Meet my parents connor franta coming

Connor Franta: a Queer Voice For the Digital Generation

Connor Franta has made millions as a YouTube star, but he knows that This is one of the many places Franta comes to meet his public, and he has His father was a doctor at the Mayo Clinic; his mother, a homemaker. Connor Joel Franta (født september ) er en amerikansk YouTube vlogger, Denne seks minutter lange video, med titlen "Coming Out", har over 8, 5 millioner visninger, og har trykket "kan lide". Dette er "Meet My Parents". Go to My Account. connor,franta,connorfranta,coffee Banner. Ended Sep Library and. Meet Dolly Parton and Be Her VIP Guest at Dollywood.

I definitely have a lot of the same morals and values that were instilled in me growing up that have trickled with me along the way.

meet my parents connor franta coming

My family was always so kind and accepting of other people, and I feel like that really helped shape me into the person I am and helped my coming out experience, too. How do you you make your followers feel like they know and understand you, but then still be private? A lot of the stuff I do now-a-days did not come naturally to me.

I was always naturally a reserved person, naturally creative, but again reserved.

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My creativity was always creating in silence, and to think that now I do the complete opposite of that—my job is to in front of large groups of people my job is to be confident, my job is to be authentic and creative to the world—is just strange. I did really really well in high school. So when I went to college for two years, I just did what half the people do and picked kind of a bullshit major.

I picked business, but it was also mind-numbingly easy for me. So then I added art to the mix and that became my stability, but also what drove me. I would stay up working on some sculpture for an art class, not because it mattered, [but] because I thoroughly enjoyed it. Totally, and it took so much convincing to convince people that it was a career. I had enough saved up, so that I could have a summer just working on my YouTube channel, but I convinced my parents after a couple months that I should take a semester off of school—drop out-and pursue that because within the three months of the summer, I had doubled my following.

They had no choice but to let me live. In Note to Self, you tackle many personal subjects, one of which is your experience with depression.

Have you always struggled with that? I never wanted to admit that I had it or that I had any sort of mental health-related issue. It was always a thing I ignored, kind of like my sexuality—a thing that was there, but I was always going to push it back and hide it from the rest of the world, and go through silently and struggle. After a while of talking through [my depression], I finally realized I needed to go get evaluated and realized there was nothing wrong with that.

I couldn't keep avoiding it and pretending like it doesn't exist. Pretending doesn't help, it just makes it louder and get worse. This was the second emergence of your depression?

I was so out of it, I think because I was in a new environment. It was a thing that followed me like a shadow for months on end. Giuseppe Zanotti What triggered this second round? I went through a really bad breakup, but also going through that made me spiral into who am I as a gay individual.

What I want to do as an individual? It was this quarter life crisis of who am I truly without other people attached, without my job, without anything. How intense did your depression get during this time?

It got really bad. It was almost like I was physically crippled. You lose a will to do anything.

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How has your experience been struggling with social anxiety? I mean, you can easily find that in friends, but I wanted to figure out how to find that in myself. It can make certain things in your life easier, but by no means does it make your life perfect. Marcelo Burlon Self love is certainly more important than social currency. I would actually hate to love every aspect of myself because then there would be nowhere to improve.

Connor Franta

I definitely think I love parts of myself that I never knew I would love, even like the weird quirks or the weird social anxieties—I guess where it forces me to be somewhat of a hermit and somewhat alone I really enjoy now. Self love takes time. I think self love has [to] come through self acceptance, but also through confidence. A year ago, I would have been nervous to wear anything other than traditional male clothing or ordinary simple clothing. It took experiencing those things to realize that I really enjoy them and to love every facet of me.

Was self love easier for you after coming out? I think I've had two journeys accepting myself: Before I came out and after I came out. Maybe after a year I came out, I realized I had a whole new journey to begin. I knew who I was before, but then accepting this relatively big detail about myself opened up a whole new world for me.

meet my parents connor franta coming

It was an interesting battle becoming comfortable with myself. Where do you begin? There's no class—nobody to tell you how to love yourself.

It's something you learn over time, and over time I've learned that I'm independent. I can be self-sufficient. I'm overall stronger than I'd like to give myself credit for.

Bally Do you think of yourself as an activist?

meet my parents connor franta coming

I have this huge platform with younger people that are itching to learn anything from me or know what I think about any topic. I take a lot of pride and responsibility in that. What message do you want your followers will take away from you? Over time, different people have ensured we spend more time on the internet, keeping us glued to the screen with different acts.

One of such individuals is Connor Franta who is known for his comedy and lifestyle videos. He is also a renowned gay icon, who after declaring his sexuality, supports and encourages other young people on sexuality issues.

Want to know more about him? Here are some facts below. The social media star was born into a Roman Catholic family as the 3rd child of Peter and Cheryl Franta who at the time were respectively, a physician and a homemaker.

He had his elementary school at St.

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Apart from O2L, Connor was able to hit his aim of reaching a million subscribers which is more than what his other O2L members can boast of. In good time, having achieved plenty and being famous on his own, Connor Franta left O2L in for reasons which he termed personal.

With well over two thousand copies sold, it was also recognized as a New York Times bestseller for 16 weeks.