Meet my best friend zoella without makeup

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meet my best friend zoella without makeup

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg (born 28 March ) is an English fashion and beauty vlogger, YouTuber, and author. She is best known by her YouTube username Zoella. Penguin stated that "Sugg did not write Girl Online on her own", stating that she .. "Meet Zoella—The Newbie Author Whose Book Sales Topped J.K. Rowling". Who Run The World? 8th March Life My Valentines Pyjama Picks. 9th February Life View post. zoella. Anxiety – The Update. 11th October . They're social media's golden couple but what is is Zoella and Alfie Deyes's it was her who queued up with her friend to meet him. "He's the best person to have around when stuff like that happens", she said. "He says, 'Why do you care? Those people don't matter, they're not the ones who know you or.

You take the rose head out of our pocket and look at it again as you cross the street and up your driveway, you chuck it on the other side of the room when you walk through your front door, never wanting to see another rose again in your life. How stupid you were to think that someone like Zoe wasn't going to find new and better people and how even stupider it was to think that she would ever be interested in going on a date with you. You walk up into your bedroom and lay down, staring at the ceiling fan rotate, always going to same direction, around, and around, and around.

After a while the fan gets boring so you turn your phone back on to play some games. A whole bunch of texts from various people show up but you ignore them all and plug in your headphone before blaring Lindsey Stirling and The Piano Guys while playing some mind numbing Temple Run.

After beating your high score 76 times the playlist ends and you take your ear phones out, hungry. Halfway down the stairs you hear your doorbell start ringing over and over again. You continue on your way slowly until the noise gets to annoying and you groan before hurrying up to the door and opening it, "Did you really have to ring the doorbell eight million times I mean really. I cou…" Your words stop suddenly when you see the sniffling and tear stained Zoella standing in front of you.

She begins to sob and she falls into your arms, her tears and perfectly done makeup smearing all over your shirt.

How YouTube's golden girl Zoella lost her shine

You wrap your arms around her and lead her over to the couch where you sit down with her on your lap, her still sobbing loudly into your shirt and you trying to comfort her while still being mad, let's just say that the latter isn't being played as well. After some of the tears have subsided she leans back out of your shirt to look at the damage and does a weird half laugh half sob when she sees the wreckage.

meet my best friend zoella without makeup

You frown a little and set her next to you and then stand up to go search for a new shirt in the laundry room next to the kitchen. She follows you and watches as you pull off your shirt and put on the new one you found.

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You turn back to her and you see big fat tears roll down her cheeks and off of her chin. The ice in your eyes melts a little at this sight. No matter how mad at her, no matter how much you wanted to not care that she was crying and kick her out of your house, she was still your best friend and you were falling hard and fast for her.

You walk back to the couch and she sits on your lap again, snuggling into your chest with her legs curled underneath her. You play with her hair until all of the sniffles are gone and her cheeks are dry and void of any make up. I sat and watched a few and at first was unimpressed. But I kept on watching, fuelled by insomnia, and by the morning I was hooked.

A year and a half later, the world of internet vlogging and YouTube celebrities has exploded.


Zoella now has 8 million subscribers, a product line, a book deal, and as of the past few weeks — after publishing her novel Girl Onlineachieving record-breaking sales, then being criticised for her use of a ghost writer — a torrent of attention from the non-YouTuber watching public. But I want to share my experience in the hope that it might help to explain this new world. My depression had led to me being unable to talk to anyone except my parents, and even with them I often found it incredibly hard to connect through the fog and pain that filled my brain.

meet my best friend zoella without makeup

After discovering Zoella I was quickly introduced to a world of young British women and men making similar videos. On the surface they talked mostly about makeup, beauty, shopping and skincare — subjects that can seem vapid, but in their hands became topics that revolved around self-love, self-care and a belief that everyone deserves to be and feel beautiful.

But as with so much in life, the true magic of the videos came from the moments in between.

Will Zoella ever forgive Gabriella Lindley? YouTube star reveals why pair spectacularly fell out

The women talked to me. They talked in a way that most people had become too scared to, and for the first time in years I began to feel my age again, like a teenage girl again, even like a remotely happy person again. Zoella — or Zoe Elizabeth Sugg as she is IRL in real life — is the first to admit that hers has been an unexpected rise to fame. Our original idea had been to have lunch outside but bad weather has forced a change of plan.

Modelo Lounge, selected slightly ominously by Zoella for its quietness, is almost deserted.

meet my best friend zoella without makeup

A few business types look up from their burgers or steak and chips and I wonder what they make of this rumpled middle-aged man greeting a petite twentysomething, elegantly dressed in a grey shirt dress set off by a tartan scarf. Or someone interviewing an au pair?

meet my best friend zoella without makeup

A recent one was all about them having a bath. Alfie Deyes also has a successful vlog, called Pointless, in which he and his pals do dares and silly impressions. In fact, Brighton turns out to be YouTube city. Afflicted by acute shyness as a child, Zoella still suffers from occasional panic attacks. Conceived as a hobby, it was never her intention to do much more than record a few whimsical observations about her life.

My dad was really confused by it. It was literally like my little space on the internet, where I just used to write about the things I loved, or things that I thought other people would love as well.

Having enjoyed other blogs where writers described their clothing and make-up purchases, Zoella decided to try something similar. There is a brief pause while we order lunch from the bar. Zoella has made no secret of her partiality for junk food so I brace myself for the worst as I scan the menu.

But Modelo Lounge, whose proudest boast seems to be that its cuisine is gluten-free, turns out to be inoffensive rather than toxic. Zoella orders a panino filled with halloumi and muhammara dip and a sherbet lemonade.

meet my best friend zoella without makeup

I have the chicken and a beer.