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Over 1, Laid Off in Semarang as Rupiah Plummets, Semarang- Over 1, workers in Central Java Province were laid off as a result of rupiah depreciation the US dollar. Govt Confident to Meet `s % Growth Target Gov't to Tighten Control on Imported Meat from Malaysia. Read verified reviews from real guests of Quest Hotel Semarang in Semarang It looked they couldn't catch up the tempo at breakfast time at some times, .. first seeing the size of it and more stressful the taste doesn't meet my expectation. it but I have friends visiting me at the hotel and they used the swimming pool. Oct 3, We recognize that Wikimania is not about meeting with people who already have Solo lies some kilometers south of Semarang (capitol of Central Java .. Bubur sumsum; Lemper: glutinous rice with chicken meat inside, Radar Solo Newspaper; Koran Tempo Newspaper; News portal.

It is said as the least westernised city in Central Java. Technologically and environment friendly city: The local government strongly support online communities such as Wikipedia. It also built Solo Techno Park recently to accommodate young tech entrepreneurs. On December it held for the first time Solo Cyber Day where thousands of people and dozens of online communities, including Wikipedia, gathered together at Solo Car Free Day, a weekly event aimed to reduce the usage of motorized vehicle in the city.

Traditionally, Solo also a big proponent of using plastic alternatives made from natural materials. The government also bans smoking inside the buildings. It is also the site of Indonesian famous museums, such as Radya Pustaka the nation's firstBatik Museum, Pers Press Museum of Indonesia, and each palace of Surakarta also has their own museums. Some people also call Solo the Culinary City of Indonesia. Being a Moslem-majority nation, most food sold here, as in the rest of Indonesia, follows the halal dietary rule.

Solo's cuisine is also friendly to vegans as some of the city's signature foods are vegetables only. The city is also host of plethora of snacks, tropical drinks, bakery selections, all of which reflects the fusion of the aforementioned culinary traditions. Guest Review Guidelines

Alcoholic beverages, nonetheless, are hard to find, and only a few licensed places sell them. It also has handicap friendly bus stop and walkways, something rare in Indonesia. It used to be the model handicap-friendly-city in Asia-Pacific and right now it is the home of Dr. Soeharso Hospital Rehabilitation Centerwhich traced its roots on the work of Dr. Soeharso, an orthopedic surgeon during the war of independence There are currency changing offices in Airport, banks, and authorized money exchange counters near the venue.

Stores accept credit cards such as Visa and Master Card. Because of its large denomination, don't be suprised if some not so expensive items could cost hundreds of thousand rupiah to million of rupiah.

The trailing three zeros are often abbreviated with rb ribu, thousand or even dropped completely, and for more expensive items you will often even see jt juta, million. Next in the series are Rp 50, blueRp 20, greenRp 10, purpleRp 5, brownRp 2, gray and finally Rp 1, US dollars will be accepted, but are typically used as an investment and for larger purchases, not for buying a bowl of noodles on the street.

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Many hotels quote rates in dollars, but all accept payment in rupiah. If you pay any bill in Indonesia with a credit card it will be charged to your account in rupiah, regardless of the currency you were quoted.

Money exchangers are very picky about bill condition, and pre dollars or any imperfect bills or ripped, wrinkled, stained, etc will often be rejected.

Banks in general won't change any dollars. Be very careful dealing with moneychangers, who are very adept at distracting your attention during the counting process and short-changing you as a result. As a precaution, consider bringing a friend along to watch over the transaction very carefully.

Be aware of moneychangers who offer great rates. They will quote you one price, and start counting stacks of Rp. This is a ploy to confuse and shortchange you. Be careful when using credit cards, as cloning and fraud are a major problem in Indonesia. Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted, but American Express can be problematic. Most of them even have the largest visitors in Sunday and national holidays and shopping malls often become VERY crowded on Sunday.

So if you plan to go to Indonesian malls and shopping centres, weekdays Monday to Friday is the best time to visit. Shopping malls and commercials open at around 10 am, and street shops and traditional markets open as early as 6 am, and close at around 8 to 9 pm.

There are couple twenty-four hours convenience stores in Solo. The language primarily spoken in Surakarta is Javanese language and Indonesian language. Now filled with modern high rises for office buildings, hotels, and shopping centers, this is where most of Jakarta's attractions are, such as the malls, the Tanah Abang garment complex, the Istiqlal mosque, the Cathedral, and the Bung Karno Sports Stadium. It is home to the Glodok area Jakarta's Chinatown which is rich in street hawker foodChinese restaurants, and temple complexes, and contains Jakarta's electronic promenade.

West Jakarta is also a major destination for shopping, as it is home to a lane of upscale malls at S.

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Parman and cheap shopping lanes at Mangga Dua. This area is also home to Jakarta's biggest nightlife entertainment and red light district "Mangga Besar". Here you can find upscale shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, bustling nightlife and entertainment, Blok M, Senayan sports complex, and affluent residential areas.

The Kemang area is very popular among expats and locals for its nightlife and entertainment. The location of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah where you can see parts of Indonesia's multiethnic community in one big parksome golf courses, Cibubur camping ground, and Jakarta's second airport, Halim Perdanakusuma Airport.

A small area consisting of Dutch buildings and harbor, its streets are thronged with hawker food, crafted goods, street performers, artists and Jakartan youths hanging around. This is also the location of Ancol Bayfront City, Asia's largest integrated tourism area. The beautiful Thousand Islands Kepulauan Seribuaccessible by boat from North Jakarta's dock, is an instant escape from the hectic city with its beautiful beaches, marine parks, and world-class resorts.

Map of Jakarta Satellite cities: The Jakarta megalopolis of 30 million inhabitants includes Jakarta and the following satellite cities: Bogor - One of the primary destinations to escape from Jakarta, with well-kept natural habitats, world class botany garden, resorts, and multiple golf courses Tangerang - The airport, many large commercial centres and clustered homes Bekasi - Mostly industrial parks Depok - Home to the University of Indonesia A common abbreviation to describe the megalopolitan area is Jabodetabek Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi.

Orientation[ edit ] Finding places in Jakarta, especially smaller buildings not on the main arteries, is easier said than done. A sign with a street name facing you indicates the name of the street you are about to enter, not that of the cross street.

Alleys off a main road are often simply notated by Roman numerals, hence a street address like "Jl. Fortunately, there is a logic to the name of the street. Outside of the corridors of high rise offices, you basically can find out on what branch of the street you're on by looking at the name of the streets without the Roman numerals.

Most often the name of the area is the same as the name of the street, especially if it also bears the phrase Jalan Raya or avenues. Knowing this almost takes you there, but the exception is the recently built gated clusters of houses which have their own main road that does not follow the convention, even though it is a branch of a specific street.

In that case, knowing the name of the housing cluster would be the best option in addition to the above rules. Conveniently, most navigation apps such as Google Maps or Waze are useful for finding addresses and places throughout Jakarta due to regular updates from users.

If you still cannot find the address, start asking people on the street, especially ojek motorcycle taxi drivers. Understand[ edit ] Jakarta Skyline Jakarta's nickname among expats is the Big Durian, and like the fruit itself, it's a shock at first sight and smell: The metropolitan area is a charm and melting pot for Indonesians, both as a business and a government center, and the most developed city in the country.

But all of this comes at a cost: