressing is Whether you were shipping out overseas or waiting for someone who'd been gone a long time, the idea of a question mark over next Christmas wasn't some remote concept applicable only to Judy Garland and Margaret O'Brien.

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There was just one problem. He wasn't happy with one particular line: Someday soon we all will be together If the fates allow Until then we'll have to muddle through somehow So he called up Hugh Martin.

So it was back to the old drawing board. And, instead of "muddling through", he substituted: The "jolly" version made it a standard, and of the hundreds of "Merry Littles" that followed across the decades almost all used the Sinatra lyric, all the way up to the Pretenders and Sarah MacLachlan. And then, as often happens, a little bit of purist snobbery set in.

But he made a point of recording the original Judy Garland movie lyric. In times like these, he said, "we 'muddle through', as the lyric says.


As the best lyric says. Although he came to think his first lyric "it may be our last" was "laughably lugubrious", he liked the Garland lyric and the Sinatra lyric and the "sacred" version he wrote in his final years, "Have Yourself A Blessed Little Christmas".

By then he was spending his Christmases playing carols in his local church in California, and, if anyone asked to hear his seasonal hit, it was that "Blessed Little Christmas" version he'd sing. At that time, it was not known that Duke had bipolar disorder ; but Sheldon did notice that she had two distinct sides to her personality and thus developed the concept of identical cousins with contrasting personalities.

Patricia "Patty" Lane, a fun-loving American teenager who occasionally got into trouble at school and home, and her prim and proper "identical cousin" from Scotland, Catherine "Cathy" Lane.

The series lasted three seasons and earned Duke an Emmy Award nomination.

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Inthe program's characters were revisited and updated in The Patty Duke Show: The film was a box-office success, but audiences and critics had a difficult time accepting all-American-teenager Duke as an alcoholic, drug-addicted singing star. While the film has since become a camp classic —thanks in large part to Duke's over-the-top performance [15] —at the time, it almost ruined her career.

InDuke starred in Me, Nataliein which she played an "ugly duckling" Brooklyn teenager struggling to make a life for herself in the Bohemian world of Greenwich Village. Her portrayal of a pregnant teenager on the run won Duke her first Emmy Award. Her acceptance speech was rambling, angry and disjointed, [8] leading many in the industry to believe she was drunk or using drugs at the time.

In fact, Duke was experiencing a manic phase of her bipolar disorder, which would remain undiagnosed until In the s, Duke was cast in a number of short-lived TV series: InDuke's autobiography, Call Me Anna, was adapted for television; she played herself from her mids onward.

InDuke portrayed the mother of Meg Ryan 's character in the film adaptation of the play Prelude to a Kiss. Duke received an Emmy nomination in for her appearances in three episodes of Touched by an Angel. InDuke was the second woman, after Kathleen Nolanto be elected president of the Screen Actors Guilda post she held until Inshe joined the cast of the drama The Protector. Government Social Security promos for filing for Social Security onlineInDuke appeared in public service announcements for the U.

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In several, she appeared as Patty and Cathy using split-screen effects.