Meet mr callaghan ray martin orchestra leader

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meet mr callaghan ray martin orchestra leader

The Portuguese Washerwoman – Geraldo & His Concert Orchestra 4. Moonlight Meet Mister Callaghan – Ray Martin & His Orchestra 4. Without A Song. Here are some of the renown artists who have made Remington records Great Orchestras — acclaimed for being the first to bring great music on long play records at low prices. REMINGTON has been out in front leading the parade selling great music on MEET MR. YOU BELONG TO ME — D. Martin — Capitol 5. 17, 18 and 19 Records listed are those selling best in the nation's top volume retail record CALLAGHAN Take Me in Your Arms.L. Paul. Scheherazade; San Francisco Symphony Ork, P. Monteux, conductor. However, RCA's New York office sent two nice guys to handle the meeting. Male vocalists: (1) Johnnie Ray.

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meet mr callaghan ray martin orchestra leader

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