Meet uncle hussain pokok album art

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meet uncle hussain pokok album art

More. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. @TaLiThAbE - Pokok cover wow! Somehow I miss Meet Uncle Hussain vibe..! Ur voice so nice babe!. Pokok - Single Version. - Meet Uncle Hussain feat. Hazama. More albums from Meet Uncle Hussain · Meet Uncle Hussain - cover art. Since my little sister love this song, I dedicated this song for her. . My site covers a lot of the same topics as yours and I feel we could greatly benefit from.

A dive into the cool deep Pregnant Maiden Lake is a must. The tours take 4 hours and leave at 9. Breathtaking view touring the islands of Langkawi on a jet ski.

You will be given a choice of three different tours. Private tours can be arranged. The tours take approximately 4 hours and leave at 9. There are over species of birds on the islands. The best times to watch them are the early mornings or early evenings. RM Adult, RM child. Four first-class marinas provide berths for many international yachts.

Paddle along the mangrove forest. Opportunities to see kingfishers, sea eagles, kites, plovers, herons, fiddler crabs and mud skippers. Pick up from your hotel. Lots of monkeys and birds. Junglewalla also offers tours suitable for families or advanced hikers. Jungle trekking is free if you follow any of the numerous jungle trek routes available throughout Langkawi.

The vegetation is not dense and will be a memorable experience. Explore the mangroves forest and the ancient limestone outcrops and rock formations and possibly walking fish, Kingfishers, and Eagles. Prices vary, depending on the quality of the guide as well as the package components.

It can range anywhere from rm for adults. Alternately, you can charter the boat for RM if you are more than 2 people. At sunrise or at dusk.

meet uncle hussain pokok album art

See monkeys, insects, and flying squirrels. RM40 Adult, RM20 child. There is a viewing platform for relaxation between underwater adventures. While Pulau Payar Marine Park does boast healthy coral and a good variety of fish, you will not be issued fins with your snorkel and the lunch the various tour operators supply is well below par.

While you are on one of the various boat tours, the tour operators will toss pieces of chicken to the eagles. See Langkawi from Aerial View at a very afforable price. A new excitement in Langkawi. Ride the cable car to the top of Gunung Mat chinchang and walk across the m high Sky Bridge for a spectacular view of the islands and Thailand. Includes a very steep section which is spectacular both going up and coming down. Doesn't operate in bad weather. Also it doesn't run during the regular maintenance days, check before you go.

Officially you are not allowed to take food and drink on the cable car, but they seem not to be checking backpacks when unlucky and all your water is taken by the security, you can buy one at the top. If they are not operating, or you are really into hiking, you can trek partway up the mountain through the jungle.

To do this, from the parking lot at Telagah Tujuh Waterfalls go left just before the road goes really uphill and then turn left again at the water reservoir. The trek is very steep most of the way and in a pretty bad condition because the contractors laying down the piping for cables littered garbage all the way to the top. Only attempt this if you are fit and have good hiking boots. Only movie theatre in Langkawi. Current Hollywood and local films.

Morac International Karting features a 1, m track. There is a world-class, hole golf course located near the Datai resort. RM for 18 holes or RM for 9 holes. Langkawi is a duty-free island, and alcohol and chocolates is significantly cheaper almost half here than in the rest of Malaysia.

Airport prices are higher 2 times than buying in the department stores around the island. It is highly recommended to buy alcohol and chocolates from here rather than buying from Airports.

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Hotel tariffs and retail goods are exempt from government duty. Visitors with more than 48 hr stay in Langkawi are exempt on items like wines and liquor 1 litertobacco cigarettesapparel, cosmetics, souvenirs and gifts, food and food preparations and portable electronic items one item.

meet uncle hussain pokok album art

Shop around before buying: Shop in Kuah town for batik, tobacco products and chocolate confectioneries. One of the largest duty-free shopping complexes in Langkawi.

Grocery store on bottom level offering fresh and frozen foods. Cheap place to buy cigars, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, clothing, electronics, chocolates, and biscuits. Great place to buy, cheap price to buy cigars, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, clothing, electronics, chocolates, and biscuits. Well stocked tobacco and cigar shop.

langkawi - Langkawi

Easily recognisable by a big orange signboard, and door painting by the left. Has a variety of Cuban cigars, rare European smoking pipes and packed tobaccos. Knowledgeable and friendly shop owner. In December it included, e. Clean toilets on the second floor which cost 1RM. You can get wide range of wines, liquors, cigarettes, chocolates, kitchenwares, etc.

Eat[ edit ][ add listing ] Practically all resorts have their own restaurants and some tourists choose to eat in, but there are a many other options as well. Be adventurous and strike out on your own to savour the numerous foods at the stalls and restaurants all over Langkawi. Try one of the many seafood restaurants. Having said that, beware of certain restaurants advertised in the brochures targeting tourists.

An example of such restaurant is the 'Coco Beach Restaurant', close to the airport. If you choose order seafood or fish, take note if the price is by weight or by a set price for the dish. The unwary can be hit with a much larger bill than expected.

Also, beware of restaurants telling you that they only have the bigger size lobsters available, as that is what they tell everyone a common practice at Coco Beach Restaurant and Palm View Restaurant, at Pantai Cenang. When your lobster or crab is served, you will discover that you will definitely be paying for g of shell instead of meat! To counter this, order fish, squid and prawns to be safe. Budget[ edit ] For a taste of simple Malay-style breakfast, just walk up to a small stall opposite the Underwater World in the mornings and feast on the famous freshly-prepared banana leaf-wrapped nasi lemak steamed rice in coconut milk.

The price is most affordable at less than RM 2 for a pack. Go local and enjoy this with a glass of hot teh tarik or really good local coffee. This very unassuming stall is just simple and great clean too! The nasi lemak comes with curried beef, squid in chili, friend salted fish or chicken. If you rent a scooter, you should visit and eat in small restaurants next to the main roads, e. Food is cheaper and portions usually bigger than near main beaches.

Small, cosy place for meals and coffee. The chef can whip up great meals - from local dishes to western fast food easily and in that little cabin of his. Problem is, it can get a bit dusty as it is located fronting the main road. Locals like to come here for good food at reasonable prices. No visible signboard either but ask around and you will find Rafi's. Rafi is a Penangite but has been on the island since so he considers himself very much local. Ask him for recommendations and he'll happily tell you.

Ample parking space in front of his 'shack'. Good ambiance especially early mornings. Typical budget Indian food establishment with patrons all day and night! Very crowded even in the wee hours of the morning. They serve an enormous variety of dishes, from the flavoured roti varieties to naan, briyani and kebabs.

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The standard is quite high - to an extent where the meal is extremely value-for-money. The only problem is that their waiters are exceedingly bad at taking orders. RM for roti, RM for main dishes. Try this for really authentic Malay food.

Their lunch spread is amazing - so amazing that they attract bus loads of Malaysian visitors. Just enjoy the food and leave your cultural baggage and complaints behind as you will be in a totally different ambiance but friendly, nevertheless. A really nice little restaurant with Roti and Indian food that is very tasty and cheap.

We were incredibly impressed with the food and were over the moon with the price. Local seafood restaurant, very reasonable prices, try the tofu. In the morning a different company run a breakfast cafe on the same premises, Nasi Lemak and coffee for RM6. Offers a selection of both Local and Western dishes. Happy Hour and Combo's available. Offers freshly cooked pizzas with both traditional and Malaysian toppings.

Meet Uncle Hussain

The satay pizza and sambal pizza are particularly good. You can dine in or takeaway and they also deliver to guesthouses and the beach. Hungarian Gnoulash and Madam's Fishbake are particularly awesome.

Tomato soup is also great. RM 15 for main courses. RM for 11 inch pizzas. Mats are laid out on the sand for guests to sit on and there is a low table with a candle. They also have a live band or playlist that is passed off as a DJ.

meet uncle hussain pokok album art

In contrast to the atmosphere, the staff is quite rude compared to other places. Great Balinese decor, rustic with cozy ambiance. Fantastic and fantastic Nasi Lemak. The Western spread is a pleasant surprise. Best omelette in town.

Lavazza Coffee from RM5. Happy hour from Superb wine selection, draft beer and German wheat beer own import as well as cocktails. Offers a variety of Pizza, German Sausages, Pasta, local dishes and fusion food. Opening in April is a grill fish hawker. The concept here is by individual hawker selling the different styles of food.

Meet Uncle Hussein - Pokok Cover

Sunset view at the Quay. Moderately wacky fusion food in a fusion setting courtesy of a Dutch-Malaysian couple with an affinity for Africa. Great ambiance - feels like eating in an outdoor garden. Great for tasting Roti Canai at breakfast with some very spicy dips as accompaniment, Less than RM5 for 2.

Great tasting local coffee and fresh fish too. Just up the road from Awana Resort. Great authentic local Chinese seafood restaurant, good food for a reasonable price. Floating on the river, part of the amazing scenery of the Kilim Mangrove Forest. They serve the freshest Malay style seafood you will be able to eat on Langkawi island.

The traditional dishes of freshly caught fish, prawns, crab, lobster. Shuttle service from Kilim jetty to the fishfarm restaurant and return is free of charge for lunch and dinner guests However, if your bill is less than RM50, you have to pay an absurd amount for the shuttle.

The logical workaround here is to order the cheapest available item to make the bill RM50 If you book a Mangrove Tour, you will most definitely end up having your lunch here.

However, you may want to give their package buffet a pass and try their dishes. Your Nasi Campur haunt by day and run-of-the-mill Tom Yam shack by night. Fresh terubuk shad which is unheard off in the mainland!

Grab a couple of fist-sized prawns and cuttlefish squid cooked Tom Yam style for a gastronomical lesson in local seafood. Their seafood dishes average RM Meat dishes vary from RM RM for a complete meal. Greatest 'ikan bakar' or grilled fish with tantalizing self-made sauce. We had initially decide to go on our own however we decide to take a 4 days package from a travel agency as most of the resorts and hotel is fully booked maybe due to travel agencies making block bookings.

Other available resorts are all beyond our family budget. Our Airasia flight touch down in Langkawi International airport at hrs. My family seems excited enough as its been 20 years they took a flight. We meet up with our langkawi representative and headed straight to our hotel Langkasuka in pokok assam town.

After checking in and lunch at the hotel, we decided to head to Kuah jetty to look around. There is a duty free shopping center at the jetty now with starbucks and Macdonalds restaurant. We then head to Dataran Helang which is walking distance to the jetty. It is a big statue of an eagle facing the sea where langkawi got its name from. On our previous trip to Langkawi, my family stayed at Bayview hotel in Kuah town so we decide to head there tod do some shopping as just opposite the hotel, there are many stalls selling perfume, scarves, kitchen utensils and clothings.

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The area have change a lot as foodstall along the beach have long gone due to some development work. In the past we can buy fresh seafood straight from the fishermans' boat and get the stalls to cook it for us. I ve heard that the stall have been shifted elsewhere.

It s more like a duty free store and nothing compare to shopping malls in Singapore and KL. On the 2nd day, we went for a full day tour of the langkaw. First stop was Gamat factory where malays would buy this famous sea cucumber medicine for many medicational purposes. We then head to Makam Mahsuri, former malaysia PM DR Mahathir's cafe where they sell pastry and bread, craft center, Idaman Suri shopping paradise for houswife as it sells kitchen utensil like pots and pans for a very cheap price and the not to be miss Gunung Mat cincang cable car and Oriental Village.

Our tour guide tell us many legendary stories about Langkawi island but one thing that interest me was how Dr Tun Mahathir came out with the Cable Car idea, preserving the natural state of Langkawi and his love for the island.

The cable car is now the main revenue for the state of Kedah as it takes only 3 years to cover its building cost. The state have been collecting profit eversince. This is now the must visit place in Langkawi if u have not come to Langkawi.