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meet other locals from

We all want to meet locals when traveling. We want to learn what the locals do, what they think, and how they live. Whether visiting New York. omarcafini.infoe Talks: Communication plays an important role when you meet the locals from other countries. No matter even if you are not familiar. Meet with the locals who will cook up a homemade dish, while you learn about their while you learn more about each other as well as the culture and lifestyle.

Photo courtesy of Syda Productions via Shutterstock. There are generally less locals than travelers on the site, but keep an eye out for people wanting to share what they love about their home city. Photo courtesy of Airbnb. But any round-up of ways to meet locals would be incomplete without reference to Airbnb.

Photo courtesy of gpointstudio via Shutterstock. Photo courtesy of Backpackr Blog. Photo courtesy of EatWith Blog. EatWith A unique concept, EatWith puts you in touch with locals who would be happy to cook for you for a fee, naturally.

Meet with the Locals

Similar platforms include BonAppetour and Feastly. While often considered a place to get free accommodation, there is much more to the site. It has meet-ups, group events, and members who might not give you their couch but will gladly meet you for coffee and show you around. In my opinion, this is the best workaround when unable to meet locals on the street.

Folks on this site are already ready to invite you into their private space. Want to do crafts in Australia?


Go to a knitting meet-up. Interested in meeting business people in Hong Kong? Find a business-related event and go!

meet other locals from

Want to play volleyball in London? This way, you find people who are interested in the same subject as you are, which helps lower the awkward barrier. Plus, how cool is it meeting someone from across the world with the same interest? I love Prohibition-era barsand if I met someone from Sydney who did too, I would want to chat about the scene in Sydney for hours!

Ask locals your most burning travel questions. View photos Locals always know the best way to get to town from the airport. Thinkstock I first mentioned Ask a Stranger in my post on apps that make travel more social.

How to Meet Locals When Traveling: The Ultimate Guide

Travelers can use this app to ask travel questions that are then sent out to knowledgeable locals, who earn points when they provide answers. Fifty credits is 99 cents, and it costs 10 cents to ask a question; users are given free credits just for signing up.

meet other locals from

More points are given for quicker answers that receive positive feedback from askers. Take classes with locals. View photos Cooking classes are so much more authentic when locals give you the lessons!

meet other locals from

One easy way to do so: I love taking classes wherever I go — I usually take at least one cooking class and one dance class. Two other sharing sites offering local classes: Go on tours with locals.

meet other locals from

Withlocalsan Asian company that lets you choose a local guide to lead you around Asia. The site blends tours, dining experiences, and classes. Think boot-camp-style exercise classes in Bangkok parkshaving a greasy-spoon breakfast in Singaporeand cycling in Nepal.

Right now the site seems a bit food-centric; however, as it grows, I suspect it will provide more nonculinary experiences.

meet other locals from