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meet to marry reviews of movies

Sleep with Charlie once, and the next man you meet will be your true love. This chick ain't never getting married. I know a lot of ppl put bad reviews up for this movie, but both me and my 46 of 90 people found this review helpful. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Meet to Marry: A Dating Revelation for the Marriage-Minded at Read honest and unbiased . When we first meet them, they're being interviewed for some sort of newspaper article, and they agree that after ten years of marriage, they're a.

Later, at a celebratory dinner organised for Mr and Mrs Chaturvedi's fortieth anniversary, the group gets better acquainted by sharing the stories of how each couple met.

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That night Abhay separates the beds in their room so Ritika does not feel uncomfortable any longer. He explains to her that they need to work on their relationship for it to grow; she is still reluctant but her attitude begins to soften. The next day the pair spend time alone, visiting tourist attractions and getting to know each other.


The romantic, happy mood is broken that night when Abhay tries to be intimate with Ritika and she lashes out at him, causing an argument. Their relationship is strained but she puts on a show for the other couples, who all believe that they are adjusting to their arranged marriage well.

A few days later, a frustrated Abhay expresses his conflicted feelings towards love and marriage, and Mr Chaturvedi gives the men some advice.

Meanwhile, the women give Sarah a traditional Indian makeover as a surprise for A. He proposes and she accepts, and the other couples plan them a celebration.

meet to marry reviews of movies

At the party Shoaib is finally able to see Anaiya as his wife, and they decide to have dinner alone together. Sarah notices the tension between Abhay and Ritika and advises Ritika to work things out before the issue escalates. The celebrations are cut short when an employee informs Rishab that his wife has called to speak to him, and the group realizes that Anu and Rishab are having an affair.

An emotional Anu decides to leave Rishab and the lodge that night.

meet to marry reviews of movies

The next day, the group departs from the lodge as the trip comes to an end. The bus has an accident and hangs off the edge of a cliff.

Married at First Sight

Abhay makes a plan to get all the passengers off the bus, but a scared Mr and Mrs Chaturvedi refuse to leave. Ritika gets on board again to convince them to get off, and the frightening situation brings her closer to Abhay.

meet to marry reviews of movies

The next morning, Sophie once again seeks refuge with Ethan II, and Ethan I deliberately disturbs them by entering the guest cottage. The four spend a bizarre social evening together, and it becomes clear that Ethan II and Sophie II know they are playing a role. Ethan II conspires to lock Ethan I in the guest cottage for the night.

meet to marry reviews of movies

Sophie II visits Ethan I in the guest house the next morning and explains what has been happening. The residing couple Ethan II and Sophie II must drive a wedge between the visiting couple, causing the visiting couple to fall out of love.

meet to marry reviews of movies

The residing couple, presumably having worked out their differences through the shared imprisonment, can then leave, and the visiting couple is in turn trapped within the estate until new visitors arrive. Ethan II, she reveals, is planning to leave with Sophie I as he has fallen in love with her.

However, Sophie II would rather conspire against him than see her husband leave with another woman. To execute this plan, Ethan I hides in the bathroom of the main house while Sophie II asks to borrow some of Sophie I's clothes in preparation for a hike the three are taking, emerging in the exact clothes that Sophie I is wearing.

Ethan then confronts Sophie and explains what he has been told. Ethan II discovers their clandestine meeting and after wrestling with Ethan I, attempts to convince Sophie I to flee with him.

When she refuses, he decides to run away, figuring this is his chance to finally escape the retreat grounds, even if he has to do so alone. Ethan I pursues him, but without need: Ethan II hits an invisible barrier and collapses to the ground unconscious from the impact. Each Sophie has an opposing reaction to the incident, one seemingly distressed for Ethan II lying on the ground and the other slowly smiling at Ethan I as she waits for his next move. Ethan I, realizing this is their chance to escape, grabs the smiling Sophie judging solely by her facial expression and makes a run for the car.

The Sophie left behind is last seen left by the side of the road, kneeling over Ethan II who is still unconscious and whose prognosis is unclear. She looks up only a short while with a blank stare to watch Ethan and Sophie drive away from the estate. Ethan and Sophie drive straight to the therapist's office demanding answers, but find it abandoned with only a piano in the centre of the room.

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The two call it a day, seemingly deciding to wash their hands of everything that has happened, and head home. The following day, Ethan and Sophie are home in bed. After some playful banter, he asks what she plans on making for breakfast.