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I met Lawrence many years ago at Urban Dance Showcase and we still . I saw in the live chat that DTrix choreographed for them, and it really. ITS MY BIRTHDAY IN LIKE THREE HOURS I'M GETTING OLD • @dtrix He looks so happy AAAA • #dtrix #thedominicshow #dancer .. @iamsu_bin @ ryanigram @michellekhare #dance #stupid #roommates . (Im assuming there's gonna be a meet and greet as well) maybe one day I'll actually get to go see Dom !. Apr 18, The YTF group, a collective of comedians, singers and dancers who met after becoming YouTube mini-stars, is what D-Trix today (YTF If you don't know who they Dominic "dtrix" sandoval of quest crew. YTF is a group of Ryan lives with Dominic Sandoval (D-Trix), while Kevin has Victor Kim as a roommate.

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The food is delicious and healthy—perfect for the developing dancer. We care about you and your child and have worked very hard to partner with the best food providers in the NYC area. Students in all other buildings will have their meals catered by Panera which provides an array of options, including vegetarian, dairy free, and gluten free choices.

Panera Bread provides students with breakfast and dinner daily Please note that lunch is NOT included in any of the meal plan. We recommend that students pack a healthy lunch and snacks to eat between meals. Due to severe food allergies, dancers are NOT permitted to pack anything with peanuts in their lunch. Please drop off your dancer Sunday from When picking up your happy dancer please assist your child to be packed and on their way home prior to Please note after check-in that evening the dancers will have a mandatory orientation.

Orientation Info Orientation and arrival times depend on whether or not you will be staying in our housing facilities. Please check the Orientation Times section for full details. Please join us Monday morning at the start of your intensive for the opportunity to meet the JBS Staff and review your schedules. Also, keep in mind that items can be purchased upon arrival at nearby stores.

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Towels, Shower shoes, hair dryer Toiletries: Toilet Paper, hand soap, shampoo, body wash, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, and other personal toiletry items. Which they did so that viewers would stay attentive to their art as a collective unit instead of focusing on individuals.

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InMike rallied a crew along with his best friend and former college roommate, Anthony Lee. Though it was only their second performance ever as a crew, it became a turning point for Mike and Anthony as they realized that this could become something more.

As luck would have it, at the same time as this momentous epiphany, Mike received a call from Ben inviting him to be a swing dancer like an understudy for the Jabbawockeez Vegas show. The next morning, Mike and Tony Tran would get into a car and head out to join the Jabawockeez.

I want to do this. I want to do this in the way that I want to do it. Anthony Lee would also do the same, though they would always have the idea and dream of the KINJAZ in the back of their minds and hearts. After several years of performing in Las Vegas, Ben returned to his hometown of Los Angeles, ready to explore opportunities for the next leg of his creative journey. Described as yet another perfectly serendipitous moment, together they would embark on a roadtrip to Arizona to reflect and explore where the road may be leading them next as artists.

It really was then in the late fall of that the pieces really started to fall in place for the KINJAZ to come to life. Since its soft opening in earlyfriends and well-wishers have come taken classes in droves.

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Not that running a studio or a wildly successful in-house clothing line has slowed them down as a crew, the Kinjaz were also selected as Company of the Year at the World of Dance Awards. Their story continues to be one of providence and unwavering determination. While the KINJAZ do have plans to create their own hour-long show and expand their content and merchandise, their larger overarching goal is to create the dancer into an artist at the forefront. We believe in this thing.

And those who believe in something to that degree are those that will make a difference. Grab yourself some Kinjaz Kollection merchandise and sign up for classes at: